Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore Wants To Abolish Common Core, Return Education To The States

Former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore is entering the final stretch of his Senate campaign before the special election runoff on Sept. 26. He needs to beat Mitch McConnell’s crony Luther Strange, who was appointed to the seat after Jeff Sessions was appointed Attorney General earlier this year. To rally conservatives behind him, Moore is taking a stand against federal education mandates.

“The states have various forms of education, but the federal government has no involvement in education under the Constitution,” Moore said in a video address released on Twitter over the weekend.

Moore particularly focused his ire on Common Core, the federally-driven set of educational standards that critics believe are designed to indoctrinate children in order to make them pliable cogs in the globalist workforce.

“Common Core is an example of an attempt to indoctrinate our children with ideas that most people – at least in Alabama – don’t agree with. And yet it’s pushed on us by using our own tax money to buy our children over. And I think that’s very wrong,” Moore said.

Moore clarified that, despite his concerns with the status quo, he is not against education as a whole. He simply wants to increase choice for parents and decentralize power, offering “tax credits” as well as “charter schools” and supporting “Christian organizations at schools” as possible improvements to the top-down educational system currently dictated by bureaucrats in Washington D.C.

“If you become educated, they may criticize your techniques, your motives, or whatever, but they can’t say that you’re not thoughtful enough to think about [any ideas],” Moore said, “And I think education is very valuable, and I don’t think we’re doing it right in our country.”

If Moore is serious about terminating federal control over schools, he should aim to abolish the Department of Education. Although Moore did not specify that solution in his video address, he has the opportunity to back legislation to do so if he makes it into the Senate. Libertarian-leaning Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) introduced H.R. 899 in February. The entirety of the bill reads as follows: “The Department of Education Shall Terminate on December 31, 2018.”


    • I second your hope that Moore is better than his opponents. Nothing in this article would lead me to believe that he is. If this “fire and brimstone” Republican can’t advocate for the abolition of the Dept of Ed before he gets elected what makes you think he will do so after the election?

      He supports the so-called Fair Tax, a supposedly tax neutral tax tsunami.

      The best foreign policy position he can support is that “We should not be entangled in foreign wars merely at the whim and caprice of a President.” which sounds good on the face of it but will he embrace that vision once elected or quietly delete it and let the status quo swamp him once elected?

      Horton’s law says we can expect him to pursue his noxious positions and to abandon he good positions once elected. Again, I can hope too but caveat suffragator.

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