Angela Davis: Still Bashing The U.S. And Israel

A quality lauded by today’s Left is for those of their ranks to never abandon their principles. The immediate riposte to this is that Hitler did also. And such adherence can violate the cardinal rule of being an intellectual: the ability to entertain the possibility that one might be wrong.

An excellent example of leftists never engaging in second thoughts is Angela Davis, who despite claiming to be a former member of the American Communist Party and the Black Panthers, has retained her anti-Semitism and hatred of America.

Invited to speak at George Washington University last month, Davis devoted the bulk of her speech to bashing both America and Israel. She denounced the latter as an occupier nation in Palestine and guilty of “ethnic cleansing.” And like the U.S. promoted itself as a “paragon of democracy,” when in reality it is homophobic toward “queer Palestinians who call for justice for their people.”

She added that under the occupation by Israel, Palestine is the “largest open air prison.” But as expected, she also attacked the United States, a longtime ally of Israel. It, too, was “a prison nation,” and she called for the “abolition” of the U.S. prison system. She claimed that “reform doesn’t work,” and leads to more repression.

She inexplicably tried to tie the prison system to gender. Prison, she asserted, is a “gendered institution with a gender binary structure.” Abolishing the prison system, she asserted, “will also entail the abolition of gender policing.”

Davis has a history with the prison system. She once smuggled guns to Black Panther prisoners which led to a hostage situation and the death of a judge.

She also has a history with a group, the Black Panthers, who routinely praised the Holocaust, threatening on several occasions to put “Jews back into the ovens.”

At several points in the speech, particularly when she bashed Israel, there was applause from the student audience.

Ron Capshaw is a Senior Contributor to The Liberty Conservative from Midlothian, Va. His work has appeared in National Review, The Weekly Standard, and the American Spectator.


  1. The original Black Panther Party never “praised the Holocaust” nor ever stated they wanted to put “Jews back into the ovens.” The Party was non-racist and anti-Zionist (Israel is a colonial state) which does not equate to being anti Jewish. You Ron Capshaw are wrong.

  2. Forgot to add Angela Davis never smuggled guns to anyone for which she was convicted. She was acquitted of helping Jonathan Jackson buy guns which he used to try to free political prisoners. Again Ron Capshaw you are wrong.

  3. Linda you are wrong also. Why should Angela Davis be arrested and charged for any murder at all especially a NJ state trooper? Was she ever charged or even accused in the past for such an act?

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