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Joshua is a graduate student majoring in Public Administration at The University of Alabama. He is the Vice President of his campus' chapters of Young Americans for Liberty and Students for Sensible Drug Policy, and he is the campus leader of UA Students for Concealed Carry. In addition to writing for The Liberty Conservative, he is an opinions columnist for the University of Alabama student newspaper, The Crimson White.
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The Senate Should Confirm Jeff Sessions

“The ultimate responsibility of the Attorney General and the Department of Justice is to execute the laws passed by this Congress and to follow the Constitution in that process.” Those are the words of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions as he testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on January 11th. Sessions was nominated by President Trump to become the nation’s next Attorney General. Last week, after numerous stall tactics by Senate Democrats, Sessions’ nomination advanced out of the Judiciary Committee by a party-line vote. His nomination now goes to a vote by the full Senate, which is scheduled for later this… Keep Reading

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Alabama Trump Supporters Need To Grow Up

I would like to first say that I am not the biggest fan of Alabama Congresswoman Martha Roby. As a constituent, I have issues with her record in Congress. For example, she has a pitiful fiscal voting record and is widely seen as Alabama’s least conservative Republican member of Congress. Roby is also no fan of civil liberties and has spent her career in Congress protecting the surveillance state. These are among the many reasons that the various conservative organization’s scorecards make it clear she is far more moderate than the constituents of her safe Republican district (Roby has a… Keep Reading

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Pro-Trump Robocalls: Evan McMullin Is Gay

Utah voters have been receiving pro-Trump robocalls from self-described “white nationalist” William Johnson. Johnson was once listed as a California Trump delegate to the Republican National Convention before the state party removed him from consideration. The robocalls have targeted independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin. According to The Daily Beast, the calls will go out to 193,000 Utah landlines and were personally paid for by Johnson. In the call William Johnson makes the claim that McMullin is “is an open borders, amnesty supporter” who “has two mommies.” Johnson goes on to say that “Evan is okay with that. Indeed Evan supports… Keep Reading

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OBAMA: Comey Is Not Trying To Influence Election

Just one day after Senate minority leader Harry Reid had the audacity to claim that FBI Director Jim Comey had broken the law by writing a letter to Congress updating them about the Hillary Clinton investigation, the Director is finding an unlikely defender in President Obama. Reid wrote an open letter to Comey on Sunday in which he claimed that the Director “may have broken the law”. Reid was referring to the claim that Comey had violated the Hatch Act, a law that prohibits executive branch officials from engaging in political activity. While Harry Reid is well known to be… Keep Reading

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Top Clinton Aide Used Personal Email To Discuss Bringing Down Gaddafi

According to documents released by WikiLeaks, top Clinton State Department aide Jake Sullivan used a private email to discuss bringing down the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi with the Secretary. In an email chain to Sullivan, John Podesta, Huma Abden and others, Clinton staffer Nick Merrill quotes what appears to be correspondence between himself and a New York Times reporter in which is he writes the following: many emails jake sent or received from the secretary were from his account. but he did send mrs. clinton an email in april 2012 from his personal account that outlined her leadership… Keep Reading

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Leaked Emails Show That Clinton Technology Was “compromised” In China

According to an email released this morning by Wikileaks, Clinton technology was compromised during a trip to China. This new information is courtesy of an email that Chelsea Clinton, who used the pseudonym Anna James, sent to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta in November of 2011. In the email, Podesta states that his delayed reply was due to being “in China and not accessing this account for security reasons.” Chelsea Clinton (Anna James) replies by saying “[t]hat makes good sense to me. Our technology was all compromised while there.” It is unclear if Hillary Clinton was on the trip or… Keep Reading

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Hillary Clinton Demands Transparency; Implies FBI Director Is Trying To Hurt Her Campaign

Yesterday the political world was shaken as FBI Director Jim Comey wrote a letter to Congress declaring that the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server was not over. In his words, “In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of emails that appear to be pertinent to the [Clinton] investigation.” We later learned that that unrelated case was none other than the investigation into disgraced former Democratic Congressman Anthony Wiener’s alleged sexting of a 15 year old girl. While the revelation is certain to shakeup the election, it highlights yet another instance of hypocrisy… Keep Reading

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Conservatives Should Embrace Obama’s Commutations

During the last 7 years, I have often criticized President Barack Obama for many actions he has taken that were outside the scope of his authority. He has continually ignored the Constitution and grown the power of the Presidency–something he specifically campaigned against. The President has carried out a foreign policy that has left us less safe and has killed thousands of innocent civilians. He has overseen the growth of the regulatory state and continues to promote economic policies that would kill small businesses and leave our nation less prosperous. It is fair to say that President Obama has earned… Keep Reading

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The Trump Campaign Truly Is a Dumpster Fire

Last summer, Donald Trump started his campaign with a bang. Viewed then as a loony outsider, Trump burst on to the scene when voters took to his signature brash tone and “tell it like it is” populist message. Whether it be calling Mexican immigrants rapists, championing a ban on Muslims entering the US, or his naive insistence that Mexico will pay for a border wall–Trump did what he had to do to get the attention and support needed to take his fringe campaign mainstream. Last month, the campaign reached new heights when Trump accepted the Republican nomination for President of… Keep Reading

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You Probably Don’t Understand Gary Johnson’s Position On Abortion

Throughout his campaign for President of the United States, Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson has been attacked by the right for being pro-choice. Many see Johnson as no better than Hillary Clinton on the issue of abortion. After all, Johnson says in nearly every interview that being libertarian means supporting a woman’s right to choose. However, a more in-depth analysis of his public statements about abortion both during this campaign and in the past make it fairly clear that those who dismiss Johnson with a pro-choice rubber stamp simply don’t understand his stance. First off, Johnson has made it clear… Keep Reading

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In Addition To His Sick Beats–did Dr. Marc Allan Feldman Leave Us With a Practical Solution To Social Security?

It has been almost three weeks since former Libertarian Party presidential candidate Marc Allan Feldman passed away. Feldman, an anesthesiologist from Cleveland, was a beloved Party activist who finished 5th in the presidential primary voting at the Libertarian Party convention in May. Among his many accomplishments in both his professional life, as well as in the Libertarian Party, Dr. Feldman is remembered for the closing statement–which is really more of a rap–he delivered during the convention’s presidential debate. However, one part of Feldman’s debate performance especially stood out to me, and it was not the rap. While responding to a… Keep Reading

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You Can Be In Favor Of Policing Reform Without Being Anti-police

The past week has been tough for those of us who support law enforcement, but are also in favor of policing reform. Early Tuesday morning, video emerged of an incident in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in which a black man named Alton Sterling was killed during an altercation with police. Sterling was armed, but many believe the shooting–which took place at point-blank range while the officers were attempting to arrest Sterling for selling CDs–was excessive force, considering the videos did not show that Sterling reaching for the weapon. Following the shooting in Baton Rouge, video went viral of the aftermath of… Keep Reading

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The Abortion Decision And The Right To Bear Arms

This Monday, the US Supreme Court struck down several Texas laws that regulated how abortion is provided in the lone star state. The 5-3 decision is undoubtedly the most significant abortion ruling from the high Court since the 1992 case Casey v. Planned Parenthood where it clarified the Roe v Wade decision. The Court decided that Texas laws that were aimed at making abortion safer were an undue burden on women exercising their constitutional right to the procedure. The laws included requirements that doctors have hospital admitting privileges which proponents claimed would make abortion clinics be subject to the same… Keep Reading

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Rand Paul’s Former Chief Of Staff Exposes Liberal Hypocrisy On Gun Control

Late yesterday afternoon, the Senate voted on 4 separate gun related amendments to the Commerce, Justice, and Science Appropriations Act. The four amendments, two sponsored by Republicans and two sponsored by Democrats, were each voted down largely along party lines. The legislation followed a week that started with a shooting in Orlando, Florida that left 50 people dead and more than 50 injured and ended with a 15-hour filibuster by Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) during which he preached “common sense gun reform”. Murphy’s amendments, which were proposed along with Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), would prevent anyone on the “terror watch… Keep Reading

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Congress Should Be Ashamed Of Itself

Most Americans who have taken a civics course are aware that the Constitution, in Article 1 Section 8, grants the legislative branch the authority to declare war. However, it appears that our country’s lawmakers have either forgotten this or are instead choosing to pass the buck on to President Obama to avoid their Constitutional obligation to declare war on ISIL. Last Thursday’s vote in the House of Representatives on a bipartisan amendment offered to the 2017 Defense Appropriations Bill is yet another example of this dereliction of duty by Congress. House Armed Services Committee member Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC) and… Keep Reading

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