Austin Petersen: Sugar Daddy?

With Ted Cruz having dropped out of the Republican presidential primary, Libertarian Party candidate Austin Petersen is looking to capitalize and bring in Cruz’s disaffected supporters who are now looking for an alternative to Donald Trump. With the Never Trump movement reaching a fever pitch and conservatives across the country looking for alternatives, it would appear on the surface that this has the potential to succeed. That being said, a new scandal has broken which may complicate Austin’s outreach to conservative voters.

Photos of what is allegedly Petersen’s account on ““, a website which aims to help attractive young women find a “sugar daddy”, have been provided by an anonymous source to Liberty Conservatives. A “sugar daddy” is defined by Urban Dictionary as “A man who provides money or other favors in exchange for sexual relations”. There are dozens of sugar daddy websites all over the internet, most of them involving younger women exchanging sex with older wealthy men in return for money and gifts. On his alleged profile, named “climbhigher”, Petersen claims a net worth of between 1-5 million dollars and an occupation in politics/government. The net worth claim strikes this author as being highly questionable (it could be true, Austin has not disclosed his finances yet as a candidate). That being said, the greater question is whether a presidential candidate has solicited a “sugar daddy” relationship, as the photo appears to show, by joining this website. If true, that is disqualifying in the minds of many voters who view this sort of conduct as childish and unserious. The “sugar daddy/sugar baby” relationship is one which is comparable to prostitution, and any candidate who was found soliciting prostitutes would be immediately disqualified from the votes of the vast majority of people.

We reached out to Austin Petersen for comment on this story and as of this time have received no response. We invite you to click on the photo below so you can examine the evidence for yourself.

UPDATE: Because of the many comments I have received doubting the authenticity of this profile, I have a screenshot below where Austin essentially admits the profile is in fact his.


Rocco Lucente is the Editor-at-Large of The Liberty Conservative as well as the chairman of the Town of Ulysses GOP and a county coordinator of Campaign For Liberty in New York.


  1. What does this have to do with his supporyers and eligibility? It sounds like someone is bored and wanted to dig dirt up on someone that has no weight on someones ability to run a country or represent a party. Stick with the issues kiddo

  2. What does Austin Petersens dating life or profile on have to do with his eligibilty to represent a party or run a country. Stick with the issues this is a non-issue

    • IF true, and I emphasize IF, it would greatly detract from his ability to appeal to most of the electorate. Which, especially this year, is very important to the LP.

  3. First of all, Austin is 35 years old, which why he is legally allow to run for government. This image says that he is 30 years old. So, even if this is real, which I couldn’t care less about, it is 5 years old. This article is a waste of time.

  4. What a vile, despicable article. You should be ashamed of what you’ve attempted to do through innuendo with this hit piece.

  5. We recently ran a highly qualified, very smart man through a pretty nasty wringer in Indiana’s contest for the LPIN gubernatorial nomination, because he had some pretty bad domestic stuff in his past. The contention was that it’s better for Libertarians to eat our own in our “primary” fights than expose the whole party to trouble in the General Election.
    We did it badly, and we’ve not yet healed all the rifts or eliminated all the ugly internet echos.
    There are better ways to do this.
    But if this allegation/story proves true, it is a problem we’d better deal with now that it’s out.

  6. Given how easy it is to set up bogus accounts on most websites, I call B.S. on this until something more solid is there. (And I’m a supporter of one of A.P.’s opponents)

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