Antifa Are the Globalists’ Shock Troops: Here’s How Trump Can Stop Them

The majority of Americans want to believe that America can, as President Donald Trump has stated many times, “come together” and “unite.”

We want to believe that Americans of all identities and political leanings can find this mythical common ground and just get along with each other.

We want to believe that the violence and bloodshed that seems to accompany every political event in modern America is some sort of aberration of history, and next week we are going to snap out of this trance, lay down our sticks and shields and bear mace and riot helmets, and once again be able to have peaceful conversations with each other.

But every weekor recently, it seems like every dayreality puts a chisel to this myth and swings at it with the heaviest hammer it can find. The conflicts are getting worse. They are getting more violent. People have died, and unfortunately, it seems like more people are going to as well.

The left, specifically ANTIFA, is not going to let up. They are not going to back down. And unfortunately, thanks to their complete dominance at poorly organized “free speech” rallies where a mere 20 or 30 people showed up, they are going to be largely uncontested.

ANTIFA, and the various other leftists that come to these events to start violence by maiming, disfiguring, and killing Trump supporters, Republicans, journalists, and anybody else not wearing a black maskthey are the unknowing pawns of the system they claim to stand against.

There is a reason these people are allowed to commit violence without consequence. There is a reason an ANTIFA member was able to hit me with a flagpole as a police officer stood by watching and did nothing.

There is a reason ANTIFA in Berkeley were allowed to beat a father and son while police did nothing. There is a reason ANTIFA in Berkeley were allowed to roam the streets beating random people while the police did nothing.
ANTIFA are the shock troops of the globalist elite. They enjoy a bipartisan endorsement of everyone from Mitt Romney to Marco Rubio. These terrorists are too often given clearance by officials at every level of government, from police chiefs to Senators, to maraud and maim their fellow Americans.

On the right, things happen a little differently. In Charlottesville, right-wingers that dared to hold a peaceful event in compliance with federal law were shut down by the police before the event even began. A militarized line was formed to keep right-wing demonstrators from entering Lee Park. Where was the militarized line to keep demonstrators in Charlottesville or Berkeley safe from snarling, left-wing agitators?

This phenomenon occurs because the establishment and the elites realize ANTIFA’s goala stateless, anarcho-communist societyis ludicrous and could never tangibly be achieved. They do not see ANTIFA as a credible threat.

The establishment accurately sees the growing populist, nationalist, dissident right as an existential threat to the globalist agenda. The massive shift in public consciousness that has occurred over the past three years was never, in the minds of the elites, supposed to happen.

For this reason, they are willing to temporarily form an alliance and give political and legal cover to ANTIFA, provided ANTIFA continues to do their “dirty work”beating, assaulting, and maiming right-wingers in the streets, and continuing to perpetuate a chilling effect that dissuades right-wing speech.

As the liberal establishment continues to gain confidence, and their ANTIFA shock troops roam the streets unfettered, conditions will likely continue to deteriorate.

Right wingers are going to quickly get tired of being abandoned by police, and frankly, their frustrations are valid. I myself have been hospitalized by a cowardly ANTIFA attack, and hundreds of others across the country have gotten it worse than I have. People, in increasing quantities, are going to begin to take self-defense into their own hands.This is a sentiment that has been echoed throughout much of the right in recent days.

“We elected and support [Donald Trump]. For that we get attacked and then ignored by [law enforcement]. Time is up. Do your job or it will be done by us,” former Paul Ryan primary challenger Paul Nehlen tweeted recently.

Now, you can already imagine, this will not end well for anyone. Tensions will only continue to ratchet up, as the media and coastal elites praise ANTIFA while middle America reels in disgust.

Coming together and reaching unity is only possible when we have common goals. 65+ million Americans who voted for Trump want to see America become a great, strong nation again. The transnational, liberal elite endorses ANTIFA, which takes to the street en masse and calls for the destruction of America.

These objectives are irreconcilable. The political violence cat is out of the bag, and unless the federal government begins showing up to suppress ANTIFA terrorism by force, it’s staying out.

As Americans, we wish things weren’t going this way. We wish the globalist elite weren’t using the media and their puppets in government to endorse and mainstream radical anarcho-communist terrorists that want to overthrow the United States to kill you and your family, but that is the situation we find ourselves in right now.

It is incumbent on right-wingers to unequivocally denounce aggression. We must realize, however, that attending political events or even being known as someone with nationalist opinions is enough, in today’s political climate, to get someone killed.

The police must be unleashed to restore law and order to this country. President Trump has the ability to demonstrate command and leadership by treating ANTIFA as a domestic terrorist organization. Given their expressed goal of “no USA at all,” this response seems entirely within reason.


  1. People willing to use to violence as a first resort will always have the advantage in any conflict. Opponents of left-wing fascism must either shed their reluctance to retaliate (initiate?), or disappear.

    Maybe that’s what Antifa and like-minded groups want. They want an escalation that will, they think, bring about what they want. They want to bring about martial law which, they think, would automatically bring about a more left-wing governing structure. But, they should beware. As the author points out, if they are just tools in the Elite’s attempt to maintain their own power, then their heads are next on the chopping block once their “services” are no longer needed. At that point, they will be seen as just another group which needs to be suppressed.

    Antifa and its allies are NOT the Elites, and they never will be. They are just useful idiots. And they will learn this, in time.

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