Alabama Senate Candidate Vows To “Stand With Rand” As Race Heats Up During Final Stretch

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has climbed to the top of the polls recently, but that has not caused him to lose sight of his principles. He sent out an e-mail this weekend that proclaimed he would “stand with Rand” on all the key issues if he wins the U.S. Senate seat that he is vying for.

“I’ll stand with Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz on the frontlines of the fight against the Washington Establishment,” Moore assured his supporters in an e-mail released this weekend promoting a “money bomb” to defeat the political establishment.

His five-point plan for what he intends to accomplish as a senator is as follows:

“1. Rebuild our military, crack down on illegal immigration and secure our borders;
2. Repeal ObamaCare — 100%;
3. Stop liberal judges that threaten religious liberty and the Second Amendment;
4. Return American manufacturing to our nation by rescinding unfair “free trade” agreements which have severely damaged our economy through the loss of jobs and skill development;
5. FIGHT tooth-and-nail with everything I’ve got against the entrenched establishment with everything I’ve got.”

Despite his strong rhetoric and proven conservative record as judge, Moore has not received much support from the Trump revolution and liberty organizations. President Trump even came out with a public endorsement of his rival yesterday evening.

“Senator Luther Strange has done a great job representing the people of the Great State of Alabama. He has my complete and total endorsement,” Trump wrote in a Tweet on Tuesday.

Additionally, activists from Young Americans for Liberty are being used to aid Strange’s campaign. Strange is a close ally of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and is awash in out-of-state PAC money from McConnell and the GOP establishment to keep his campaign afloat amidst a laundry list of scandals. Young Americans for Liberty leadership chose to back Strange over Moore and House Freedom Caucus stalwart Mo Brooks, and the financial records of this arrangement have not been released to the public.

Moore is learning the hard way that money talks, and in politics, that is what matters more than principle. While Moore may lack support from political insiders, karate legend Chuck Norris endorsed the judge wholeheartedly on Monday.

“The Washington establishment knows they won’t be able to count on him, but Alabama voters can,” Norris said. “Judge Moore has never backed down from standing for what is right, and that’s exactly what he’ll do in the U.S Senate. That’s why the Washington establishment is spending millions trying to defeat Judge Moore.”

Recent polls have indicated that the race is still too close to call. The special GOP primary election will take place on Aug. 15.


  1. Is he going to stand with Rand on a less interventionist foreign policy, drug reform, criminal justice reform, fighting government surveillance, auditing the federal reserve, ect?

    • No he won’t. Especially on drugs, criminal justice reform and I may add governmental freedom from religion: Google “Roy Moore judge Ten Commandments”

      • There’s no such thing as freedom FROM religion in the Constitution. You have it completely backwards.

    • Moore just seems like an attention hog. He wants to get attention and sell more books. He purposely creates controversy to gain attention like erecting the 10 commandments monument when one had not been there before. He also doesn’t respect the rule of law.

    • Exactly. He has twice been removed from office by force from the Feds… once because he wouldn’t take down the Ten Commandments and his most recent where as Alabama Chief Justice he ordered all probate judges to disobey the supreme courts ruling on same-sex marriage.

    • Rand respects the rule of law but would encourage states to simply privatize marriage and do some type of civil union contract for everyone. It would be one thing if the monument was already up there and you defended it, it’s another thing to erect one just for a fight.

    • And I mean keeping Roy Moore from displaying religious monikers, epithets etc in the courtroom or other governmental facilities. “Separation of Church and State” may not be in the constitution but we all know it to be true and fair to the public…that the government shall not endorse or sponsor a certain religion on its own or versus others.

    • Ron Paul had a good response to a the separation of church and state question once, yes, the government should not engage in religious activity but individuals would be completely free to practise their faith within a public context. Thus, you could easily have prayer in a public school as long as it was completely sudent led student initiated.

  2. I stand with Rand but will never stand with Roy Moore. Twice removed from judiciary posts because he defied federal mandates removing his preferred religion’s monikers. He’s a snake. All Roy Moore is interested in. Is getting everyone to either convert or bow down to Christianity.

    • Shane G Trejo when it comes to people’s natural rights and keeping certain religious homage’s out of the courthouse and him disobeying those lawful and fair orders? Sorry. He fails the test. Poorly.

    • Shane G Trejo and it’s hardly arbitrary. I’d like to know if you know his story and how the federal orders to him those two times were “arbitrary.”

    • Yammering about? Do you even know who this man is? His story? You obviously don’t or else you wouldn’t look like a complete fool at the moment.

    • Shane G Trejo protecting religious freedom? You’re kidding right? Do you actually mean allowing the US govt to support and promote Christianity? Because that’s what he did and does.

      I also assume you’re against homosexuals being able to lawfully marry as free citizens. And okay with a state Chief Justice denying that right on his state and defying federal Supreme Court orders.

    • fyi, this site is the “Liberty Conservative” not the “Libertine Leftist” so if you’re looking for hostility toward believers, you will not find it here.

    • I’m not looking for hostility toward anyone. We are having a conversation last I checked. Believing is totally fine. Using the government to enforce or endorse a certain religion is wrong.

    • Shane G Trejo by the way, what’s your connection to Alabama? Seems you’re in Michigan… when did you live in/drive through Alabama? Just curious.

    • And which founding fathers? It seems they were kind of torn on some of the issues.. hence federalists and anti-federalists.. you know.. that whole thing..

    • You’re just embarrassingly ignorant, and directly regurgitating the propaganda of your political enemies. No wonder conservatism has conserved nothing over the years with gutless folks like you representing the cause.

    • and I was more of a Brooks supporter, but your blather has changed my perspective. We need Roy Moore in the U.S. Senate to trigger folks like you on a daily basis.

    • Shane G Trejo your words mean nothing, man. You know jack. You like tyrannical judges imposing their will on others. I don’t. And I don’t want to use the 10th amendment to discriminate against others or promote certain religions. Violates other people’s rights.

    • Dan….I am glad you stand with Rand. I am not sure why you don’t like Christians but that is your choice. As long as you understand that we were started and are supposed to be a Christian Nation. Not that our government is not supposed to promote, force any religion on it’s people but our laws and rules are based off of something and that something is Christianity. Not Hinduism, Muslim, Buddhism, or atheism. United states has become a secular nation. Mainly because forces have been pushing Christianity out of the public life. Not because people want it that way but because many people have been pushing it that way. The ending of the United States is what they want. So if you are an Atheist, I am fine with that, not that my opinion matters but that you having an opinion is what matters. I just don’t appreciate you saying that religious people are fanatics.

      • To be honest I hope that people stop believing in Christianity because the Old Testament god it worships according to the bible ordered the killing of gay people, ordered the killing of all men, women and children of certain places, ordered the killing of people who try to convince its followers to follow other gods, etc. Maybe Christians argue that the Old Testament rules are no longer applicable, but that doesn’t erase the fact that according to the bible their god ordered at one time those things. It is not a good god to believe in let alone worship and that is shown throughout history by christian churches that persecuted, tortured or killed unbelievers or people who believed differently.

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