Antifa Cowards Meet their Match

Newton’s Third Law of physics states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Though commonly understood to apply to physical interactions between objects in action, this law is as true in boxing and baseball as it is in politics. Midterm elections are often a down-ballot repudiation of a president and ruling party’s policy initiatives. This accounts for the Democratic Party’s drubbings in 2010 and 2014. It accounts for the humiliating dressing down they received at the hands of the forgotten men and women of the American electorate in November of last year. It accounts for the vehement violence perpetrated by the Antifa pawns of George Soros and other more ambiguous movers and shakers in the elite echelons of the “progressive” power structure.

We got hints of liberal vitriol-in-action during the election campaign when paid provocateurs invaded Trump rallies and attacked their peaceful counterparts. At the inauguration, we saw more as masked thugs destroyed storefronts and set fires and assaulted anyone who dared stand up to their sanctimonious temper tantrums. In the small minds of the Antifas, anyone who sees the world differently than they are the enemy and must either be destroyed or persecuted. A difference in worldview is and has always been the cardinal sin of leftism. Individuality and disagreements are heresy in the religion of government. Someone, or something, has gotta burn.

So they shut down Milo at Berkeley, broke more windows, set more fires, attacked more peaceful event attendees, and continued defining themselves by their wanton and cowardly violence of action. The Tides Foundation and other dark money groups acting as patron to the faceless frontline soldiers have chosen the birthplace of the free speech movement as their primary battle front. Maybe the irony is lost on them: the Anti-Fascists use the tactics of fascists to fight fascism, making of themselves an exemplary standard of hypocrisy in our political day and age. (Maybe it isn’t lost on them and they just don’t care. Neither would surprise me and I don’t know which is worse.)

For every action, there is an equal or greater reaction.

At the Battle of Berkeley, the Antifas at long last finally met their match. Leftism these days is characterized by a rabid hatred of country and love of government… As long as the power of it is held by Democrats, that is. Indeed, the Left doesn’t seem to understand there exists an enormous difference between country and government, they believe the two are indivisible, they are one and the same. True patriots understand that true patriotism is love of country and distrust of government, the exact opposite of the bastardized version promulgated by our so-called progressive countrymen. Over the weekend, when Antifas expected to run roughshod over public and private property while police turned a blind eye, true patriots of our nation rose to the occasion and traded violence for violence. And they didn’t need a big money man like Soros to bring them together.

Our country has a long, storied history of political violence and triumphs over evil forces bent on the oppression of marginalized groups. The Civil Rights movement was an inevitable struggle against institutional powers of persecution and, after losing much, they won all. The clueless snowflakes of the Antifa contingent style themselves after the model of marching crusaders like Albert Turner, Bob Mants, and Hosea Williams, but they aren’t even close. The Civil Rights movement was typified by the brilliant eloquence of their impoverished and fearless leaders who overcame nearly insurmountable historical odds to claim for themselves the full promise of America’s innate greatness.

Conversely, the Antifas represent the worst parts of the millennial generation: coddled, bored, and handicapped by a sick dependence on technology. These people aren’t a repressed minority fighting for what is rightfully theirs. They are spoiled brats holding their breath, stamping their feet, and engaging in all manner of self-indulgent narcissism at the expense of those they do violence to.

Do you hear that sound? It’s Martin Luther King Jr. rolling over in his grave.

The good news is that the Antifas are no longer storm-trooping down our city streets unopposed. The actualization of their hatred for America is no longer going unchecked. The true patriots of the United States have begun to end their long-suffering time of silence. Not long ago, our Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, announced the end of the era of strategic patience with North Korea. It was just yesterday that Vice President Pence reiterated this new posture. The growing crisis on the Korean Peninsula is a completely different issue than this but it is a fitting analog. As President Trump projects American strength abroad, as he and his cohorts assert an end to our protracted period of patience, the true patriots of our nation’s citizenry are following the lead here at home.

We are out of patience. We are done waiting. We are ready to start doing. The Antifa sissies have busied themselves about the task of putting a massive target on their chests. Let’s take them up on their offer of violence for violence, even if they don’t realize that’s what the deal is. They threw the first punch, they defined the terms, it’s time to take control of the situation. We’ll teach them the new rules of engagement. We’re sick and tired of their shit and we’re going to start acting like it the way President Trump is sick and tired of Kim Jong Un’s shit.

The police have allowed Antifa thugs to make plentiful mischief and it appears as though they’re permitting the true patriots to respond in kind, to defend not only our property but our values. The Antifas and their anti-America benefactors are beginning to receive a taste of their own medicine and they don’t like it and they’re going to run scared like the cockroaches they are as we increase the dosage.

They have a target on their chests. They put it there. We can’t miss and we won’t miss. We didn’t start this fight but you can be damn sure we’re going to finish it. They drew first blood, we’ll draw last.

Original artwork by Jesse Comeau

By day, Michael Rodgers is a logistics specialist in the aerospace industry. By night, he is an Associate Editor for the Liberty Conservative. He lives and drinks profusely in Dover, New Hampshire.


  1. Great article! I’m inspired to look up my local pats and join the fight against these A holes!

    • You won’t. But have fun fantasizing about it. Nothing shows your patriotism Ike creating violence in the street

    • Although unsuitable for physical confrontation, I will attend the Olympia event to support reclaiming our public forums from masked intimidating bullies.

    • Tell that to those useless antifas. I had the fun of putting one in the hospital the other day. He threw a punch, I doubt he remembers regretting that decision

  2. ANTIFA will be used to take our rights right along with the illegal immigrants.

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