Amash: My Candidacy Will “Pull More People From” Trump Than Biden

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Rep. Justin Amash (L-MI) has admitted that he believes his candidacy will take more votes away from Republican President Donald Trump than from Democratic presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden in a Friday interview with Reason.

When asked by reporter Nick Gillespie whether he would take more votes from Trump or Biden, Amash expressed his belief that he would take more votes from reluctant Trump voters than Never Trump Republicans planning to vote for Joe Biden.

“If you look at Trump voters who are…Let me put it this way, Republicans who don’t like Trump but are still voting for Trump, versus Republicans who don’t like Trump but are voting for Biden, which group do you think is bigger?” Amash told Gillespie.

“I would say that the bigger group is Republicans who don’t like Trump but are voting for Trump. That’s probably the pool that I will pull more people from anecdotally.”

Amash’s remarks echo similar comments by Libertarian Party Chair Nick Sarwark, who has boasted about Amash potentially helping Biden win in Michigan by splitting the right-of-center vote.

“Based on how [Gov. Gary] Johnson did in New Mexico, if the last Michigan contest was decided by 10,000 votes, I’m pretty sure having a Michigander … on the ballot just takes Michigan off the board for the president,” Sarwark told Detroit News earlier this week.

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