Big Brother Continues Targeting Conservative Pro-Trump Facebook Pages For Censorship


The Liberty Conservative have done extensive coverage about the growing threat of Big Brother censorship, and we have even been threatened by these Orwellian forces. Anyone to the right of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is now under attack, and nobody is safe from the clutches of the surveillance state. The latest publisher to be subject to Big Brother censorship is ‘Other 98% Logic,’ a Facebook page known for lampooning liberals and correcting their fallacies.

‘Other 98% Logic’ had nearly 25 thousand likes and routinely posted conservative, libertarian, and pro-Trump political messages on a daily basis when it was targeted for censorship by Facebook. The page was recently unpublished, making it completely inaccessible to its users. The reasoning given for the unpublishing was vague, and the owners believe that it was because the page posted a meme critical of Hillary Clinton and her gun control hypocrisy.

“Your page is not currently visible on Facebook. It looks like the content posted on your Page doesn’t follow the Facebook Terms and Community Standards, so your page was unpublished,” the social media entity said in a boilerplate statement to the page’s publishers. “These Terms and Standards help ensure Facebook remains a welcoming, respectful environment.”

The publishers of the ‘Other 98% Logic’ page filed an appeal to Facebook’s arbitrary ruling, which was denied without cause shortly after. They are incensed by the censorship, and are now speaking out against the raw deal they are receiving from the tech giant.

“The problem here is once again what happens when you have a monopoly on anything, whether it be speech ideas or forms of communication,” the publishers of ‘Other 98% Logic’ said in a statement. “Once such a monopoly forms, speech codes inevitably follow, usually in the form of ‘protecting individuals from hateful speech.'”

“The problem of course is who determines what speech is ‘hateful’ and why. From here, the elite group in charge of the monopoly can use their power to remove ‘hateful speech’ to silence conversation and control opinion and conversation.”

The owners of the page claim that the hypocrisy is on full display after Facebook refused to take action regarding Cleveland ANTIFA. The leftist terror group proclaimed the need for revolutionary violence against conservatives in a video posted on Facebook. The social media provider refused to even remove the video, much less unpublish the page. While ‘Other 98% Logic’ may post controversial political memes, nothing posted on the page has ever come close to advocating revolutionary violence.

“We reviewed the video, and though it doesn’t go against one of our specific community standards, you did the right thing by letting us know about it,” the response from Facebook said. The organization’s removal to enforce its own rules and regulations fairly can only be seen as complicity with the terror agenda of ANTIFA and other leftist groups waging war against America.

While Facebook may have a right to act in whatever reprehensible ways it wants as a private company, consumers must realize that a communications monopoly effectuating Big Brother is a serious existential threat to human liberty moving forward.

“Once the left gains a monopoly on the platforms of speech, they use this to form a monopoly on thought making it harder and harder to have an honest conversation and forcing society towards a place that the majority don’t want. This majority has all but been silenced from all major forms of communication,” the publishers of ‘Other 98% Logic’ said.

The market has never been more ripe for a competitor to emerge to take on repressive social media entities like Facebook and Twitter. One has already emerged – Gab – but much more work will need to be done in order to defeat the Orwellian machinations of Facebook and other government-linked tech corporations working to snuff out our basic freedoms.

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