A Contradiction of Faith


Susan Chorley was resolved to have an abortion.

The Massachusetts native felt confident the child would be a burden on her, her family, and her career. In a desperate attempt to salvage some superficial sense of morality, she justified her decision as a “mercy killing”. Already convinced the child was an inconvenience, she was worried child might feel that way too. Therefore, she did what was best for them both (how noble, right?).

Chorley’s story is no different than other stories from women who’ve chosen abortion. Her career and lifestyle took precedence over the life growing inside her womb.

So, what makes her story any different from others? Chorley’s an ordained Baptist Minister.

The Pro-Choice Christian Contradiction

Following hours of prayer and quiet meditation, Corley claims God supported her “preference” to terminate her pregnancy. After all, who can argue with the Almighty Creator, right?

Yet, loyal Christ followers understand abortion to be murder. In fact, a majority of Christian clergy would agree.

Corley did what most women do when faced with an unwanted pregnancy; she viewed the child as a burden, connected with those who would support her in her decision, then manipulated herself as a heroine. A line of reasoning which – supposedly – allows her to carry out a violent act against a defenseless child. Yet, most importantly, her actions contradicted the very God she claims to worship.

It’s astonishing how an ordained minister – who’s required to have a solid foundation in biblical contexts – would be an advocate for the pro-choice movement.

Chorley claims it’s “faith evolving”.

Originally, this term would mean someone who’s growing in their faith and gaining a much deeper understanding of biblical principles. However, today it’s more of a progressive term, referring to people who are now “getting with the program” – a program created by the Godless culture.

Chorley’s under the misconception this is a form of enlightenment. In reality, it’s a form of compliance. Her position as a Baptist minister places her in a position of power which leads other biblical believers down the wrong path.

In many cases, when one act of sin is committed, others tend to follow.

For instance, Chorley’s divorced. Another anti-biblical action which would force most male pastors and ministers to step down from their position to focus on restoring their family, or consider another professional. Working in a position of authority within the Christian faith holds leaders to higher standards. Although it may seem a little unfair, clergymen and women understand they’re held accountable for all of their actions.

On the contrary, according to liberal logic, Chorley’s situation is just unfortunate and, therefore, shouldn’t be judged. “Do not judge,” is a defense that liberals use to silence opponents who speak out against certain behaviors and lifestyles.

Most liberal orthodoxy contradicts biblical principles.

To see a woman who appears to be passionate about her faith but lives contradictory of the principals upon which her faith is based is a danger to anyone who blindly follows her.

If Chorley continues to, as she explains, “evolve,” what other possible anti-biblical issues might she adhere to?

Most pastors, priests, and ministers would attempt to steer women away from abortion and connect them with organizations and services to help them. Now that the far left has someone who identifies as a religious pro-choice advocate, pregnant women on the fence may consider Chorley to be a reliable resource. Not only because she’s gone through an abortion, but also because she carries the title of minister. If a minister can do it, why can’t they?

Graham’s Message Not Welcomed By His Own

A group of ministers requested U.S. Christian Evangelist Franklin Graham be removed as a keynote speaker from an annual event held in Vancouver, Canada entitled “Festival of Hope”.

The band of 14 ministers fear that comments Graham has made about homosexuality, Muslims, and illegal immigrants have labeled him as an intolerant bigot.

Oversensitivity and political correctness continue consuming our nation, influencing Christian leaders to dilute solid biblical truths. Instead of condemning sinful behaviors and lifestyles, exchanging them for more positive, feel-good messages which better acclimate and surrender to cultural narratives.

There are concerns that Graham’s sermons may breed hostility towards the LGBT communities, Muslims, and immigrants; groups the Christian Evangelists has addressed regarding their anti-biblical positions. In past speaking engagements, Graham has referred to the Muslim religion as evil and wicked, said Satan was behind the LGBT organization and believes stronger borders and a better vetting process is necessary to keep the U.S. safe.

All of which defines the far left’s agenda.

Graham has also been very direct about the issue of abortion, specifically Planned Parenthood, stating, “Raising funds for Planned Parenthood is like raising money to fund a Nazi death camp.”

As pro-choice extremists try to distract opponents with Planned Parenthood’s intent to provide affordable contraceptives, Graham doesn’t waiver from the real purpose of the organization – to provide abortions to single moms who prefer their lifestyle over another human being’s life. The more abortions which take place, the more money Planned Parenthood receives.

Contrary to how the media projects Graham’s stances, he ties his messages with the love God has for all his people and the Almighty’s desire for a sincere relationship with them. Graham has called for Christians to love their brothers and sisters which encompass everyone: believers, non-believers, people of different faiths, those who live alternate lifestyles, and people with different ethnic backgrounds.

Like a parent concerned for their child’s well-being, Graham’s purpose is educating and drawing people away from behaviors and habits which are dangerous to themselves and others and reminding audiences of the worst-case scenario living a life apart from God.

A Wolf in Christian Clothing

Chorley blends her pro-choice position with cultural acceptance while Graham takes the opposite counter-cultural stance.

Chorley claims Christianity helps open conversations about the “role abortion plays in people’s lives,” and states the majority of abortions performed by Planned Parenthood are from loyal, church-going Christians. Yet, if that’s true, that should draw more concerns than applause. Plus, why is Chorley talking about the “role” abortion plays in people’s lives? It shouldn’t even be granted a “role” of any sorts, based on scripture alone.

Anyone who preaches the word of God should know that to support abortion goes against God’s desire.

The same Bible warns against false prophets who come as a sheep in wolf’s clothing. They may hold the title and wear the robe while very quietly and deceptively leading flocks of people over a cliff to their death.

The Bible’s clear, every child is a child of God. And, the commandment about, “Thou shall not kill” is still very much relevant today as when it was written.

Therefore, to support abortion is a contradiction to Christian scripture. When you consider WHY people get an abortion, it’s certainly not to honor God. It’s for personal selfish reasons; like Chorley, who had one to eliminate the burden it would have caused on her family.

Although Graham’s message takes on a tougher, bolder tone; his intent is to lead people away from the cliff and toward greener pastors.

As a country engulfed in a culture which compartmentalizes Christian churches and beliefs while promoting individuality, Graham’s message will always be perceived as offensive to anyone who denies facts and truths of the Holy Bible.

Most pastors, priests, and ministers will adhere to solid Christian principles they preach while others may choose to ride the wave of cultural anti-biblical acceptance. One thing’s certain, the two can’t coexist.

Matthew Cassady is a freelance business writer supporting numerous companies with their content needs. Over the course of his 20-year career, Cassady has worked as a newspaper reporter, copywriter, corporate trainer, and now freelance business writer and Liberty Conservative contributor.

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