3 Takeaways From The Google Memo Controversy

This week on social media, many people are discussing a memo by James Damore that criticized Google’s diversity policy for its use of discrimination to achieve diversity. The memo also included a cohesive argument, with plenty of sources stating that men and women are simply different.

As a result, Google and the left were infuriated, resulting in James Damore’s termination.

Many on the left were quick to label this memo as “anti-diversity” and “anti-women” when Damore made it very clear in the memo that he did not mean to allude to either of those things. Google was also quick to show everyone else that it is not interested in tolerating opposing views, especially those that judge its very practices. Unfortunately, Google has now joined the ranks of those on the left seeking to end free speech.

With that being said, here are my three takeaways from the Google memo controversy:

1) There are Strawmen Everywhere

Like I stated before, people on the left are labeling James Damore’s memo as anti-diversity and anti-women despite the fact that nowhere in the memo can proof of this be found. These claims are made out of pure ignorance because literally the first line of the memo is “I value diversity and inclusion.” Nevertheless, outlets like MSNBC were quick to categorize this memo as “anti-women.”

The inaccurate representation of Damore’s argument is characteristic of a classic strawman argument. Instead of listening to their own echo chamber, ignorant leftists should actually read the memo and comprehend it to at least make a substantive rebuttal. But even leftists that have read the memo come to this same “anti-women” conclusion only because Damore says men and women are different. Subsequently, Left-Wing outlets continue to push this narrative simply because they can’t come to terms with the fact men and women are biologically different.

Another strawman making the rounds is that conservatives opposed to Google’s decision to fire Damore are opposed to at-will employment. While I fully support Google’s right to fire whomever they want, it does not mean that I believe every reason to fire someone is justified. I fully believe that Google’s decision was wrong because it was made out of intolerance for an opposing view, which is counterproductive to achieving their so-called “diversity.”

2) Google Is Just Like Any Other College or University

Google’s backlash towards an opposing view is reminiscent of what’s going on in today’s higher education. Dissenting voices are being silenced for the sake of protecting the feelings of others. Frankly, there is not a single human being who has the right to emotional stability and not a single human being has the right to control another’s speech. If the so-called “progressives” who support these speech-silencing policies truly care about progress, then they should listen to an opposing view for a change.

3) The 1st Amendment Remains Under Attack

You can’t say anything these days without the entire country screaming at you. But the problem concerning free speech is that it’s now slowly being considered violent. If free speech is labeled as violent, then there would be an enormous obligation for authoritarian leftists to regulate everything you have to say.

Unfortunately, this is becoming a not-too-distant reality. All conservative and libertarian views are now a larger part of a malicious conspiracy, according to leftists. And what’s worse is that the regulation of free speech has broken past higher education and making its way through the tech industry. If leftists continue to have their way, then George Orwell’s 1984 will become America 2017.

Evidently, leftists and Google hate differing views.

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