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Trump Signs Major Criminal Justice Reform Bill, Wins Praise From Black Leaders

President Donald Trump has signed the groundbreaking FIRST STEP Act into law, and the black community is elated. At the signing ceremony, former Obama aide Van Jones hailed Trump’s success and praised the movement for freedom behind Trump. “The freedom of the people who are trapped in a broken system, the freedom of people who are trapped in addiction, the freedom of people who are trapped in poverty, those are the people that your opportunity zones are targeted at, your opioid policies are targeted at, and your criminal justice policy is targeted at,” Jones declared. “And when you’re trying to… Keep Reading

Brett Kavanaugh
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BREAKING: White House Concludes There Is No Corroborating Evidence in FBI’s Latest Kavanaugh Report

After reviewing interview reports from the FBI’s investigation into Brett Kavanaugh, the White House found no corroboration of any allegations of sexual misconduct. The FBI report may do little to provide clarity, and essentially leave the issue in the same state as it was last week: two witnesses giving different accounts of what occurred. The accuser, Christine Blasey Ford is still left with no collaborating witnesses or evidence to support her allegations. Late Wednesday, attorneys for Ford slammed the FBI background investigation after it was revealed that the agency’s probe appeared to be over. Keep Reading

Christine Blasey Ford
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Opinion: Christine Blasey Ford May Have Type 1 Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder causes mood swings that vary between depression and mania. Those with type 1 bipolar disorder will have very extreme manic episodes that may be accompanied by psychosis. If anyone has had experience with an adult family member who developed bipolar disorder type 1, they would know of the issues associated with how it may cause a person to hallucinate things happening, or even believe things happened from the past that never occurred. This is prevalent in people who go untreated for their disorder or those who will refuse to regularly take their medication. Recently, with the controversy over… Keep Reading

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