Alabama Senate Candidate Vows To “Stand With Rand” As Race Heats Up During Final Stretch

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Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has climbed to the top of the polls recently, but that has not caused him to lose sight of his principles. He sent out an e-mail this weekend that proclaimed he would “stand with Rand” on all the key issues if he wins the U.S. Senate seat that he is vying for.

“I’ll stand with Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz on the frontlines of the fight against the Washington Establishment,” Moore assured his supporters in an e-mail released this weekend promoting a “money bomb” to defeat the political establishment.

His five-point plan for what he intends to accomplish as a senator is as follows:

“1. Rebuild our military, crack down on illegal immigration and secure our borders;
2. Repeal ObamaCare — 100%;
3. Stop liberal judges that threaten religious liberty and the Second Amendment;
4. Return American manufacturing to our nation by rescinding unfair “free trade” agreements which have severely damaged our economy through the loss of jobs and skill development;
5. FIGHT tooth-and-nail with everything I’ve got against the entrenched establishment with everything I’ve got.”

Despite his strong rhetoric and proven conservative record as judge, Moore has not received much support from the Trump revolution and liberty organizations. President Trump even came out with a public endorsement of his rival yesterday evening.

“Senator Luther Strange has done a great job representing the people of the Great State of Alabama. He has my complete and total endorsement,” Trump wrote in a Tweet on Tuesday.

Additionally, activists from Young Americans for Liberty are being used to aid Strange’s campaign. Strange is a close ally of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and is awash in out-of-state PAC money from McConnell and the GOP establishment to keep his campaign afloat amidst a laundry list of scandals. Young Americans for Liberty leadership chose to back Strange over Moore and House Freedom Caucus stalwart Mo Brooks, and the financial records of this arrangement have not been released to the public.

Moore is learning the hard way that money talks, and in politics, that is what matters more than principle. While Moore may lack support from political insiders, karate legend Chuck Norris endorsed the judge wholeheartedly on Monday.

“The Washington establishment knows they won’t be able to count on him, but Alabama voters can,” Norris said. “Judge Moore has never backed down from standing for what is right, and that’s exactly what he’ll do in the U.S Senate. That’s why the Washington establishment is spending millions trying to defeat Judge Moore.”

Recent polls have indicated that the race is still too close to call. The special GOP primary election will take place on Aug. 15.

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