The Betrayal Of The American Right

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Published in 1979, the famous free-market economist Murray Rothbard wrote this masterpiece on how the Republican Party lost its way, betraying principle. In order to revive the principles of limited government and a non-aggressive foreign policy, conservatives such as Senator Taft, Goldwater, and President Reagan led coalitions against the establishment. Now, the Tea Party attempts to do the same with a coalition among Conservatives, Constitutionalists, and Libertarians. However, we have consistently failed to garner solidarity which leads another victory for the status quo. Congressman John Boehner was easily elected again even after suffering the biggest battle for Speaker of the House in the past 100 years.

Here we stand, again with another betrayal. Why? For what reason? Even after many Congressmen openly campaigned and said they would oppose Boehner, garnering grassroots support, they still ended up betraying their constituents today. Even after many Congressmen had praiseworthy voting records last session, taking more conservative votes than the majority of the Liberty Caucus, they ended up voting for Speaker Boehner. Here is the list of the dissenters who unapologetically took a stand against the establishment, knowing they would face the consequences this session and possibly during re-election. Some were obvious votes from people such as Congressmen Amash and Massie. Others were promising freshman such as Curt Clawson. No matter how much historical significance this vote brings for a House Speaker from any party, today is a flat-out embarrassment for both the GOP and the anti-establishment for two reasons.

First, the Republican Party had no reason to re-elect John Boehner. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Conservative, Neo-Con, Libertarian, or Moderate. Boehner is flat-out hated by Republican voters. There are polls showing that up to 60 percent of Republicans did not want Boehner re-elected as Speaker. I can’t blame them since Boehner has done nothing to push for a coalition to stop Obama from expanding the Executive Branch’s powers to unprecedented levels. In fact, Boehner helped to fund Obama’s executive amnesty and Obamacare, while also pushing for the “CRomnibus” bill, along with being a war hawk. None of this should be a surprise since Boehner is a member of the establishment. However, even establishment voters should be disappointed in today. That statement might seem crazy, but let’s just see why. If Boehner was booted, voters from every area would be happy. That is a certified fact. Voters ultimately wanted popular figures such as Gowdy, Labrador, or Amash, but none of them had a legitimate chance. The establishment could have easily found someone else to replace Boehner with the same following and a majority of voters would still be happy. Why? Because Boehner is gone and we all hate Boehner. This might seem stupid at the end of the day, but also consider the fact that the opposition would be far more significant from a historical standpoint. This day would have in fact been the biggest rebellion from either party proving that when the masses speak out and want change, government is forced to change. When we build coalitions and take a true unapologetic stance, government is forced to change. When we stand up to the establishment, government is forced to change. This is true defection. Sadly, this all just seems like a dream.

The most important reason today is an embarrassment is because there is simply no excuse for the liberty movement to not have solidarity after 7 years of fighting. In 2007, the Tea Party movement rose up against the bailouts in unity. In 2015, the Liberty movement did not rise up in unity against Speaker Boehner. Where are our leaders? What is going on? It makes zero sense for figures such as Congressmen Raul Labrador, Trey Gowdy, and Mark Sanford vote for Boehner and then have Congressmen Amash, Massie, and Jones vote against Boehner. Are we not on the same side? Didn’t we just take a stand against the “CRomnibus” bill? Where is the movement? Is it dying? This is pathetic. There is no excuse. Your constituents do not care what backlash they will give you, because that is why we sent you to Washington D.C. To face backlash against the status quo. That is the real fight and when re-election comes by, we know who fought for freedom. And yet, ironically, in the Liberty Caucus, we have liberty members not always fighting for freedom. A real leader needs to step up and whip the movement into shape. Congressman Amash is seen as the face of the Liberty Wing within the House. If he’s the perceived leader, rally behind him or find someone else. Build coalitions from all ends to completely raze the establishment. That is your job. The liberals are able to do it. There is real solidarity with the Democrats fighting the establishment. Your votes on the leaders are just as important as your votes on spending bills or auditing the fed. Quit dancing around. Surprisingly, even the dissenters could not rally behind one choice. This isn’t just a fight for the soul of the GOP anymore. This is now a fight for our humanity. A fight for our future. This is a battle against the state and if we do not take a united stand, liberty will die. As Ronald Reagan once said “We’ll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we’ll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.”

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