Barbarians and Pitchforks and Blood, Oh My!

Should Hillary win, the Ryan Republicans are not going to pursue any frontal assault on a Democrat President. They are going to hold their ammo, presumably for some future nirvana event after which it will be politically feasible to fight back in a meaningful away. If that is the case, then we may have a Democrat in the White House and a Republican majority in both Houses of Congress, but we shall not have any real semblance of “divided government.” If the GOP is capitulating without firing a shot, then they are not getting a half a loaf, not even a tenth of a loaf. Moreover, the Democrat President will get whatever she wants in terms of policy largely by executive orders or administrative regulations that are then funded by continuing resolutions. She will not need Congressional legislation for most of what she will want to accomplish, so your phony “divided government” in fact will not hold her in check at all.
The good news is that Ryan’s self-serving globalist agenda is so out of sync with most GOP activists that his days as Speaker are numbered. He probably will be elected Speaker again in January, but the Tea Party caucus will do to him in time what they did to Boehner. His lame Presidential run in 2020 will end somewhere in the early primaries.
There is a great  benefit of divided government but that presumes that the GOP Congress will hold firm on its principles, even if necessary to the point of shutting down the government, and so force a compromise out of the Clinton Crime Syndicate. Unfortunately, I see nothing in the Ryan and McConnell GOP “leadership” to suggest that they will hold the line on anything. At least, for all his faults, Boehner forced Obama to agree to sequester spending caps. He also filed a lawsuit against Obama’s unconstitutional executive order in immigration enforcement. Ryan actually allowed the sequester spending cap to be undone. He and McConnell would not even hold firm on the largely symbolic issue of federal funds for Planned Parenthood. If Ryan and McConnell will capitulate to Obama, who is theoretically a lame duck, then why should we presume that they will be stronger against the Clinton Crime Syndicate?
Divided government can stall a leftist administration only when the forces on the other side are willing to go to the mat for their principles. If the forces on the other side simply capitulate, though, which has been the consistent pattern of Ryan and McConnell, then for all intent and purposes there really is no “divided government,” regardless of who has the majority in the Congress. I suspect this will be the case if the Clinton Crime Syndicate wins: She will get her oligarchic agenda engaged, either by Congressional capitulation or executive order. Ryan will promote his “Better Way” through speeches and WSJ editorials, until he is defeated for good in the 2020 GOP primaries. The USA will continue to lurch toward a leftist administrative state that rewards  multinational oligarchs at the expense of most Americans.
Ryan will push Hillary’s “immigration reform” which will spell the death of what has been traditional fortress America for a new more globalist  borderless one.   America First reform would  modify the anchor baby phenomenon, I would add eliminating the provision now in the law that gives preference to extended family migration. Immigration should be based primarily on the needs of our economy and should give preference to people with skills and/or money to be invested in the USA. I am not interested in being a Mecca anymore for the unwashed masses, notwithstanding what is written on the Statue of Liberty.
The USA needs to be much more competitive. Education is the key; and while our universities still rank pretty high, our primary and secondary education is an atrocity of politically correct, bureaucratic, union thuggery. We truly need to crush the teachers’ unions around the country like TR crushed the Trusts. The millennials are lost, but a concerted effort should be made to save the young people now going to school from the leftist indoctrination and the self-esteem crap that passes too often for “education.” Vocational training also needs to be a priority for students and also for older folks needing to be retrained for the jobs of tomorrow. Most of this should be done privately, though government can play a role through the tax code and grants in fostering a systemic overhaul of education.
Besides educational reform, we need to return to the Clinton Era reform of welfare. A work requirement for able-bodied folks is just the first step in this regard.
Ultimately, the enemy of American freedom and competitiveness is not foreigners. It is the albatross we can call “the administrative state.” Yes, we are too regulated; but just as bad, we have too many regulations that disproportionately hurt small businesses to the benefit of the fat cats. The regulatory scheme now in place on the federal and the state levels is more than just a series of hidden taxes. It is also the primary mechanism  by which the multinationals and the elites generally manage the economy to their own benefit. In other words, the administrative state exists primarily to subvert free markets to perpetuate an oligarchy.
Most Trump supporters intuit this fact, which is why they have chosen to champion a man who is so boorish and politically incorrect. Deep down, they understand that the oligarchy will not be brought down by polite, soft-spoken, politically correct measures. They know what history teaches us – namely, that bringing down tyranny requires that elbows be shoved and harsh words be spoken. They are looking for a Samuel Adams to tar and feather some Redcoats; and given the degree of oligarchic subversion of our free markets and sell out of our nation, they are right to do so.
Having said that, though, I acknowledge that the Revolution would not have been won if Samuel Adams had been the Commander in Chief, just as the revolution today will not be won with Trump on the white horse. Another George Washington is needed for our times. Paul Ryan is not that man. He is temperamentally too much of a Tory to be the archenemy of the new oligarchy. Perhaps, God will not provide us such a man in our times, given how far we have fallen from His rule and His law.

Michael Sean Erickson is a political consultant, film producer, an essayist, an Anglican Catholic Priest, a stage actor, and a husband, He is also the author of The Lost Sombrero, Beautiful Catrina, and Dream Time. Originally from San Jose, California, he had lived in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, before moving more recently to Los Angeles with his beautiful wife, Sharon, and their Shih Tzu, Shansi.

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