The Beast From Beyond Reality


The following thought is certainly not original with me, but regardless of who expressed it first, it bears repeating: Conservatives craft policy based on the world as it is, and liberals craft policy based on how they believe the world should be. Said another way, the former seeks to adapt to the confines of reality, the latter is completely out of touch with it.

This dichotomy can be traced back to the early twentieth century when the nascent progressive movement was in the wicked thrall of the eugenics craze. Lead by villains such as Margaret Sanger, these genetic elitists believed the human condition could be purged of its undesirable elements and inclinations through selective breeding and abortion on demand. But the elitism didn’t stop at merely tinkering with reproduction. The minimum wage has at its root a distinct effort to exclude from the labor force those members of society who the progressives believed would be a hindrance to the successful propagation of a master race. It wasn’t enough to abort these undesirables out of existence; robbing them of gainful employment under the guise of “prevailing wages” was a surefire means to prevent them from ever gaining a foothold in our economy. The intent was, more or less, to starve them out of existence.

After the horrors of Nazi Germany were unveiled at the end of the second World War, the popularity of this despicable school of thought rapidly declined but its implementation and ruinous consequences have been in full effect ever since. The minimum wage is a constant barrier to job market entry for young, unskilled workers, especially black youths. And the practice of abortion is well known to disproportionately target our country’s poor, black communities. Contrast this tragic truth with the constant pandering of the Democratic Party to minorities and you’ll find yourself confronted not only by an enormous hypocrisy but a hard bigotry on the part of a political machine built on the backs of brown and black people for the benefit of a small cadre of rich, old, white people.

Much has been written on the subject of the liberal fixation on intentions as opposed to the conservative-libertarian demand for results. Conservatives and libertarians ask, “Will it work?” The liberal asks, “Will it make me feel better about myself?” Back to the subject of the minimum wage, California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed into state law a $15 minimum wage. In a statement to reporters Governor Brown said, “Economically, minimum wages may not make sense.” This was a rare moment of honesty from a Democratic politician and one that speaks volumes. The intention was never for the law to work. To Brown, the minimum wage instead “binds the community together.” For the left-coast governor, an artificial wage floor makes sense morally, socially, and politically. Who cares if it doesn’t work? If it feels good, do it, results be damned!

This sick minded obsession with intentions is born out on a large scale in our national budget deficit and to an even larger degree in our national debt. Liberals will be quick to remind us that much of our national debt has been accrued through wars which should have never been fought. That is true to an extent, but for the most part, our crippling national debt is the product of unsustainable entitlement spending. Our friends on the left will tell us this spending is necessary to support the lives of the poor and elderly, but they look no further than the immediate need. Yes, the poor and elderly need care, but our country is virtually broke, national bankruptcy may very well result in a situation in which none of us have access to any benefits. Robbing Peter to pay Paul for limited, short-term gain at the expense of our entire future is the self-destructive mindset of a lunatic.

During a conversation with a man much wiser than myself about the latest liberal punching bag, the alt-right, the question came up, “Why is there no alt-left?” The idea of such a thing had never occurred to me and, since the discussion, I’ve been contemplating the answer in my free time. I feel I finally have reached a conclusion: When a political force, and corresponding party, detach themselves from normalcy and escape to a fantasy world, they become, as a whole, an alternative. Not an alternative merely to traditional values and social conventions, but an alternative to reality itself.

There is no alt-left because the left is completely alt. It is a fringe movement of falsehoods and calamitous, misguided priorities. I wrote earlier this week about the so-called “fake news” epidemic, and in that piece I mentioned several false reports spread by our leftist politicians and their shills in the mainstream media. What else can we expect but fake news from a wing of our politics that lives in a fantasy world?

(This not to suggest that conservatives and libertarians are incapable of lying, I simply don’t believe leftists are always cognizant of the difference between fact and fantasy…)

And, of course, liberals would respond to this charge with all sorts of sanctimonious outrage about how all they want to do is feed and clothe the destitute, to give succor to the sick, and deliver education to the poor. No one on the right disagrees with the ideals of providing health care, poverty assistance, and education to any who require it; it’s the deluded means by which the left seeks to secure these promises that we disagree with. They speak and act as though they receive their imperatives from a higher moral authority than their conservative counterparts, but their dangerously inept and dishonest methods of achieving their goals instead reveal a maniacal monster at work behind the scenes.

The consequences of the monster’s commands aren’t always as insidious as that of the black genocide carried out and concealed under phony auspices by Planned Parenthood. Sometimes it’s comical, such as the incessant excuse making of the Democratic Party for why it lost the presidential election to Trump. It is at once both asinine and evil. It lurks always between both polar extremes, waiting for any opportunity to rear its ugly head.

Original artwork by Jesse Comeau

By day, Michael Rodgers is a logistics specialist in the aerospace industry. By night, he is an Associate Editor for the Liberty Conservative. He lives and drinks profusely in Dover, New Hampshire.

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