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While campaigning, two of President Trump’s promises were to overturn the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and bomb the living hell out of ISIS.

Promises made based on failed healthcare policies and the Obama Administration’s sad efforts toward ridding the world of Islamic terrorists. Trump also vowed to overturn many policies and programs former President Barack Obama instituted during his eight-year reign.

Recently, Trump crossed off another one from his long list, overturning the short-lived specialized guidelines for the transgender community.

With all the changes taking place, it seems like a modern-day remake of “Back to the Future”. Not the first movie, the second installment of the trilogy.

If you haven’t seen it, the main characters, Marty and Doc, travel 30 years into the future to help Marty’s future son from making a poor life-altering decision. While occupied, their nemesis Biff steals the time traveling DeLorean, takes it back to 1955, meets up with his younger self and alters the future with – as you can likely guess – disastrous results. Upon Marty and Doc’s return to their present time period – sometime within 1985 – they arrive at an alternate universe where Biff was a high-rollin’ millionaire, Marty’s father was murdered, and his mom was unhappily married to – who else – Biff.

Marty and Doc were left to figure out how to restore the time continuum.

Now, I could spoil the ending for you, however, if you haven’t seen it, I’m going to use a cliché every elementary school kid used to wrap up their verbal book reports, “If you wanna know what happens, rent the movie.”

The Characters

In this real-life classic reboot, ‘Marty’ played by Vice President Mike Pence, is a down to earth young man who’s well known throughout the nation he resides and, generally, handles damage control.

‘Doc,’ on the other hand, played by President Trump, is a highly intelligent politician who marches to the beat of his own drum. Doc faces opposition from half the country’s population who considers him to be a quack. Yet, aside from instantiated rumors and false narratives, the brilliant real-estate mogul presses forward to better the nation he had promised to do.

And finally, ‘Biff,’ played by former President Barack Obama, is the fault-finding and former national leader who left numerous messes during his presidency for both Trump and Pence to clean up. And, unlike the original version, Obama comes with significantly less muscle mass than the original character played by Thomas Wilson.

The Backstory

Although the Obama Administration ran on a platform of hope, change, and moving forward, by the end of the administration’s term, it appeared America had somehow moved backward from where it ended under Former President George Bush Jr. in 2008.

Following the worst terrorist attack to happen on U.S. soil, the Bush Administration’s primary objective was waging a “War on Terror”. They successfully apprehended former Iraqi President Saddam Hussain in addition to invading Afghanistan killing, capturing, and imprisoning numerous Al Qaeda terrorists and supporters.

Upon Bush leaving the White House in 2008, Obama emerged on the scene with an inspirational message of hope, change, and helping America move forward. Despite the Bush Administration’s accomplishments toward ridding the world of terrorists and working to improve the American education system, the Obama Administration convinced the nation change was needed.

As American troops continued sacrificing their lives to preserve the nation’s freedom, the Obama Administration found it necessary to go on a global “Apology Tour”.

While the Bush Administration established America as a global powerhouse not to be reckoned with, the Obama Administration delivered speeches which were critical of America’s ‘behavior’ followed with finely worded rhetoric of his ultimate desire to strengthen ties with other countries. A message the U.S. military didn’t appreciate, especially following years protecting America’s freedoms.

Obama then went on to make a name for himself with multiple celebrity appearances, social media selfie posts, and co-leading an effort with his wife in promoting healthy eating habits.

With America safe, per the Bush Administration, Obama had to figure out what his legacy would entail as America’s 44th commander-in-chief.

Following his Apology Tour, Obama settled into providing handouts, creating the highest number of welfare and food stamp recipients in U.S. history. Instead of helping Americans get back to work, Obama instead rose the national debt (which he claimed was unconstitutional when George Bush Jr. did it).

Although Obama had good intentions with his vision for a better American, unfortunately, neither he nor his administration approached decisions logically.

To better serve those who were financially struggling, Obama incorporated a universal healthcare system which every American citizen was forced to take or pay a monetary fine. Captured Al Qaeda prisoners were released to officials in their native countries in which many were released and rejoined their original terrorist networks. And, finally, provided transgenders with specialized rights which incited a national outrage from concerned parents fearful what might happen to their daughters if men began using women’s bathrooms.

By the time Trump took office, he checked out the scene and exclaimed, “Great Scott!”

Make America Great Again

Following Trump’s come from behind election victory, he made a promise to the American citizens to restore the nation.

While keeping his word to “Make America Great Again”, the President-elect faced harsh opposition from the loyalists of defeated Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. The Clinton-loyalists – also known as millennials – fabricated stories, organized protests and called the new president every name in the book while carrying out acts of terrorism every evening right up until their parents called them inside.

During the Obama Era, die-hard supporters fell in love with their leader’s handouts and his sense of understanding. He was considered the ‘People’s President’. When citizens wanted something for nothing, or when small groups of people who shared a common interest felt entitled to specialized privileges, like a genie, Obama waved his pen and granted wishes.

Yet, before Obama’s reign ended in 2017, major problems began to surface. Following the 2016 free democratic election, the impact of the Obama-effect began rearing its ugly head.

Opening Scene

The scene opens with President Trump signing executive orders to undo certain disastrous laws and programs the Obama Administration was responsible for and couldn’t shift the blame to Bush Administration.

Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was enacted in March of 2010.

The intent was to improve medical practices and quality, in addition to lowering costs and improving accessibility to all Americans.

It got off to a very shaky start as the website where consumers could apply had significant issues and setbacks, followed by inaccurate information from Obama who misinformed consumers they could keep their coverage if they chose not to use the ACA.

As the program got underway, premiums and deductibles began skyrocketing.

Employers with 50 or more full-time workers were required to provide their full-time employees with insurance. This new mandate impacted many entrepreneurs who minimized their workforce and postponed their plans for expansion.

The employer could choose not to provide their employees with insurance, however, the employer would be forced to pay a penalty fee at the end of the year.

The employer was granted the option to not provide insurance but would have to pay a fine if they chose not to. As the AHA forced businesses to provide healthcare to employees who worked 40 plus hours or pay a fine, the regulations didn’t require to provide employees who worked 30 hours or less a week with insurance. Yet, it also forced employers to make sure those who did work 30 or fewer hours to not exceed it. Therefore, in cases where there was a chance for an employee to put in some extra time and make additional money, they were prevented from doing so, which also hurt businesses which also would have benefited.

If consumers who didn’t get health insurance through their company yet also elected not to purchase health insurance for themselves, they too would be fined.

A program designed the help lower-economic consumers ended up financially hurting everyone in the process.

It was a program forced upon the American consumer to help lower economic citizens get insured while middle-class Americans flipped the bill. Plus, pre-existing conditions were covered. Again, in theory,

However, by 2016 costs began rising, some businesses faced obstacles which prevented their small businesses from growing, and it left the Republican-led Congress to figure out whether to revise or replace the ACA in order to make it affordable and provide quality coverage.

The number of carriers has also dropped due to the price hikes.

Guantanamo Bay

Obama originally tried to have all prisoners removed from Guantanamo Bay and have the prison shut down. Although he reduced the number of prisoners, the prison remains open today. Trump has vowed to keep the prison open and fill it with terrorists and other potential threats to America.

Most of the Al Qaeda terrorists were turned over to officials in their native countries.

Sadly, a portion of those released returned to serving their original death squads, taking part in Operation “Death to America!” initiatives. Many of whom have killed American military personnel overseas.

Different reports claim between 17% to 30% of prisoners are suspected of re-engaging.

Transgender Special Privileges

The White House recently confirmed actions are being taken to rescind special privileges granted to transgenders, giving parents with young daughters a sense of relief to know perverts no longer had a free pass to enter women’s bathrooms.

No, the law will certainly not stop male pedophiles or other perverts bent on indulging their sick fantasies, from going into women’s bathrooms. And, it certainly doesn’t have any impact on male pedophiles who already have access to the men’s bathrooms. Yet, what the law allowed was more access to children, giving male pedophiles a broader range of options to carry out indecent acts against young children.

Sadly, extreme liberals are so focused on supporting transgender feelings rather than truly looking at the potential issues it could cause. Fortunately, up until now, there have been few cases of men harming young girls in women’s public bathrooms but – make no mistake about it – there were cases.

Obama’s intent to be open-minded and understanding would create additional issues as time went on.

For example, there are people who self-identify as animals and a case where a 52-year-old man identifies as a 6-year-old girl. He left his wife and kids at 46 to embrace a false version of himself. Not only did he self-identify as a female, he also identified as being six-years-old.

In cases like this, where exactly would boundary lines be drawn?

In regards to the 52-year-old man living as a 6-year-old girl, could the couple who supposedly adopted him claim him as a dependent? Could they ensure him as a child? Plus, it’s not likely the 52-year-old man wouldn’t have sexual urges. If he did have sex, could his partner be charged with pedophilia? Could the 52-year-old get away with sexual assault, claiming he didn’t know any better because he’s a six-year-old girl?

Restoring the Time Continuum

Determined to be everything to everyone, the Obama Administration helped create (not build) a make-believe world which infringed on American freedoms and put American’s in harm’s way.

Many of Obama’s initiatives were not well thought out, placing our current president in a position where he’s forced to go back in time essentially and fix the problems Biff created. First, by repealing or revising the current healthcare system, second, wiping ISIS off the face of the earth, and third, forcing people to deal with reality versus wasting valuable time, money and resources creating an alternate one.

Pending both Marty and Doc accomplish those three campaign promises, the United States will once again be a global powerhouse, strike fear into the hearts of those who oppose the U.S., and shift focus back to “Making American Great Again!”

Matthew Cassady is a freelance business writer supporting numerous companies with their content needs. Over the course of his 20-year career, Cassady has worked as a newspaper reporter, copywriter, corporate trainer, and now freelance business writer and Liberty Conservative contributor.

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