Before Her Husband Resigned, Monica Conyers Suggested His Critics Were Racist


The ongoing saga surrounding sexual misconduct in Washington D.C. has put the entire city in a difficult position. While Republicans have previously had candidates and politicians face allegations, the floodgates are opening up on Democrats. One of the most prominent examples is Congressman John Conyers, a prominent career politician who was considered a major leader in the Democratic Party. Allegations dropped suggesting that Conyers inappropriately touched female staffers repeatedly and made offensive comments to them in an attempt to make sexual advances.

It’s disturbing that this would happen, period. He had to resign over the comments earlier today, and that is making his wife look exceptionally foolish.

In a desperate attempt to save her disgraced husband’s reputation, Monica Conyers attacked the protesters for staking out their house and protesting. She claimed that it was because it’s a private residence where the family resides, and that should be off limits. The problem is that’s not all she said.

Conyers went on to slam the protesters, stating they should go protest the white people’s houses instead. She then asked if they come to black neighborhoods to stalk their houses. When all else fails in defending a sexual predator, use the race card? As unsurprising as this tactic may be, it is still shameful and disgusting.

On the one hand, it’s extraordinary that Monica Conyers would defend criminal activity. On the other hand, it is Monica Conyers and she’s been involved with criminal activity herself. Back in 2009, she pleaded guilty to receiving more than six thousand dollars in bribes to influence passage of a contract. She had been a member of the notoriously corrupt Detroit City Council at the time.

Was the judge just picking on black people at the time? Was the judge racist against her? Does this lousy woman ever take responsibility for the consequences of her own actions?

Conyers has a long history of attacking people, with a documented history of being insulting and condescending as a Detroit City Councilwoman. It even devolved to a point where the uber-liberal Detroit Free Press called her unfit for office because of her volatile behavior.

So is it any surprise that she is attacking people for being outraged about a sexual predator who formerly held elected office?

Everyone expects politicians to be corrupt figures, but the Conyers crime couple are a special example of career politicians gone wrong. This has nothing to do with skin color as Monica Conyers suggested, as there are plenty of corrupt white politicians out there who have and will continue to be called out. John Conyers position was unique though because of how emblematic he was of the swamp.

John Conyers held his position in Washington D.C. for five decades, collecting salary from the hard-working American taxpayers to live lavishly on Capitol Hill. What have their hard earned tax dollars paid for? A sexual predator who has established a long record of repeated misconduct. Furthermore, he additionally used taxpayer dollars as hush money to keep these cases quiet. This is a great misuse of taxpayer funds.

Wouldn’t it be nice if taxpayers could keep more of their money to help their families, instead of helping career politicians quietly be sexual predators?

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.


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