Why The Left Hates Guns

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The Left has declared an all-out war on firearms because of the American independence and individualism they represent.

Hillary Clinton, the most anti-gun presidential candidate in recent memory, proposed a bevy of gun-control measures aimed at disarming as many Americans as possible. First she championed a ban on ‘assault weapons’, then a ban on ‘high capacity’ magazines, and finally promoted the asininity of holding gun manufacturers responsible for gun homicides.

President Obama has been the most anti-gun President we have had as of late. He used unconstitutional executive orders to enact gun control. He called for a ban on many types of popular firearms. He claimed that it is easier to buy a firearm than it is to buy a book, which of course led him to call for more gun control. Thanks to the congressional gridlock, Obama didn’t get anything substantive done to restrict the second amendment.

Contrary to what the conspiracy theory right believes, Hillary and Obama aren’t trying to take our guns in order to create a new world order or to take over the U.S. with marshal law. No, the reason why the Left hates guns is much deeper than that.

On a basic level, conservatives in this country believe in the power of the individual, while leftists believe in the collective.

At the 2012 Democratic National convention, the phrase,”Government is the only thing we all belong to,” flashed up on the screen. To the Left, people are not individuals but members of ethnic, racial, and sexual victim groups. To the Left, we belong to the government because it ties us all together, not the other way around. As author Ben Shapiro put it in his book, Bullies,”We want E Pluribus Unum—’from many, one’; they want the opposite, ‘from one, many.'”

The Right fundamentally believes that individuals are responsible for their own choices. We are each at the helm of our own lives. The sea can buffet us, but we are ultimately responsible for our own shipwrecks.

Firearms embody this spirit of American self-reliance more than any other object in the world. They can be used to defend ourselves, our family, and our property. They can be used to put dinner on the table. Guns take the place of government in providing protection and food.
Thus, firearms are a symbol of independence, rather than dependence. They must go!

It’s an accurate cliché that the west was settled by men with a bible in one hand and a gun in the other. America, unlike any other nation on earth, has a rich history filled with guns. We used them to rebel against tyranny, explicitly safeguarded ownership of them in our constitution, fought with them to end slavery, and ended up saving the world with them twice.

In the rural U.S., an area of the country which is hated by the Left, this spirit of rugged individualism is epitomized. As President Obama would say, folks cling to guns and religion, rather than government. It’s no surprise that in red-state, country America, there’s a rifle above every fireplace.

And fighting against the individual and for the collective requires purging the symbol of that individualism and self-reliance. It requires getting rid of guns.

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