Based Stickman Shares Touching Moment With Juggalo Anarchist Trump Voter

Individuals expecting carnage yesterday as Trump supporters and fans of the cult rap music act, Insane Clown Posse–nicknamed Juggalos–descended upon Washington D.C. came away very disappointed. What resulted instead was a refreshing showing of unity in divided nation that desperately needs it.

The Juggalo March commenced without any real disruptions, garnering a great deal of positive press coverage, and making the point abundantly clear that the FBI’s ‘gang’ label of the group is wholly unwarranted. This has led to both sides of the political aisle embracing the Juggalos while they stand courageously for civil rights.

Leftists conducted direct outreach to the Juggalo March, holding signs that said “Faygo Not Fascism,” but there are signs of clown love coming from the right as well. This was especially evident during an exchange between commie-crushing idol, Kyle ‘Based Stickman’ Chapman and a Juggalo anarchist patriot who voted for Trump last year.

News2Share interviewed Stickman yesterday at the Mother Of All Rallies (MOAR) in Washington D.C. Although the numbers were lesser than expected for the rally, Stickman celebrated it as “one of the first times that many of the main members of the patriot community have come together in one spot.”

In his interview, Stickman commented about the state of the patriot movement, and he refused to mince words. He believes that all American patriots should be prepared to fight, to serve jail time, and shed blood for their sacred freedom, but also must be careful to refrain from initiating any aggressive violence.

“The violence always comes from the left. It almost never comes from the right,” Stickman said. “Even in Charlottesville, had those men been allowed to exercise their First Amendment rights, there would have been no instance of violence… Those guys weren’t coming there looking for violence, they were coming there prepared to be attacked.”

Toward the end of the video, Stickman becomes acquanted with an unnamed Juggalo enjoying the Trump rally as well as the Juggalo March.

“I actually thought I might wind up ending up having to fight ANTIFA,” the Juggalo said, holding up a helmet. He immediately recognized Stickman, and gave him a hero’s greeting.

“I’m a Juggalo, and this is going to sound weird as hell, but I kid you not. I am anarchist that actually voted for Trump,” the Juggalo said.

“You’re like a real anarchist, not a communist masquerading as an anarchist,” Stickman replied in approval of the man’s beliefs.

The Juggalo elaborated on his beliefs, explaining that although he would like for anarchy to occur, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights can be used as safeguards to defend the rights of the people in the meantime.

“We may as well just decentralize the system. Keep what we need which is the Constitution and Bill of Rights because there’s nothing wrong with it. It works, we need it. Why destroy something that protects you?” the Juggalo asked at the end of the video.

Because of patriotic Juggalos like this man, the American public has a new and improved impression of Insane Clown Posse fans. The FBI just may be releasing a public apology to the Juggalos in the near future.

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