Berkeley Mayor Calls For University To Censor Milo By Crushing ‘Free Speech Week’

Milo Yiannopoulos, controversial conservative provocateur, literally caused a riot when he tried to speak at UC-Berkeley earlier this year. The university responded with a newfound respect for the rights of Yiannopoulos and his supporters, who are organizing “Free Speech Week” next month, but that has Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin fighting mad.

Arreguin, a radical leftist, reportedly told law enforcement personnel to stand down and refuse to keep the peace as political skirmishes flared up in the streets throughout the year. He is attempting to use the violence caused as a direct result of his own irresponsible and criminal decisions as Mayor to justify depriving his political opponents of their Constitutional rights.

“I obviously believe in the freedom of speech, but there is a line between freedom of speech and then posing a risk to public safety,” Arreguin said in a remarkable display of Orwellian doublespeak to the San Francisco Chronicle.

UC-Berkeley, to its credit, is not buying the bogus rationale from their Mayor. In their public statements, they stand behind Yiannopoulos and the host organization that is responsible for bringing him to campus next month. They maintain that the demonstrators are well within their legal rights to organize.

“We have neither the legal right or ability to interfere with or cancel their invitations based on the perspectives and beliefs of the speakers,” UC-Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof said. “Where we do have discretion is around everything that has to do with the safety of our communities, and the well-being of those who may feel threatened or harmed by what some of these speakers may espouse. We can assure you that those priorities, along with our commitment to Free Speech, remain at the center of our planning and priorities.”

University chancellor, Carol Christ, has designated the 2017-18 school year as a “free speech” year, but only time will tell if she has the fortitude to maintain her commitment under immense public scrutiny. With ANTIFA terrorism being legitimized with public adulation from the mainstream media and national politicians, there will likely be sustained militant resistance to the culture of free speech that Christ is attempting to restore on her campus.

“Free Speech Week” will take place from Sept. 24-27 at UC-Berkeley. Yiannopoulos will hold “talks and rallies and throw massive parties, all in the name of free expression and the First Amendment.” He will award the inaugural Mario Savio Award to a free speech hero, and is expected to be joined by Ann Coulter, Steve Bannon, and other outspoken anti-establishment conservative leaders.


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