Ben Carson: Counterfeit Conservative

If you are a member of the conservative movement who has been paying even a modicum of attention, you have no doubt noticed the rise of the “Draft Ben Carson for President” movement. The group made their first major statement by coming in 3rd place in the CPAC 2014 straw poll, just 2 points behind the 2nd place finisher, Texas senator Ted Cruz. Carson beat out well organized, well known names such as Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Rick Santorum and Marco Rubio for the third place finish. Since that point, Carson and his loyal group of followers have begun to create quite a wave within our movement, winning straw polls (on the FreedomWorks Online Straw Poll he is currently in 1st place) and raising millions of dollars in the process. Anybody who listens to Sean Hannity has undoubtedly heard the “Run, Ben, Run!” commercials on his radio show, and anybody who goes on comment threads online cannot possibly deny Carson’s reach and influence.

Despite all of this excitement around a potential Carson candidacy, there exists a major lack of knowledge about Carson’s positions on core issues. This manifested itself most famously on the Glenn Beck program, where Carson stated his preference that people who live in cities not own semi automatic weapons. Many conservatives considered this to be a dealbreaker, prompting Carson to tack hard to the right in future statements on guns. That being said, there are several examples of far less well known Ben Carson quotes which could prove to be even more damaging to his potential presidential candidacy. Indeed, one scroll through Ben Carson’s On The Issues page reveals some startling deal breakers for any movement conservative.

Perhaps one of Carson’s biggest challenges will be explaining to conservatives his proposal to implement price controls for health insurance, a proposal that is in many ways to the left of Barack Obama’s healthcare law. Carson calls health insurance “an ideal place for the intervention of government regulators”, and calls on the government to establish  “standardized, regulated profit margins” for all health insurance providers. He responds to his would be critics by asking if his plan is “as radical as allowing a company to increase its profits by denying care to sick individuals?”, a line of logic no different in principle than the one given for Obamacare.

This argument seems to demonstrate a fundamental misunderstanding of how price fixing creates shortages, leading us to the very death panels that many worry Obamacare will lead us towards. Carson also ignores the very core value of conservatism; the notion that free markets provide goods and services at a less expensive rate and in a more efficient fashion than the government possibly could. Could we expect a President Ben Carson to implement price controls on the health insurance market? If so, it would be one of the most progressive moves in our nations history.

Unfortunately, Dr Carson’s healthcare problems do not end there. Equally disturbing is his proposal to “remove from the insurance companies the responsibility for catastrophic health-care coverage, making it a government responsibility”. This is literally the nationalization of a significant portion of the health insurance industry, a proposal that would be far to the left of even Obamacare. Once again, Carson seems to ignore the fact that government is inherently inefficient, and as a result his plan would cause healthcare spending to skyrocket. He touts his proposal as being similar to national flood insurance, which confusingly implies that the heavily subsidized flood insurance program (which conservative senators like Rand Paul have consistently opposed) is a good thing for our economy. Does Ben Carson think that nationalized catastrophic insurance will lower the cost of healthcare? If so, where else does he think central planning is superior to the free market? Could we expect a President Ben Carson to nationalize this part of the insurance industry? If so, this too would be one of the most radically progressive moves in our nations history.

Unfortunately, Carson’s liberal attitudes towards economic policy do not end at healthcare. Indeed, Carson has made troubling statements regarding free trade as well, calling for “ a stiff tariff on products that are manufactured in other countries and are shipped here fully assembled, while reducing tariffs on products that will require assembly once they reach our shores.” Carson ignores the impact that such a policy would have on our exporters, who would likely face retaliatory tariffs, as well as on the consumers of this country who would be forced to pay higher prices.

We see another example here of Ben Carson accepting a liberal premise, the notion that the government must interfere in the marketplace to stimulate job growth, which is of course totally at odds with any free market economic theory imaginable. This protectionist line out of Carson makes this observer curious about his opinion on the Burger King tax inversions. Could we expect a President Ben Carson to crack down on companies whom he considers to be “exporting jobs”? Such a move would lead to even more economic difficulty as both American consumers and American exporters would suffer.

While we have covered several economic head scratchers out of Ben Carson, probably the most damning of all is his backwards analysis of the 2008 financial crisis. It is Ben Carson’s contention that “we decided to deregulate during the 1990s, paving the way for the economic meltdown in 2008”. In other words, the free market caused the crash. This is the line of logic that was embraced by Chris Dodd and Barney Frank when they passed the Dodd-Frank Act, as well as pretty much every progressive on both sides of the aisle in the wake of the financial crisis. It is, of course, completely distorted and ignorant of the government’s role in creating the crisis through passage of the Community Reinvestment Act, which encouraged the subprime lending.

The fact that Carson so readily embraces the notion that deregulation caused the economic collapse causes you to wonder if he would cut any regulation at all as president. The fact that he believes the free market, left unchecked, is what caused the crisis causes you to wonder about his commitment to conservative economic principles in general. Would Ben Carson rein in the IRS, or would he be too crippled by this false notion in his head that deregulation creates chaos? Would Carson make any push at all to repeal Dodd-Frank, or would his pro regulatory stance lead him to support such a bill? When a potential presidential candidate does not stand up for the core economic principles that our movement stands for, it should be a dealbreaker to anybody who values those principles.

Ben Carson’s seeming distrust for freedom extends past the economic realm, and into the constitutional realm as well. When discussing the Westboro Baptist Church’s picketing of funerals, which the Supreme Court (rightfully, for once) has ruled is protected under freedom of assembly, Carson stated that “I actually have some doubts about that legal decision, because the signs, obscenity, and noise infringe upon the rights of other Americans to assemble peacefully for the burial of one of their loved ones.” Ben Carson believes in changing the 1st Amendment in this case, saying “ if my right to free speech causes you actual harm, it becomes time to curtail my speech.” If Ben Carson does not believe the Westboro Baptist Church should have their right to assemble uninfringed, can we trust him to protect Tea Party groups who are targeted by liberal elements of their government? Can we trust him to protect any form of unpopular speech by any ideological minority? Between this callous lack of respect for the first amendment and his prior comments regarding limiting the second amendment, Carson’s commitment to constitutional principles is seriously in question.

Ben Carson’s comments on gun control caused a splash in the media because they were broadcasted over a major radio show, but should he decide to run for president he will have to answer for much more than that. His stated liberal stances on health care, government regulation, free markets and the constitution make it hard to imagine many tea partiers sticking around once they learn more about Carson’s positions. A tea party movement born in the wake of the financial crisis will not like to hear that it was the free market and not government policy which caused the crisis. A tea party movement that largely grew as a reaction to Obamacare will not like to hear that the solution to the healthcare crisis is to regulate the profit margins of insurance companies and nationalize catastrophic insurance. A tea party movement that sustains itself on constitutional principles will not like to hear that we need to restrict the first amendment rights of groups whom we find abhorrent. The bottom line is this: Ben Carson has a history of extreme liberal statements that will undoubtedly cause a problem for him should he decide to run in 2016. The question is, when will it happen, and how?

Rocco Lucente is the Editor-at-Large of The Liberty Conservative as well as the chairman of the Town of Ulysses GOP and a county coordinator of Campaign For Liberty in New York.


  1. Sadly, Ben Carson is not steeped in the U.S. Constitution and its mandates that clearly and purely point out its limitations and containment’s on and of the Federal government.

    • You cannot determine that from reading this piece, as the author has failed to examine Dr Carson’s writings, in their entirety, and as such cannot accurately assess Dr Carson’s thoughts, beliefs or ideas.

      • “It depends on where you live. I think if you life in the midst of a lot of people, and I’m afraid that that semi-automatic weapon is going to fall into the hands of a crazy person, I WOULD RATHER YOU NOT HAVE IT.” -Ben Carson
        No Ben, as the government, you do not have the authority to tell me when, where and what I can protect myself and family with.

        • I always refer to Nazi Germany. Take the guns away and the government isn’t afraid of the people

        • He didnt state anything about denying any citizens their god given rights, he meerly stated “I would rather you not have it” There is a profound difference between the two.

          • “He didnt state anything about denying any citizens their god given rights, he meerly stated “I would rather you not have it”

            Are you saying that the Dr was stating, He would rather us not having a God given right?! Is that what you are implying here?

            If so, where please, is this profound difference of your understanding at!?

          • It has nothing to do with my understanding, it has to do with english language comprehension skills.

          • I would rather there be no guns on earth at all! I would rather there be no need for them and we all live in harmony, but that’s not reality, therefore, I know we need and must keep our right to bear arms.

          • And where has he, in all his writings, stated that? Where did he state, “but I understand the Second Amendment and know that even inner city folks have that right”? You assume much..never a good thing..

          • WOW..Really? You can’t, surely, be willing to blindly follow any candidate with that specific PERSONAL opinion about our Second Amendment right?? Profound difference> I think not LOL..

          • Where did I say anything about following anybody?
            If you are unable to comprehend the english language then stop wasting peoples time making ignorant comments and go enroll yourself in an english reading comprehension refresher class.

          • Oh to be as smart as you think you are. You Kelly, need a refresher course in civility.

          • Who is blindly following here, Kelly, if not those who are speaking half-truths?

        • He is clear and firm on the constitution and the 2nd amendment is easily understood to anyone on the right. I trust this man far more than ANY career politician. Have we not seen enough of professional lawyers and politicians for 10 lifetimes?

    • 3 Things regarding this article that I believe are clearly off track regarding Dr. Carson…

      First, I believe Dr. Carson’s approach to the gun issues may actually endear him to more left leaning voters regarding automatic weapons limitations in the cities. He may change his stance on this because of the backlash, but we will have to see.

      Second, I believe his position to force the Healthcare Insurance Industry to recognize what is best for patients, not what costs less is an honorable position and should be considered as positive by both left and right.

      Third, I believe Dr. Carson believes a certain amount of financial regulation is good to ensure the big banks and the big investment houses remain divorced, but too much regulation stifles the financial sector as well in his opinion.

      Personally, I believe Dr. Carson is a perfect fit to be our next President and these MINOR issues should not prevent Tea Party conservatives and left leaning voters from putting their trust in him.

      Please feel free to chime in on this debate.

      Thank you!

      • Please be sure of what Dr. Carson says, and not what other people say he says. It has nothing to do with what you “believe,” but what are the facts.

    • Sovereign Mary, you owe yourself the duty to stop listening to what others say, and read Carson’s works for himself. Even conservative interviewers have a bias against other conservatives if they don’t seem to be the one they support. Second-hand information is quite often unreliable and deceptive. Do your own research.

  2. I like Ben Carson, but I want him to thoroughly study and learn the U.S. Constitution and all of its meaning and mandates as well as he studied and learned to become an excellent and renowned neurosurgeon.

    If he does get elected I would like to see him endeavor to rescind all previously given Presidential Executive Orders and then step by step using Executive Orders to dismantle and rescind all unlawful federal bureaucracies … Such as the Dept. of Education and Labor as well as the EPA, NDAA, NSA, Homeland Security, HUD, etc.., and take this sovereign nation back to the Limited Government Republic that it was founded on.

    • Mary; America is too large and has to many people to ever return from whence we came. In as much as I would personally like to run the Federal Government out of one building behind a K-Mart store, it isn’t going to happen. The NSA for example is very much needed for the covert protection of America. It is Obama/Bush that allowed it to do what it is doing today. They are simply following orders from the Oval office.

      • Ken – So you believe that the NSA can literally go about its merry way in violating and obliterating the 4th Amendment? Interesting to say the least.
        Then why bother having any of our government representatives swearing that sacred oath, covenant and binding contract to defend, honor and uphold the U.S. Constitution at all and before they can take their office and/or position?
        Well fella … the U.S. Constitution is just as essential and applicable today as on the day and days it was promulgated and ratified.
        Those working in the NSA have sworn that sacred oath and are just as bound to the contract they made to the constitution just as much as those in the Judicial, Legislative and Executive Branches of the U.S. Government.
        Swearing that sacred oath is the making of a contract.

      • “It is Obama/Bush that allowed it to do what it is doing today”…..what is wrong with you people? Yes Bush started it and then they were only spying on suspected foreigners. Something OBAMA opposed and vowed to change. It was OBAMA who expanded the Patriot Act’s both 1 and 2 authorizing them to spy on everyone. It was also OBAMA who expanded NDAA. Get a fkn clue will you. The NSA has not stopped one single thing yet…..not even the Boston Bombers they knew and were warned about. Yes we may need a bigger gov, but what we have now is exactly what the founders sought to prevent… insolvent government so big it is insolvent, unaccountable and completely out of touch with the people and its scope of authority.

        • “Yes Bush started it and then they were only spying on suspected foreigners.”

          Suspected foreigners? Really?

          And if you really, truly believe that the cameras haven’t been pointed inward all along, you’re a damned fool.

      • No what NSA is doing is not necessary and does not make America safer. They are not focusing on the real threat but rather spying on all of us The real purpose is so the information can be used to keep people in line not to protect the people.

    • Mary, If you have read Dr. Carsons books you will find out that he does in fact know the U.S. Constitution, the organizations our government currently uses, as well as the history of our county more.

      • I’m glad I looked at what you said before I wrote my comment to Mary. It would have said the exact same thing. I’ve read his four best sellers and I’m presently reading his latest one: One Vote. No one in Washington can come close to matching what Dr. Carson has to offer. He’s a gift from God to the U.S.! Are we going to ignore it?….

      • You’re right R. Stiles. I would bet that he knows the Constitution by heart. I wonder how many typical politicians have even read the Constitution. Hell they don’t read bills that they pass so why should they bother to read the Constitution.

        • How can he know the Constitution and give the answers to trade, free speech and second amendment questions that he has??? We do not need any more double talk!

          • Have you gone to first sources to know what Dr. Carson says, or are you making your decision about him from what other people say?

          • Or are you just may have “misinterpreted” what he said. There’s a lot of that going around. Hope it’s not contagious. Jump on the Benwagon. Dr Ben Carson – 2016.

          • he doesn’t know the Constitution. he didn’t write his book, a ghost writer wrote his book. so the person who wrote his books knows the Constitution, not carson

        • I like Cruz too, but you are completely distorting Carson’s record as a decision-maker. You really out to inform yourself by reading his books, especially THINK BIG, if you are open-minded.

          • screw his books. he didn’t even write them, a ghost writer did. and show proof that anything in his books are fact.

          • Does anyone famous actually “write” books anymore? How about some of your “heroes”? Who writes their books? Maybe if you read some of his books, your opinion might have more weight. Me thinks, you are just another intellectual “light weight.” See if you can get someone else to pay attention to your drivel!

          • Please show proof about what you are saying. We see the proof in Dr. Carson, you are some anonymous person on the internet without any credibility that we can see and we should take what you say to heart?

          • ‘Ghost Writers’ study the original person and communicate as close as possible his values and history. You seem to imply that they write made up stories.

        • I really don’t think we have to go into name calling. I’m sick and tired of how the left operates and feel the same way about the right. Let’s be grown up and make wise decisions, not foolish ones. I admire Dr. Carson allot. He is of great integrity. We all should do our own research and also listen to others that have done theirs. I believe, at this time, Ted Cruz is the only one that will get our Republic back and will be for all the people. I trust him and believe in him. A man of integrity, love of God and country and family. God bless.

      • Then we should really take a second look..If he truly knows the US Constitution and still makes these comments and gives these answers..he is scary and maybe untrustworthy to hold the highest office in our land! I was hoping he was just ignorant of Constitutional law..

  3. I am not a Ben Carson for Pres person, but this article is disingenuous at best and poorly reasoned at worst. Ben Carson is not a politician and cherry picking statements he made back who knows when and who knows where and why, is intellectually dishonest. To say that he is a counterfeit conservative does neither him nor the movement justice.

    • Sorry, but the only way to judge a man is by the deeds and words of his past. He is too far left for me to even consider for president.
      I think he is a great man and is a very important voice to be heard but with his past comments I cannot risk the future of this great nation to find out which of his various opinions he would pull out of his hat when he was put in charge of the circus they call Washington DC.

      • This piece is not judging a man on his words, it is judging him on the selected partial quotes from a third part and is disingenuous at very best.
        If Mr Lucente had read the book himself and then, using the entire unedited statements of Dr Carson to formulate his opinions. I would accept it’s credibility. Instead, Lucente chose not to exercize due dilligence, therefore this piece is little more than third party hearsay.

        • I didn’t say his words put him too far left for the article. I specifically said his words put him too far left for ME to ever support. I am not basing that in this article but on the whole of my findings having watched interviews and read his own writings.
          As I said, he is a great man and a wonderful surgeon but I personally find him far to willing to bend and waiver on important issues.

          • You didnt say anything at all about him being far left.
            You apparently missed the point about how you cannot judge another human based upon hearsay, and that is exactly what both you, and Lucente are doing. Now you are attempting to move the goal post and add in other sources that were not in evidence when you made your 1st comment and are not in evidence now. Your opinion is just that your opinion. Judging others on hearsay is unethical and immoral.

          • Your reading comprehension skills are lacking at best. In my very first comment I said he is too far left for ME to even consider voting for. Get your mother to help you read it again and understand the big words.
            I am not going by hearsay, but by the words of the man himself. I know, hard to argue that his words are not his opinions but I am sure you will find a way. I have seen Dr Carson speak on more than one occasion and read his own works.
            You talk about me judging on hearsay yet you are judging me on even less. You are judging me on YOUR lack of reading and comprehension skills.
            I cannot speak about how Lucente came to his conclusions because unlike you I would have to ask him his opinions, how he came to those conclusions and take the time to read and understand his answers. Skills you do not either understand or care to learn obviously.
            Go back to the beginning of the conversation between you and I and get someone to help you read my replies and understand them. If you cared for the truth you would ask instead of assuming you know anything about my opinions or how I came to them.

  4. CVR, these quotes all come from Carson’s book “America The Beautiful”, which was released in January of 2012. These are not 20 year old quotes, they are reactions to the very issues we face today, and they should be brought to peoples attention.

    • I didnt state they were twenty year old quotes. I said “statements he made back who knows when and who knows where and why.” Because you do not include citations and since your hot links are not from his book as you stated, but are instead from a variety of sources and are in fact, cherry picked comments from within those sources. You yourself, did not exercize due dilligence and do your own research and failed to examine the complete statements, as made by Dr. Carson himself, but instead chose to rely on incomplete information from a third party. Therefore your conclusions and your statements are illinformed, unprofessional and intellectually dishonest.

      • As I stated above, On The Issues is a reputable source and their sourcing includes all of the information you ask for, including the date, publication and page numbers of the quotes from his book. I also challenge you to show one quote that was taken out of context.

        • I reiterate my remark! It is not my job to do your work! You are the one who published an llinformed and unresearched article and you are the one who bears the burden of correcting your lack of dilligence. I know for certain you have not examined your hot liks, because, as I clearly and concisely stated the hot links in your piece do not all reference his book.

          • I am not asking you to “do my work”, I am asking you to provide evidence of your point. You have conclusively failed to do so.

          • From the hot link “constitution” in para 8 of your piece:……………………………..

            Underdog status is not determined any longer by raceToday, there are many young people from a variety of racial backgrounds who are severely deprived economically and could certainly benefit from the extension of a helping hand in education, employment and other endeavors. ÿThe real question is this: Who should receive extra consideration from a nation that has a tradition of cheering for the underdog? I believe underdog status is not determined any longer by race. Rather, it is the circumstances of one’s life that should be considered.Source: Washington Times, Carson Op-Ed, “Beyond Affirmative Action” , Feb 18, 2014 ………………………………….As you can clearly see, this is not from his book, and it is obvious this is a partial quote.

          • That was not the quote that I was referencing in that hyperlink. I was referencing “Free speech is wonderful, but hate speech causes actual harm”, which was in Carson’s book as I previously stated.

          • I am referencing a secondary source, and a very reputable one at that. If the veracity of the quotes is in question, speak up and actually say so. Because On The Issues has a long track record of not embellishing quotes. But just for your edification, here is the Google Book. A quick search reveals most of the quotes, and the others are just not included in the preview.


          • Once again though, it is only a partial quote and the surrounding passages, which may clarify or alter the given passage are not provided.

          • The quotes are impartial and out of context. Why is that so difficult to understand? I have not disputed their accuracy anywhere, in any of my comments, only that they are incomplete and not in their proper context. You cannot purport to accurately understand and express Dr Carson’s thoughts and beliefs by reading only portions of his book, that were sellected by a third party. That is like writing a book review base off of someone elses book review.

          • You guys are great… I love the back and forth. I will read it all the way to the ballot box where I will cast my vote for Rand Paul.

          • He’s doing the same thing to Dr. Carson’s book that atheist do with the bible. Taking a sentence that is put into context by the information surrounding it, and putting it into a context that makes it appear as a negative. Whoever he got his information from, likes a candidate different from Dr. Ben, and going to use the tactics of a liberal to tarnish him. Why don’t you go get your information from MSNBC Rocco. Being he’s a non-racist black man going to be running against a democrat if the republicans allow him to, I’m sure they are already coming up with all kinds of twisted lies about him also. He only needs 17% of the black vote to make it mathematically impossible for “any” democrat to beat him. Dr. Ben is the Republicans best hope for taking the white house back IN 2016! And when read in their entirety, his books explain exactly why. I’m on my 5th book of his.

          • Not a very reputable source you dimwitted one! It is a very suspect source to say the least. You are a Rino or a Marxist useful idiot…

          • It’s your job to cite, provide evidence etc., not doing the typical assassinate another conservative tactic that leaves us again with no candidates for president.


          • JamesPaul, now you’re talking about something you have knowledge on. Just stay off the qualifications to run for president.

          • You made the claims Rocco. Now back them or Pack them into your Marxist suit-case and head back to Moscow!

        • From the hot link in para 8 of your piece:……………………………..

          Underdog status is not determined any longer by raceToday, there are many young people from a variety of racial backgrounds who are severely deprived economically and could certainly benefit from the extension of a helping hand in education, employment and other endeavors. ÿThe real question is this: Who should receive extra consideration from a nation that has a tradition of cheering for the underdog? I believe underdog status is not determined any longer by race. Rather, it is the circumstances of one’s life that should be considered.Source: Washington Times, Carson Op-Ed, “Beyond Affirmative Action” , Feb 18, 2014

        • I stand partially corrected they are from his book. I apologize for my oversight on that issue. Nevertheless they are still only partial quotes from his book and they lack the clarification that might be provided by the surrounding passages.

        • They are not from a reputable source! They are from a very questionable source which leads back to George Soros! Rocco Lucente is a Marxist plant, mole and USEFUL IDIOT of the Marxist kind. We The People are hip to you traitors! Go peddle this Human Fecal matter elsewhere!!

      • I agree. Ben said he “preferred” automatic weapons not to be allowed in major urban areas. He didn’t call for a ban. I think of this as the Sheriff of a town in the wild west asking those who come in to hand over their guns at the door. The enforcer of the law controls the peace. Nothing wrong with that, in my opinion. His opinions on health care are formed from his extensive experience IN health care. I believe he is prepared to repeal Obamacare and open the issue up for debate in Congress, a debate we never had when they shoved the bill down our throats. He is saying he will run for POTUS if WE THE PEOPLE draft him. He is ready to listen to us on all issues, something the GOP power brokers are unwilling to do, and, in fact, are trying to shut us up. I would like to hear more and read more, and am not interested in labeling this man or dismissing him from the political scene.

    • I’ve read all four of Dr. Carson’s bestsellers Rocco. And with that I can say, YOU ARE FULL OF BULLSPIT and a liar. You take his statements about cutting health care, and then add your own ways of him doing it, and coming no where close to how he plans to do it, because you just want to dog him with liberal tactics. So stick your comments about it being like Obamacare up your gas hole. He didn’t say a damn thing about his beliefs in guns in the book either. And what he did say about guns in a interview a few months ago, when put into perspective is, he didn’t like the idea of people running around in the inner city with semi-automatic weapons, (because of all of the gang related shootings going on in them), but he supports the 2nd amendment that allows them to do it. He believes the way to stop the shootings is to change the core family values of the inner city so they will quit shooting each other. He know that will take a long time, but until it’s done, the gang violence will continue with whatever means is available to do it with. This article will probably be the last time I read one on Liberty Conservatives if they allow total B/S like you wrote in your article. Unjustifiable and untrue B/S is all your article contained. Go write articles in a liberal publication. You seem to have all of the skills they prefer.

    • As much as I love patriot Cruz, he is not eligible to be President and if we allow him to run and vote Cruz into the Office of President, we will be no better than the Dems, that allowed Obama to run for such, despite Obama’s ineligible status! And here’s the proof below, that Cruz is NOT ELIGIBLE according to our Founders own words, definitions and 4-Supreme Court Rulings on the subject of Eligibility:

          • Sara Rocks, by the way, is Eligible and I would vote for her in a heart-beat… I believe the Ticket should be CARSON-PALIN or CARSON-PAUL…

          • I can personally promise you, Governor Sarah Palin will never again run for any office. She is very happy doing what she loves to do. Fish, offer criticism of Dem’s on Fox, writing books, giving speeches etc. She is far more influential doing this than running for office and putting her family through that non-sensical crap that candidates have to dance through. She is above all that. Carson on the other hand will run and is going to force some great conversations that we as a nation need to have. I can’t wait!

          • The sad part of it all is that you are 100% correct with that statement. McCain turned out to be very much against the constitution and attacks anyone who stands for it. Obama is living up to and exceeding the monicker One Big A$$ Mistake America, and Biden has confirmed the opinion that he is nothing but a rude crude thug.

          • Wow. Talk about totally out of reality. Carson, Palin and Paul? The only people you could have picked any worse would have been Bush, Cristie or Trump.
            This article clearly shows Carson as a RINO. Palin….smart girl but far from Prez material. Paul….completely turned RINO on us. Paul has stepped into the dark side and would just be business as usual. Allen West is the only person I could find remotely trustworthy. I even have my doubts about Cruz, eligible or not.

          • You are the one not in Reality ROTTEN SOLDIER OF KARL MARX. Carson, Palin and Paul honor and practice the beliefs and laws our Founding Fathers gave us! Anyone who thinks and acts differently is deluded, evil and/or a Benedict Arnold.

          • Carson isn’t even a politician Rot. He’s a conservative statesman. You need to collect knowledge about someone before putting labels on them. It’s not only a liberal tactic, it’s immoral. And to let you know, ignorance is obvious to those who aren’t.

          • Then he is a LIAR..If one is running for a poltical office that makes one a POLITICIAN…He really needs to stop saying that..

          • Trump Rocks and You Roll, as in Roll Away! You must be one of those cowardly Marxist Hacks, who are paid with tax-payer dollars to troll the Internet and support your Marxist Comrades in their many acts of treason. You USEFUL IDIOTS will not win this war! God is with us, WE THE PEOPLE have awakened and are now assessing the damage and seeing the light of day, regarding your acts of sedition, treason and treachery against us. You better have a good escape plan when the Human Fecal Matter begins to hit the fan!!!

          • Hey Rot_Soldier, I hear ya but I think our best bet for a real conservative president is Trew Gowdy. I think he’s a strong person that would tackle the liberals head on.

          • Trey not only supported Boehner for Speaker again but also voted against prohibiting indefinite detention for US citizens. I call that an attack on our constitution and borderline treason. I was a Trey Gowdy supporter until someone pointed out his voting record. Now I cannot even support him as a nominee for AG as I don’t think putting anyone who fights against our constitutional protections in charge of the DOJ a good idea.

          • No thanks JamesPaul. I refuse to accept the bullshit you got from a Swiss-German philosopher of law. You need to leave this conversation before someone calls you and ignorant liberal.

          • Cruz has not been found eligible in any Court of Law! If you love your country and know your history, our Founders wisely barred ANY CITIZEN from being eligible to be PRESIDENT, if that Citizen had ONE or MORE PARENTS that were NOT BORN on US SOIL…. Cruz Father was born in CUBA, which therefore, ACCORDING TO THE CONSTITUTION, makes Cruz INELIGIBLE…. Did you not read the LINK provided? Here ya go again:

          • Cruz is ELIGIBLE to be a Congressman, Senator and/or ANY OTHER OFFICE in America, except PRESIDENT or VICE-PRESIDENT… That is LAW and that is FACT… Please STOP arguing with Reality, History, Law and facts!!! We The People ain’t taking CRAP and LIES and TWISTING of truths, history and law, ANY MORE from NO ONE, including the GOP Rino Useful Idiots!

          • Change your sources of information James. It’s making you look like an idiot! Or proving it…

          • Obama himself appears to have been born, in Kenya. He is being sued for this right now by Judicial Watch for a fraudulent Birth Certificate, if I am correct. Check the Judicial Watch website.

          • 2-wrongs do not make a right Ssmith! The law is the law and the Constitution has spoken. Evil men has disregarded our laws. This is how Obama-Bin Laden is President…

          • Hey James, a Swiss-German philosopher of law has nothing to do with any laws in the U.S. If so, why is Obama president? Obama’s father was from Kenya and no one has ever questioned it. Accurate information is required in intelligent conversations sir. At least learn who has jurisdiction over the laws you are required to live by. Duh! Referring to the constitution with a definition of the subject based on a Swiss-German philosopher of law. That’s funny! Even if he would have been a professor of law and not a “philosopher” of law………………………….Sorry, I hit all of those dots when I fell out of my chair laughing.

          • You are so full of BS. Your response is soooo not applicable and clearly not an intelligent one!

          • Correction: The parents must be citizens at the time of birth. They need not have been born on US soil. For example, Rubio’s parents were born in Cuba and became US citizens four years after his birth. Had he been born after that, he would be eligible. Since they were not yet citizens when he was born, he is not eligible.

            Obama’s purported father was not a US citizen. Thus, he is not a natural born Citizen and is not eligible for the presidency.

            And, for the Vattel’s nay-sayer, Vattel did not create the laws presented in his “Law of Nations”. He merely compiled them into a single reference which was considered an accurate representation of natural law, a reference commonly used by the folks who wrote our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.

            The only other choice of law available at the time was the law of the nation we were separating from. There’s no way our founders would have used that law.

          • check the amendment james I don’t know of what I speak Revere, all is required is one parent to be a citizen. I am so sick of you people claiming to know what you are talking about

        • Cruz was declared ELIGIBLE by NON-OFFICIALS, NO COURT, NO JUDGE or NO SUPREME COURT RULING…. just declared Eligible by GOP pundits and talking heads! Hence, such declaration means SQUAT in a Court of LAW…

        • Rick Perry is a bit of a RINO, that guy wants to give illegals in-state tuition and amnesty. He supported Cruz’s opponent in the primary. He is no conservative for sure.

      • unfortunately for you James you don’t know what you are talking about. As for Dr. Carson who I admire for his brilliance he is an AMNESTY WONK and having lived on the border in deep south Texas, the fact that third world socialist are stampeding across the border with their diseases and socialist, arrogance, the fact that terrorist are streaming in, I would tell you the story of 12 that gained access yet only one was caught, I will not allow for the security of this nation in the hands of yet another “open borders” politician to destroy this country. And before you start in, go live on the border and see the banana republic that these third world socialist have brought, then you can talk to me.

  5. This Article’s claims about Carson are 100% Bogus and I would bet my last dollar that this Web-site is owned or financed by George Soros! There are NO REFERENCES to CROSS-CHECK the claims made herein regarding Carson’s stances on various issues! Please provide or shut-up… WE THE PEOPLE are not buying LIES and INNUENDO anymore… PUT UP THE PROOF OF CARSON’S STATEMENTS OR GET OUTTA DODGE you disingenuous Libtard bastards!!!

      • As I stated below in my reply to yours. Your hot links do not reference his book as you stated, but instead reference a variety of sources and the quotes contained therein are partial quotes from within the referenced sources, instead of the complete statements as made by Dr Carson himself. Therefore you are relying on incomplete information from a third party and your comments and conclusions are illinformed and invalid.

        • Are you denying the accuracy of these quotes? Show me one place where a quote was taken out of context in any fashion.

          The hot links do not reference a variety of sources, they reference one source, the On The Issues website. There was also one non issue related link to FreedomWorks. On The Issues is a reputable source, it is perfectly within bounds to cite them.

          • The on the issues website is a third party and they provided only partial quotes taken out of context. Therefore your references are invalid. You did not read the original source material yourself, in it’s entirety and in it’s context, as due dilligence requires.

          • The purpose of On The Issues is to inform voters of candidates positions, and they have a very long track record of excellent reporting. It is perfectly valid to cite them.

          • A good illustration of my objections is from the last sentence of the second paragraph: “Indeed, one scroll through Ben Carson’s On The Issues page reveals some startling deal breakers for any movement conservative.” ……..It isnt Ben Carson’s page; it is OnTheIssue’s page, which contains partial quotes from different sources (even though you apparently only used the quotes from his last book), that have been arbitrarily sellected by someone from the OnTheIssues staff. Who that person is, we do not know. This is what I meant by intellectual dishonesty. Without having read the entire section that the quote is taken from yourself, you cannot know if it has been taken out of context, or if there is a qualifying statement that is not included in the partial quote, or if the following or preceeding sentence or paragraph clarifies or alters the meaning of that particular sellection. Thus you cannot know if the partial quote accurately reflects Carson’s thoughts or beliefs on that particular subject.

          • A good illustration of my objections is from the last sentence of the second paragraph: “Indeed, one scroll through Ben Carson’s On The Issues page reveals some startling deal breakers for any movement conservative.” ……..It isnt Ben Carson’s page; it is OnTheIssue’s page, which contains partial quotes from different sources (even though you apparently only used the quotes from his book), that have been cherry picked by someone from the OnTheIssues staff. Who that person is, we do not know. This is what I meant by intellectual dishonesty. Without having read the entire section that the quote is taken from yourself, you cannot know if it has been taken out of context, or if there is a qualifying statement that is not included in the partial quote, or if the following or preceeding sentence or paragraph clarifies or alters the meaning of that particular sellection. Thus you cannot know if the partial quote accurately reflects Carson’s thoughts or beliefs on that particular subject.

          • But YOU DID NOT CITE THEM in your Article Rocco… You cited NO REFERENCES AT ALL in your Article… Please stop with the DOUBLE-TALK… You presented a DISINGENUOUS ARTICLE based on the ETHICS of AMERICAN JOURNALISM, which states: THOU SHALT SUBMIT REFERENCES TO BACK YOUR CLAIMS

          • You are disingenuous Rocco! We’ve had enough of you so called experts who refuse to BACK-UP what you claim. Do the Article over and PLACE YOUR REFERENCE in the Article or go home please! We are sick of you CHARLATANS. We have made our accusation against you and the Ball is in your court. The REFERENCES ARE NOT WHERE YOU CLAIM THEY ARE and such alleged REFERENCES you sent me, DO NOT QUOTE FROM CARSON’S BOOK as you claim and SOME only quote PARTIAL WORDS and SENTENCES taken out of context… Until you PROVE OTHERWISE, you are deemed a LIAR and a MARXIST PROPAGANDIST…. Redeem thyself by adhering to the AMERICAN ETHICS of JOURNALISM or go home!!!

          • Allow me to help you a bit James; if you click on the blue words a new page will come up showing the sources of all of these quotes.

          • We read your 7-Hyper-links already and addressed such above! Re-read. Your Hyper-links brings you to ON THE ISSUES and OTHER LINKS which:
            a) Does not provide the SOURCE of Carson quote
            b) Does NOT SAY what you have said in your Article above!

            Go do your research, find the quotes in Carson’s Books or Videos and POST SUCH SOURCES yourself. Your Hyper-Links prove nothing you have stated about Carson…

          • We are denying the ACCURACY of the quotes and YOUR INTERPRETATION of these alleged Carson quotes. Provide the cites and references YOURSELF, so we can go to the SOURCES and VERIFY… Your HYPERLINK CITES are BOGUS and BS…. When you write an Article, YOU are supposed to INCLUDE REFERENCES so that READERS MAY VERIFY. It is NOT NORMAL, WISE or FORTHRIGHT to write an Article WITHOUT REFERENCES, then demand that readers find the references and quotes themselves!…. Such is UNACCEPTABLE…

            I am submitting a SHORT ARTICLE BELOW without References. Tell me what you think Rocco:



  6. Freedom of Speech has never been absolute. You can’t cry fire in a crowded theater, unless there’s a fire or you go to jail. To think your freedom of speech gives you the right to tear a grieving parent’s heart out is abominable.

    Big monopoly businesses (including their cartels and fake competition) needs to have some restraints; or we will wind up with one of those sci-fi worlds where a hand full of corporations control everything and everyone.

    Imported goods should be taxed to the point where it is cheaper to make the items in the U.S. This would abundantly increase American jobs and eliminate the need for a personal income tax.

    Obamacare is a system concocted and ran by idiots. But it is clear that something needs to be done to ensure proper health care for the average person, without driving them into bankruptcy. The profit motive should be removed from health care. It should be considered in the same way we do the police and fire departments. You shouldn’t die just because you are working class.

    While I’m not sold on Ben Carson, though he seem like a good guy; this article sounds like a propaganda hit piece from America’s oligarchy.

  7. Lots of dishonest and easily explained stuff here. Just another example of “true conservatives” picking apart everybody and making even the most conservative into a raging liberal.

  8. I noticed that Rand Paul’s name was only mentioned once in this article, and not as the person who came in first place at the straw poll. Causes me to wonder a bit about the agenda of the person writing this, but anyway…

    I am somewhat inclined to listen to Ben Carson on health care, based on the fact that he’s a doctor, but then again, so are Ron and Rand Paul, and they disagree with him completely.

    His positions on health care and on the financial crisis notwithstanding, I don’t see a whole lot about him that is not to like. He is far from a “counterfeit conservative”, at least no moreso than most other Republicans. He isn’t a libertarian though, which makes him not my first choice for president. But I doubt he would be as terrible as this article makes him out to be, by cherrypicking a few of his positions and using them to label him, instead of looking at all of his positions as a whole.

  9. The market now only works for the upper-tier-of-income folks. For the lower income populace there is no ability to influence the market. We have a government/crony controlled market. In order to bring free market back to all the people we either have to limit the upper tier, who have prospered through improper interference of government, or eliminate the regulations that keep the poor from competing and choosing. If you were of the people, seemingly about 50% of the population, that can’t afford to pay for health care, you wouldn’t be arguing against the uncontrolled fiasco that is the ridiculousness of the price of going to a doctor. Government regulations touted to “protect” the people keep an educated doctor from offering his services at a fair price, a farmer from selling healthy natural food, and help Monsanto. As with the treatment of a cancer, the fix can’t be to leave it alone. Intervention is necessary, either by creating limits at the top, or by removing them at the bottom, or both. Actually, by removing consequences on free choice, no limits on prices would be necessary as the crowd would gather at the affordable. Some seem to think that we would be better off with no government at all, and that’s close to the truth, for popular demand and natural consequences should control the market. In truth, we need to get the government to represent the good of all the people again, by eliminating laws that criminalize personal choice. That’s what government of the people, by the people, for the people is about.

    As for the Westboro people, their freedom to interfere with my loved one’s funeral service should not exceed my right to physically remove them from that interference, if necessary.

  10. People need to realize there is a huge difference between what personal view a candidate may have and what views he may act on.

  11. It amazes me to see sheeple flock to him because he attacked Obama at a breakfast. Substance people, substance.

    • Sheeple flock to the likes of Romney, Rove and the other Rino Useful Idiots! But PEOPLE as in WE THE flock to true Red-White and Blue Americans who decide to run and/or speak up at the right time! Carson is the real deal and LEBLANC is a USEFUL IDIOT of the Marxist kind, a Vulture in Eagle’s Clothing… You better hope and pray that Carson is not elected and that the Senate is overturned because MANY HEADS are gonna roll for the ACTS OF TREASON committed by both REPUBS and DEMS, including yours!!!

      • Lefties are loving his comments on gun control and health care! Maybe he can get elected after all.LOL

    • Sheeple? Those are people that follow blindly, as in, from behind,..afraid to say what they believe. Have you seen anyone else besides perhaps Bibi with the cajones to say it to his face in front of a packed house? The people that follow this man, like me, are looking for someone to break this cycle of clinton/bush lifetime party hacks. And for things like integrity, character, achievement (outside of politics as usual) and for me most especially I believe he is a uniter. He can reach both sides of the aisle with his incredible rags to riches “American Dream” story. If you want to support another lifetime politician read your own statement little lamb. If this country has any hope of survival we must bring in an outsider since a 3rd party is impossible.

      • Cruz and Rubio also have “rags to riches” backgrounds..while admirable that alone does not necessarily make a good leader of the free world. He seems like a very good man but not ready for the big leagues..Hillary will eat his lunch in a debate. He is kind and soft spoken and no match for Putin..We need a fighter – a Reagan-type. He would be a great cabinet member!!

    • Read one or more of his books, Jeff, if you are a reader. That’s where you will get to know the man. If you don’t want to support him, fine, but don’t distort his views.

  12. Why is this so hard for everyone to understand? The links to all the articles are literally right there on the sight. Click the God damned hyperlinks and then follow the trail yourself if you disagree. You’re arguing that he took quotes out of context? Prove it. Or shut the hell up. The site that hold all the references leaves links to the articles themselves, and is very reputable.

  13. Rand has to make some noise to differentiate himself from the field. The GOP has to adapt or perrish. Liberalism is destroying the inner fabric of America.

  14. Ben Carson seems fairly intelligent but there are plenty of examples of flawed thinking in remarks he has made that make him unsuitable for the White House. The stance he has taken with regard to the 2nd Amendment leads me to believe that he would be in favor of limiting it’s meaning in the Constitution. He wavered a couple of times during the Trayvon Martin debacle which makes me think that he does see things with a racial bias. I don’t have any racial animus for Mr. Carson and would be happy to see him in the role of Surgeon General but we don’t need another experiment in the White House until we have fixed the major problems that have been caused by the current experiment.

    • Why don’t you share some or all of those examples of flawed thinking that make him “unsuitable” for the White House Paul? And why you think that the top brain surgeon in the world, that has done thousands of surgeries throughout the “world”, on some patients that didn’t have the money for them, would have racial bias? I would love to see the information you are basing your opinion on. Especially if you’re a shrink and can help me understand how you came to your conclusion, if the information is based on facts. I’ll be looking for your reply.


    • Victoriano, I just finished reading Dr. Carson’s newest book, titled: One Vote. If you think him writing an article explaining how he feels on racial issues while we’re going through an Obama Race War, is propaganda, you need to read the book I just finished. He explains exactly, not only about what propaganda is, and how the Democrat Party is using all of the propaganda they can, to poison the minds of the voters. Once all of the conservative understand the difference an honest man’s feelings on issues affecting their lives from propaganda, the Republicans might win the white house back. Especially when he needs only 17% of the black vote to guarantee the Dems. don’t… Seriously, get One Vote and read it. $5.00 on Amazon. You will be able to dismantle any liberal in a debate after you do.

  16. Is Carson
    ready for his close-up or is this just another bad spaghetti western?

    by William Newton

    All right
    before you say, Newton, you shouldn’t speak negatively about the darling of the
    political idolaters Dr. Ben Carson….just read what I have to say.

    Dr. Carson’s column in the Washington Times today (“One Nation is still
    possible”) yields some insight to what I have been saying recently….’don’t be
    too quick to jump on the Carson band-wagon’. (Incidentally, “One Nation” is the name of his
    book as well.) I have taken it upon myself to study the evolution of Carson,
    the potential candidate for President, so that you can be emancipated to
    squander your free time rather than spend it dismantling the blind following of
    others who are so needy to find a savior that they once voted for Barack Obama
    and other pseudo-redeemers over real adherents of the Constitution.

    Carson has a
    new book tour wrangling its way around the country which he touts in the column
    and is “clearly” a smoke screen for rallying support and raising funds for his
    ‘presidential exploratory inquest’, while presenting his case that “it doesn’t
    matter to me that those who despise my warnings will say I’m only promoting my
    book and trying to make money”, as he is doing just that…… The entire column is
    about his book and its contents but he does manage to convey his opinions in
    such a manner that he evokes a demeanor similar to the white bearded holy man
    on the mountain top who contemplates his umbilicus. I guess many people accept
    that ‘he’ is so wise that when he seemingly speaks in a quiet voice that
    whatever he says must be so”. I am not one of them.

    Evidence of
    his lack of understanding and interpretation of the Constitution and that which
    displays his weakness as a leader who has the timber to “stand his ground” can
    be found in his “Kumbaya, my Lord moment”: “Not only are there no enemies among
    us, we can and must come together to recapture the values that made us into an
    exceptional nation. We must use our intellect and energy to unleash the most
    powerful economic engine the world has ever known. Then we must concentrate on
    opening the pathways of personal empowerment to the millions of Americans who
    feel forgotten. Instead of restraining them in positions of dependency, we must
    provide clear pathways to self-improvements. We can help those who have made
    mistakes that make it difficult to pursue an education by providing a
    reasonable amount of money for day care.” Those are the words of greeting card
    salesmen and their devotees! {pardon me while I remove the first CD and replace
    it with the second one in the series titled “Daily Affirmations by Stuart

    He further
    ‘muddies’ up his message by finishing with “by demonstrating true
    compassion…..make America a place of dreams and success for everyone. We must
    remember freedom is not free, and all of us must be involved in its
    maintenance.” More florescent words of patriotic benevolence ala Al Franken!

    Well, all
    that is code when he uses the ‘buzzwords’ from the Hallmark cards display rack at
    the supermarket. He invokes “we the people” a lot in his meditations which is
    where his ‘bridge’ between charity and the Constitutional boundaries of
    government gets rickety. It is not within the scope of government to be
    involved in social activities. He is wrong about adversaries of Liberty and
    Freedom because there are enemies among us who do not defend or uphold their
    oaths of office or the Constitution and need to be dealt with swiftly and
    without clemency.

    The good
    doctor is rightfully just that – a good doctor but that does not present him
    with any scholarship which indicates even a working knowledge of the laws of
    our land and he therefore is a prime candidate who will deviate from them given
    the soul-searching choices which ultimately will present themselves to the
    office because of his compassion or personal views when put to the test. When
    he writes about our laws and the responsibility of government it is always served
    with a fine coating of his own accomplishment and superiority……haven’t we had
    enough of this kind of self-aggrandizement and promotion? It’s time to stop
    choosing leaders because of their screen-test results or because of your own failure
    as a rocket scientist!

  17. Ben Carson spends a significant amount of time defending the first amendment. He exposes the ploys used by the Left, i.e. political correctness, to shut down free speech. In the full context of the quote you point to, he is lauding the right of free speech in America and pointing to the Supreme Court ruling as a demonstration of the fact that when the Supreme Court follows the Constitution strictly, freedom of speech is protected. I think his comment after the fact shows compassion for the people impacted by the church’s crazy antics. The proverbial argument that you can’t yell “fire” in a theater when none exists demonstrates that when speech has the potential to cause harm, it is not ‘free’ any longer. How you define ‘harm’ is subject to debate and Ben Carson has often said that differences of opinion are OK and the discussion of them are healthy. The problem is that currently everyone strives to shut down and discredit anyone who has an opinion that is not their own. Our freedom of speech would be secure and actually enhanced under a Ben Carson presidency.

  18. When you help elect a puppet from Kenya, you have a hard time saying someone else is “Not eligible” – The bar for eectability has been lowered so far a pet rock could qualify to run (and probably win)

  19. ALL I need to know, he is a honest born-again Christian and steady hands….everything else is rubbish!

  20. When in doubt, do not vote for him. We cannot afford another mistake, at this time, in history. He is not the only fish, in the sea. Proven conservative Constutionalists like Trey Gowdy ought to be considered. Vet them all carefully.

  21. I have a number of concerns about Ben Carson running for president. First and foremost is he is not qualified for such a post. Yes, he is intelligent and an expert in his field but what does that have to do with running a country? A good speech does not a president make. We have already been living with the ill effects of a great speech maker who is also a really lousy president.
    I thought he might make a good Surgeon General but after reading this article, I don’t think so.
    We need someone in this position who is ready, willing and able to undo the damage the Obama administration has done to this country, not someone who will make it worse.
    God bless America!

    • Exactly..everything else aside, he is simply not qualified. It is early yet..he will not be in the race next year.

  22. You neglected to mention his belly soft position on illegals….

    In his book, “America the Beautiful,” Dr. Carson writes on page 102, “I believe we have taken the moral low road on this issue [i.e., illegal aliens]. Some segments of our economy would virtually collapse without these undocumented workers—we all know that—yet we continue to harass and deport many individuals who are simply seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Is there a way to apply logic to this issue and arrive at an intelligent solution?” (Ben Carson Has Presidential Ambitions, But Is Soft On Illegal Aliens; Jerry McConnell; Canada Free Press; 2/4/14)

    • At this point, the whole field is. I’m leaning towards Cruz because his position (while not perfect) seems to be stronger than the rest.

  23. I have read all four of Dr. Carson’s bestselling books and I’m presently reading his newest book: One Vote. Dr Carson’s beliefs or nothing like the ones Rocco Lucente is trying to lay on him in this article. Shame on you for acting like a lying liberal when the conservative candidate you support is threatened by someone much more educated about the world we live in, and with the wisdom to make the right decisions for “we the people”, and not the special interests groups for “self” gain. There isn’t anyone in D.C. near as qualified to administer this country as Dr. Ben Carson. For those of you that want to know what Dr. Carson is really all about, read his books: One Nation, America the Beautiful, and One Vote. I’ll say it again, Shame on you Rocco!

  24. I seriously doubt that a 2016 election will even take place…martial law is all I’m going to say!!!

  25. There is no reason for someone to own an automatic weapon. That’s overkill in any situation except war. Ben Carson is right!

  26. This article is bogus! Read the guy’s books, or at least one of them. Ben Carson is 100% thoroughbred conservative. This article is a sham probably by someone in Christie’s camp. Unlike many of the Republican “leadership” this guy’s hands aren’t tainted by dirty politics.

  27. so then, the alternative is to extend the status quo. If we as conservatives can’t take a risk or leap of faith somewhere in our lifetime, will never achieve anything. Much like things are now…

  28. The irony is these stances are precisely why he SHOULD run for President. You’d be hard pressed to find any economist who disagrees that deregulation of banking caused the financial crisis.

    You’re going to eliminate someone who’s spent his entire adult life in the medical field because his views on health care aren’t “conservative?”

  29. I have to agree: I prefer that people who live in [Liberal-infested] cities not own semi-auto weapons.

    If America is attacked, cities along the Coastal USA, which have a high propensity to vote BLUE, will make effective speed-bumps for the enemies of America.

    (If you are not a Liberal-infested American, then remove yourself from amongst the Liberal-infested populations.)


  30. “and ignorant of the government’s role in creating the crisis through
    passage of the Community Reinvestment Act, which encouraged the subprime

    If that were true, the “crisis” would have been limited to Fannie and Freddy. The fact that it went as systemic as it did proves to my satisfaction that there’s certainly plenty of blame in this for the bankers, too. No one forced AIG to insure the derivatives based off of those loans–that was a complete grab for cash.

  31. If you are comparing Westboro to the Tea Party then tou have told ne all I need to know about you and it is you are disturbed as they are. Free speech is on regards to political speech, especially concerning our government, not military funerals nimrod.

  32. I don’t think it is a good idea for conservatives to start attacking each other. I have followed Dr. Carson for a while and much of this is taken out of context. This is not the road I want Rand Paul to go down. I really like both of them, but attacking only makes it look bad on yourself.

  33. Seems like Rocko IS a GOP guy. Who would have thought ? You people, ALL of you people, Left or Right, who try to cast Dr Ben Carson into your dark thoughts, and suspicions and accusations of him misunderstanding the Constitution, clearly have not looked into the man well enough to make statements regarding his knowledge of the Constitution. We’re just supposed to blindly (sheepishly) follow the party lines, and agree with you and your “sound bite” attacks, because of your R or D after your name. It makes perfect sense to me that you (Rocco of the GOP) are threatened by Dr Carson because he is NOT controlled by your allegedly conservative, or their liberal machines, and quite honestly, that should scare you. You (party politicians) are going to have a tough time discrediting and ignoring a man who has the problem solving skill set, including the series of thoughtful, communicative, and ultimately well done solutions, that Dr Carson has consistently brought to the people. Trying to pigeonhole good honest “thinking people” into your assumption that they’re not capable of making good and valid Constitutionally based decisions, is simply an attack on thinking and problem solving, wrapped in ideology. Personally, I prefer a thinking person, who understands the Constitution (as Dr Carson clearly does), who also happens to have a conscience, faith in someone higher than himself or his political party, AND some real world problem solving experience under their belt. If I were you, I’d try and do more than just giving us “lesser of two evil” choices at election time.

  34. Well Rocco, congratulations on being a bought and paid for, useful tool for the liberal movement….You know nothing about Dr. Carson. As a life member of the NRA, and having read every book and every column he’s written, it is obvious that the big government, establishment republicans don’t want him in because he can’t be bought [what a scary concept] and the Constitution hating democratic party dosen’t want him elected because he loves America and all of its founding principals…the only remaining question Rocco is: Which camp do you come from?

  35. Pure slander from the Rand Paul camp. Sorry dude but Rand Paul is the one betraying every conservative principle.

  36. Typical for hyper-sensitive people to see things in the worst possible light. You need to understand the full context of what he believes and stop taking one statement alone to represent his views. The 2nd amendment issue, for instance, was a personal opinion, not something he would legislate. In fact, he clarified and stated flat out that he supports the 2nd Amendment and would not infringe on the rights of citizens to own guns. I can’t help but believe that some political power doesn’t want Ben Carson to have a voice and is working very hard to smear him early on. Nobody is perfect, but Ben Carson has a good heart and loves America. That’s two steps better than many politicians. Another thing, I had always learned as a kid that my rights ends where someone else’s begin. In the case of the West B. B. Church, I doubt seriously that Carson is saying that they don’t have the right to state their piece, however vile it may be, but I do believe he was saying that they have to do it in a fashion that respects the rights of others, especially in a solemn situation such as the burial of a loved one. He probably would simply suggest that the protesters have to be a minimum distance away from the family so that their noise and such is not a pronounced negative influence on the proceedings. This is an educated guess, but what I know of Dr. Carson would negate the possibility that he was suggesting to shut their free speech down completely. This article seems very one-sided in a way that is not healthy. Not written in a fair handed way at all, but rather a very slanted, one sided way that is also not very diligent or honest (in my opinion). I’ve said my piece.

  37. You better study up on this man before you jump on his bandwagon. He attacked his mother with a hammer over an argument about clothes. He viciously attacked a classmate over an argument about a locker. He stabbed his best friend over an argument about a radio station. We don’t need to support this man just because he is black and we are afraid of being called racists. We already have a person in the White House who came from nowhere, is a good public speaker, has a few good ideas, and has absolutely no experience – and look where that has gotten us. NO TO CARSON!!!

  38. This article was an eye opener for me as I like Carson, but will now do further research on him.

  39. IMPOSTORS, INFILTRATION, CONFUSED AMERICANS, AND BRAINWASHED AMERICANS. If you want to change the constitution you first must create an amendment. A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

    Definition of INFRINGEMENT: A breaking into; a trespass or encroachment upon; a violation of a law, regulation, contract, or right. Used especially of invasions …

    What is ENCROACHMENT? definition of ENCROACHMENT …
    An encroachment upon a street or highway is a fixture, such as awall or fence, which intrudes into or invades the highway or incloses a portion of it,diminishing …

    Definition of REGULATION: The act of regulating; a rule or order prescribed for management or government; a regulating principle; a precept. See Curry v.

    What is GUN CONTROL LAW? – The Law Dictionary
    Definition of GUN CONTROL LAW: the law that regulates the selling of firearms.

    Is anyone following me here? The crime has already been committed. How much further are us Americans going to let it go?

  40. I saw through fake conservative Carson the first time I watched his
    speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in February of 2103….



    Now we learn he’s a mouthpiece for Big Pharma and the medical
    establishment who just happened to be some of the biggest fans of

    The more I hear about and from him, the worse it gets!

  41. I’m going to disagree on one point – most of the major productive countries in the world already have huge tariffs on goods imported from the U.S. We are already IN a trade war, with most of the developed world, from that perspective. For the first 150 years of our country, most of the needed tax revenue was gotten from tariffs.
    40 years of Open Borders policies with trade have resulted in a huge trade deficit, massive losses of jobs, and lowered incomes for anyone in manufacturing. We either need a President willing to buck the Chamber of Crony Capitalism, er, commerce, and enforce trade agreements with teeth, return to tariffs as Ben Carson describes, or switch to a Fair Tax which will effectively tax goods from outside the U.S. at as high a rate as our current Corporate taxes, the 2nd highest in the world and a HUGE incentive for companies to move offshore (every manufacturing company I’ve ever worked with or been associated with is now owned overseas thanks to our corporate taxes)

  42. Ben Carson is an interesting candidate. He mixes populist ideas with conservative stance. I have not voted for a major party presidential candidate since 1992. I vote for the Constitution Party candidates. They have been real conservatives with a populist idea about human dignity in the work day.

    Ben Carson thoughts about tariffs is interesting too. However, free trade economics is much more than just that. First of all free trade is not real trade as historically practiced and defined. Tariffs are not the answer. Besides they are like taxes that go to the government to control the distribution. Federalism does not work either. Only real free enterprise works.

    We must stop free trade economics and harvest the best economic processes from the past. Free trade is more about moving production from place to place anywhere in the world for the sake of cheaper labor. More than a billion people in the world are willing to work for practically nothing in order to survive. In the past the U.S. used programs to uplift local economies. They did not seek out wage slave and even child labor. Free trade is also about dividing investment from production where big money interests can make money on money instead of making things and having to support workers’ dignity. The only time the Bible tells us that Jesus was angry is when he confronted the money changers in the temple. As it is free trade is indeed a race to the bottom. Most importantly, who said we had to compete like this with each other for the same jobs in a global economic arena. It makes no sense.

    Our own Federal Government sponsored the moving of factories outside of the U.S. in 1956. It was supposedly a temporary program but it never ended. President Clinton had to bail out the process in 1994-95 when rushed billions of dollars to Mexico to save the peso and the Mexican economy. It foretold the coming of the massive bail out by President Obama in 2008 which proved free trade economics does not work. He bailed out our economy from the top down.
    In essence, we are now all on welfare and wards of the state.

    Most of all we must stop living off the suffering of others. Do unto others as you would have them do you is now a very practical solution. or search under tapsearch free trade fails or ray tapajna workers dignity for thousands of references.

  43. If we as American do not start standing together we are going to lose a third time! Opinions are like noses and every one has one! Lets all pick a leader NOW and stop this worthless bickering. Remember we are talking about politicians and NONE of them are perfect!

  44. this article is bull…ive listened to many of Ben’s speaches and none of the points this guy makes are true, this article is false and made up..


  46. `Clearly not many here have researched nor followed Ben Carson, and the person that wrote this piece is way off. Dont be a low information voter do your home work please.

  47. Am I the only one questioning why this “conservative” website is doing a hatchet job on the good Doctor? It seems they want politics as usual or perhaps they don’t want conservatives to win. I expect hit jobs from the left but this is really disappointing. This man has a legitimate chance to unite a severely divided nation and win in a landslide. That is my firm belief. No one else has a legitimate shot at that.

  48. This is such a ridiculous piece…Carson’s more genuinely conservative (and not Republican party-politician) than all of the other candidates combined.

    But hey, if you sillies want to keep voting people into office whose #1 priority is REELECTION and not service to the people of the United States, then by all means, go ahead. Just don’t whine and complain when you’re lied to, misled, or arrogantly deemed a foolish little minion who has no value outside of his/her vote.

  49. I totally agree that the insurance companies need to be reigned in and be forced to lower costs for the people. If you could see the profits the insurance companies accumulate, you would see where the problem is located. They use some of these profits to pay off candidates and congress to focus on hospitals and healthcare providers as the bad guys causing healthcare costs to soar. Part of the problem too I’d that medicare and medicaid pay 1960 prices as reimbursement for services. They are constantly cutting reimbursement for these programs every time they need to cut something for re-election. And now with ACA, we are increasing the numbers on medicaid. To recoup the money they do not receive from government programs, they have to raise the prices for patients with insurance. So you get an increase in premiums, co-pays, and deductibles because the big insurance companies are not going to give up their profits so they can continue their big bonuses and golf trips to Hawaii. I worked in healthcare for many years and I know there are different prices for procedures based on medicare, medicaid, and insurance. For example, a lab test will be charged $5 for medicare and medicaid, but insurance patients will be charged $200 for the same test. The test cost. Including technology, reagents etc $60 to perform. So they make up the difference to keep their lab operating. The HMO or whatever will not pay the $200, but do pay $90 which helps to pay for half of the cost of a government program patient. So you can see the problem that occurs when you increase medicaid/medicare numbers……it doesn’t take long before the lab is broke and can no longer stay in business. It is a crazy system and the ACA has only exasperated the problem.

  50. I don’t know where you got your facts for the article but if you have actually listened to Ben Carson speak on the 2nd amendment and health care you would realize that your sources are feeding you false information.

  51. This type of “attack” where words and ideas are reworked and twisted to try to cast Dr. Carson in a negative light are exactly why folks are looking to Ben Carson for a change. Career politicians (typically lawyers) are the problem. They talk about others – not the issues and their own stance- to mislead and deflect. I would rather have a leader who is an intelligent, caring, humble statesman like Dr. Carson than a career politician like Walker or the other likely candidates for POTUS. Walker is disqualified IMO because he is pro-choice (which really means he does not support the sanctity of life as does Dr. Carson)!

  52. I am hoping that people who read this article will go on to dicover who Ben Carson really is . It is not fair to take little portions of statements and try to turn it into a narrative of Ben. He is a true conservative. With great common sense . Please take the time to read his true statements in full context. I am 100% for him .

  53. It’s seems angry wolves are ready to beat Carson… They do not understand the tsunami coming from above the media… Citizens are not your slaves anymore… The need of hope is obvious… Nothing such as hope is coming from press and institutional media anymore…

  54. Please post references to all things that point to negativity about Carson. I am not necessarily a supporter, but I do not blindly believe things that are not sourced.

  55. I have listened to Ben Carson speak about health insurance. What is stated here is a flat out lie. Get your facts strait! Please give me one reason why anyone needs a semi automatic weapon? Stop brainwashing people. The only reason for that kind of weapon is to murder people, lIke in the Colorado mass theatre murders. Unless you are military etc..

  56. The man’s a fraud, a paid for GOP plant, period. Nothing more than a daft soft talking/paucity of truth marriage of Bill Cosby, Uncle Remus and the character of Sammy Davis Jr. as played by Billy Crystal.

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