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Kelsey Kurtinitis is Copy Editor for The Liberty Conservative. Kelsey was an Iowa Delegate for Ron Paul in 2012 and former treasurer for Liberty Iowa. Kelsey remains actively engaged in the fight for liberty in her home state and currently serves on the board of Personhood IOWA.
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Dear Planned Parenthood: My Miscarriage Was Nothing Like an Abortion

I was sitting on the floor of my bedroom with friends playing Monopoly when I felt it. Something wasn’t right. Afraid, but wanting to appear like everything was normal, I maintained my composure. I would wear my best poker face, even if I was only playing a board game. Politely, I excused myself from the top hat and thimble game pieces and crossed the short distance from my floor to the bathroom across the hall. It was behind the privacy of the closed door that I was first able to confirm what I had already feared — at 17-years-old and… Keep Reading

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The Exclusionary Hypocrisy of the Women’s March on Washington

I am a woman, and yet the Women’s March on Washington does not represent me. This is not because of any prejudice I hold – I do not hate women, nor do I suffer from any “internalized misogyny”. No, the Women’s March does not represent me because they have chosen not to. You see, the Women’s March only believes in the pro-choice buzzword when you choose to agree with them. As you may have heard, women from across the country are organizing to take part in the Women’s March on Washington on January 21st – one day after President-elect Donald… Keep Reading

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