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Can Populism Be The Savior of Conservatism?

Raucous cheers of “USA, USA, USA,” flowed through the crowds at President Donald Trump’s Saturday-night rally to support Republican congressional candidate Rick Saccone in Moon Township, Pennsylvania. The speech was quintessentially populist, or rather, “Trumpian,” free flowing, direct, braggadocious, and sometimes quite humorous. Trump then took time to critique a recent piece by Peggy Noonan which ridiculed his demeanor and deemed it as not “presidential.” Trump mocked Noonan’s concept of what it means to be presidential. The enthralled crowd chuckled as Trump imitated a stiff, tight-lipped, rank-and-file politician.  Noonan, Trump added, “is writing like I’m some kind of Neanderthal.” Keep Reading

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The Liberty Conservative Endorses Rick Saccone In PA-18 Special Election

The Liberty Conservative has announced its endorsement of Pennyslvania State Rep. Rick Saccone in the special election for Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district. Saccone, who served as a principled conservative and a champion of limited government in the state legislature, defeated two establishment Republicans opponents to clinch the nomination, and now faces Clinton ally Conor Lamb. While Saccone boasts the backing of President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and the Club for Growth, Clinton-connected megadonors are pouring millions of dollars into Lamb’s candidacy, hoping to inflict a blow to President Trump before the mid-term elections. Although Lamb masquerades as a moderate… Keep Reading

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The Liberty Conservative Endorses Josh Hawley in Missouri Senate Race

The Liberty Conservative is proud to announce that it is endorsing Josh Hawley, the current Attorney General of Missouri, for U.S. Senate. Incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill has shown herself to bee a strident opponent of liberty at every turn. During her time in office, she has consistently backed indefinite detention of American citizens, wasteful federal stimulus bills, bailouts, and tax hikes. It is very clear that she does not represent the interests of the people of Missouri, but rather, the entrenched Washington elite that bankrolls her campaigns. It is thereby imperative that she is replaced in 2018 with someone who… Keep Reading

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The Liberty Conservative Endorses Roy Moore in Alabama Senate Race

The Liberty Conservative has announced that it is endorsing Judge Roy Moore in the special election for U.S. Senate in Alabama. Moore is set to face establishment stalwart Sen. Luther Strange in Tuesday’s primary runoff. Roy Moore’s record shows that he is a man of principle, and a proven defender of constitutionally limited government and states’ rights. If elected, Moore has pledged to stand up to Mitch McConnell, and to stand with Senate conservatives such as Rand Paul and Mike Lee. By contrast, Strange, a former Washington lobbyist, is being propped up to the tune of $8 million by McConnell-linked… Keep Reading

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The Liberty Conservative endorses Ralph Norman in SC-5 special election

The Liberty Conservative has announced that it is endorsing State Representative Ralph Norman in Tuesday’s primary runoff for the South Carolina 5th district special election. This special election was created by the appointment of Mick Mulvaney, a friend of The Liberty Conservative, as U.S. Budget Director. As a result, we are determined to see that the person who succeeds Mulvaney in Congress shares his profound commitment to individual liberty, limited government and fiscal responsibility. Keep Reading

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The Donald: “‘I’m Not Representing the Globe; I’m Representing Your Country”

President Donald Trump returned to CPAC on Friday, receiving a rock star welcome from the packed ballroom. He kicked off the speech defending his assertion on Twitter that the media was the “enemy of the people,” vowing to combat their “fake news” stories. “A few days ago I called the fake news ‘the enemy of the people,’ and they are. They are the enemy of the people,” he stated, criticizing their “dishonest coverage” of his administration. Trump admitted that the media was very upset by his repeated criticisms, however that he would proceed to take action, citing the First Amendment. Keep Reading

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Mike Pence: “Israel’s fight is our fight, its cause is our cause and her values are our values”

Vice President Mike Pence spoke to the Conservative Political Action Conference Thursday night, where he laid out the new administration’s top priorities. Speaking to the GOP’s conservative base, Pence took a really robust position in support of the state of Israel. “I’m proud to stand with the president, who stands with our most important ally, the Jewish state,” Pence told the audience of conservative activists. “Israel’s fight is our fight, its cause is our cause and her values are our values,” the VP said to a standing ovation. The VP’s feedback come a week after President Donald Trump met with Israeli Prime… Keep Reading

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Working Class Conservatives: The Only Path Forward

One of the great unsolved mysteries that has routinely perplexed the pseudo-intellectual bubbles among academic socialists of the chair has been why the great majority of America’s working class have refused to embrace socialism to the same extent as their European and Latin American brethren. In the typical fashion of the ivory tower intelligentsia, scapegoats were conceived. They claim the proletariat revolution never spread to these shores, not least because of the economic and political destitution of socialism, but rather that the great mass of the American working class bought into a great and evil capitalist lie. What is this… Keep Reading

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Trump’s America: Generals and Businessmen in, Lawyers and Bureaucrats out.

In the 19th century, Scottish philosopher and historian, Thomas Carlyle, developed a theory of historiography which he coined as “The Great Man Theory.” This theory postulated that the process of historical examination is akin to a series of chronological biographies of these so called ‘Great Men.’ These great generals, artists, philosophers, theologians, and entrepreneurs were the ones who truly had decisive impacts on society, rather than the other way around. Caesar, Muhammad, Shakespeare, Luther, Napoleon, and Ford were not products of their time but the producers themselves. Now while this theory has largely fallen out of fashion within academic circles,… Keep Reading

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Less Snowflakes, More Grit

For the past several decades, within the dreary halls of every unionized public school in this country, a great fiction about our nation’s history has been spoonfed to the minds of the young and impressionable. They are programmed through a rigorous Prussian style system of repetition and regurgitation,  that what built this great country was not the ingenuity and ambition of great masters of industry and entrepreneurship, but rather a combination of some short lived and irrelevant union called “The Knights of Labor” and various federal government pork projects. The great American rag to riches histories of self-made men and… Keep Reading

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Help Wanted: Cultural Enrichment

Straddling the picturesque Dreisam River in the southeast German state of Baden-Württemberg is the small and quaint university city of Freiburg. On the night of October 16th, 19-year-old medical student Maria Ladenburger was brutally raped and drowned in the Dreisam River. After a thorough investigation, amid much public outcry, the suspect was determined to be a 17-year-old Afghan migrant who had entered Germany illegally and applied for asylum. Despite a previous record of assault, he was allowed to stay in the country. Local authorities are now investigating the similar rape and murder of a 27-year-old woman in the nearby town… Keep Reading

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“Uneducated”: The Left’s Favorite Pejorative

It is no secret that the Left are big supporters of a politically correct culture. They see no issue with constantly stifling the free speech of anyone who disagrees with the politically correct narrative of the mainstream. They regularly clamp down on your free speech in the name of protecting the sensibilities of all those who happen to disagree. This policy has become so widespread on college campuses throughout the nation that it goes beyond merely condemning what people happen to say or feel, to physically placing the potential “victims” of your speech into so-called “safe spaces” in order to shield… Keep Reading

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The Myth of Bernie Sanders

The allure of Bernie Sanders, much like the allure of of socialism, is based on nothing more than myth. More broadly, it is based on a series of falsehoods and an unexamined history. A cursory view of the Democratic primary would have the casual observer believing that Senator Sanders was the clear loser of it all. Failing to secure the nomination and eventually having to support the Wall Street backed Hillary Clinton. Based on this, many surmised that he had failed. Keep Reading

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Democrats: Double Down!

It is certainly a good time to be a Republican; outside of a University campus, of course. There is a lot to be happy about from a Republican perspective. A newly elected Republican President, several possible openings in the Supreme Court, control of the Senate, control of the House, 33 Governors, and 68 state legislative chambers, the highest in the Republican Party’s history. The level of dominance from the local all the way up to the federal level is something akin to the power New Deal Democrats enjoyed during the FDR years and something unseen for Republicans since the Civil… Keep Reading

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The character assassination of Stephen Bannon

The radical left is marching lockstep towards its newest target, Stephen Bannon, the recently appointed Senior Counselor to President-elect Donald Trump and former Chief Executive Officer of the Trump Campaign. You can already see the yellow journalistic headlines bleeding through your news-feed and television screens. Fiery headlines claiming Mr. Bannon is the worst specimen, the lowest of the low, an American deplorable, a racist, a white supremacist, an anti-Semite, a red meat eater, a neo-Nazi, and an alt-right kingpin! How could President-Elect Trump appoint such a monster to this high office? Anyone with the slightest of discerning minds could see these… Keep Reading

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The left paves the way for the destruction of western civilization

The massacre in Nice, France of 84 innocent souls, including many young children has left most of the world speechless and horrified…. for all of a few hours. Despite the reports of little girls splattered to pieces before their helpless families, the sad truth is we have become desensitized to this barbarity. We check our phones, see the headlines, feel a bit of disgust, and then we forget. This is no accident. The effort to trivialize and redefine these heinous crimes is a concerted effort by a radical and frankly deranged group of thinkers who have an underlining hatred of… Keep Reading

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Brexit Exposes The Left’s Utter Hypocrisy

I find it absolutely amazing the sheer level of intellectual dishonesty, self-righteousness, snobbery, and hypocrisy emanating from elitist leftists the world over. They have reached the highest levels of academia, media, banking, and government and are using all these institutions to push their radical and evermore regressive agenda on us. The recent decision by the British people, who democratically decided to take back their sovereignty from un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels, has sent the left into a rambling fury. The leave campaign succeeded despite all the hate, fear mongering, and lies the leftist media and academia spread in regards to this… Keep Reading

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Why Syria and Iraq need to be Balkanized

For the past several years Americans have been inundated with the horrific, tragic, and utterly inhumane news coming out of Iraq and more recently Syria. Both of these failed states have become the epicenter of an ethno-religious sectarian conflict that has brought nothing but misery, destruction, poverty, and death to the peoples of the region. It is no surprise that both Iraq and Syria share many of the same underlying problems. Both nation’s borders were conceived as a product of the World Wars and their aftermaths rather than the actual ethnic, linguistic, historical, or religious factors on the ground. As… Keep Reading

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Why we need free trade with China and the world

Recently I have become appalled at the growing rise of protectionism and nativism in the Republican Party. This sentiment has been personified by Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy. Trump, a master of regurgitating economic fallacies and senseless populist rhetoric, has been drumming up support for his regressive trade policies. He has been promoting the idea that the US needs to close itself off from global trade and seek what he deems “fair trade.” His definition of “fair” is the government injecting itself in the voluntary associations between businesses and individuals of differing countries by limiting their choice and freedom. No Donald, nothing… Keep Reading

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Uber and Innovation…The Left’s Worst Nightmares

Recently we have been hearing about the evil monstrosity destroying the very  fabric of our society and the welfare of all who inhabit it. This supposed malevolent entity is none other than Uber…a smart phone application that provides private taxi services to its users at competitive prices. Uber has been attacked and threatened by many government jurisdictions worldwide and their government monopoly taxi companies. They claim that Uber is unsafe and dangerous because it is “unregulated” and “unlicensed.” So do these politicians have a point? Is Uber really a danger after all? Of course not – this is all utter… Keep Reading

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The Conservative Case for a Lower Drinking Age

Though it is rarely discussed in conservative or Republican circles, the federal drinking age (a product of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984) is one of many examples of the federal government’s overreach in the last several decades. As can be expected, given the courts consistent disregard for the constitution, the Supreme Court declared the law constitutional in a 1987 ruling. The act coerced states to raise their drinking ages to the federal minimum through the threat of withholding federal highway funds, among other punitive measures. As a result all 50 states have effectively bended to the will of… Keep Reading

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