Allen West Speaks Out On Flag Day: Texas “Is About An Indomitable Rugged Individualism”


Allen West spoke out on the importance of Flag Day to Texans, especially in the modern political context, in a statement issued by the Texas Republican Party.

West noted the publication of a new book titled ‘Forget the Alamo‘, by a left-wing author who attempted to desecrate the memory of the Texas patriots who stood against Santa Ana at the Alamo.

West blasted the authors and called for a spirited defense of American history.

“This assault against The Alamo by these three individuals is exactly why we need monument and historical marker protection in Texas,” West wrote in his statement. “When these writers elevate a brutal dictator over those who fought for a free Texas, well, ‘Houston, we have a problem.’ That means we must defend the Texas Republic, and our schools, from the critical race theorists and revisionist historians who have no issue celebrating dictators.”

However, he elaborated that defending the sovereignty of Texas did not only include defending the state’s history, but also its borders.

“We must defend the sovereignty of Texas as a free and independent state,” he said. “It is not just about building a fence, but we must review and update our laws on illegal immigration and crossing.”

He also added that election integrity was a key part of his agenda to put the people of Texas first.

“We must defend our Texas election laws to ensure we do not enable the leftist, Marxist, exploitation of gaps in order to undermine honest and fair elections in the Lone Star State,” he added.

As well as this, he railed against the lockdown and pro-abortion policies being pushed by Democrats and liberal Republicans alike in the state of Texas. He concluded by concisely summarizing the heart and soul of Texas’s identity.

“Texas is not about where you came from, or where you were born,” he said. “It is about a spirit, an indomitable rugged individualism that was not birthed from a myth. If we are to preserve the Constitutional Republic we call America and its flag for generations, we must first answer the call of defending the Texas Republic, and its Lone Star.”

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