Berkeley Assault Victim Still Looking For Justice As Police Drag Their Heels

The law enforcement of Berkeley, CA has shown repeatedly that they have no concern for the basic civil rights of conservative Americans, and that is clear by their treatment of assault victim Celeste Paradise.

Paradise was accosted at a Ben Shapiro event hosted by UC-Berkeley occurring one week ago. The incident was first reported on social media by Kyle ‘Based Stickman’ Chapman that the woman was stabbed at the Shapiro event, but that turned out to be a false report. Although Paradise was assaulted by leftist ANTIFA terrorists, she was never stabbed. Her story was described in full detail in a report published by The Narrative Times.

“The whole rally was winding down, so I had my guard down,” Paradise said. “And we were talking to other people that were kids, it was wonderful people. Someone was taking a picture of our sign, and then someone came up and grabbed the sign.”

This is when the violence began, and few people were willing to do anything about it. Compassionate liberals in the heart of Berkeley are apparently fine with the assault and degradation of a young woman.

“I tried to hold onto it and as I was dragged away holding onto it, two guys just grabbed me, spun away from the girl who ran off with the sign, and I was in the middle of the ground all of a sudden and then they slammed me down,” Paradise said.

Describing her injuries and the hellish scene that unfolded in front of her, Paradise said, “My head hit the pavement twice. It was awful… Everyone was screaming at me. There were no friendlies. The cops were all around me, and it was a terrible position because you know everyone was just yelling at me and taking pictures with their phones and not trying to help me.”

In typical cowardly fashion, the gelded Berkeley cops just stood there and allowed the terrorist violence to persist without doing much of anything. Afterward, they claimed that Paradise’s problems were caused by a medical issue in a desperate attempt to make the story go away.

“She fell and wasn’t pushed. No fight. That is what she told us at the scene. These are the actual facts,” Berkeley police spokesman Sgt. Andrew Frankel said, trying to downplay the violence caused at least partly by his own craven inaction.

After Paradise disputed that story publicly, the police claimed that they were conducting an investigation that is still ongoing. They now want to discuss what happened with Paradise personally, a ploy that could easily be used to intimidate the victim into silence.

“That’s what we were told, that’s what appeared to be the case. And clearly we weren’t the only ones who saw it that way,” Frankel said after video of Paradise’s testimony began circulating, still making excuses.

There has been a media blackout of this story, as few outlets have covered it following the initial false reports of the stabbing. The terrorists who assaulted this woman, with Berkeley police steadfastly refusing to maintain law and order, unfortunately may never be brought to justice.


  1. As retired Law Enforcement, my apologies for the lack of honor displayed by the Berkeley PD.

    There are good ones there I’m sure, I can’t imagine the internal B$ they face.

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