BIG BROTHER: Facebook Censors News Of Roy Moore Accuser Admitting To Forging Yearbook Entry


The mainstream media is getting assistance from Big Brother to influence next week’s Alabama special election for the U.S. Senate. News broke today that one of Senate candidate Roy Moore’s accusers admitted to forging notes in the yearbook, but Facebook is aggressively flagging these stories as fake news.

Multiple individuals sharing an article about Roy Moore’s lying accuser published by Breitbart News were flagged by Facebook, who then linked to Politifact in order to explain how the article was fake news.

“Sometimes different news sources show conflicting perspectives on the same story,” the Facebook notice read. “You can check out additional reporting from independent fact-checking websites.”

This was the initial prompt given to individuals who posted the article on Facebook.

The only problem here is that research has shown that Politifact is far from independent and non-biased. Run by the Tampa Bay Times, this project is merely an exercise in new-aged deception as the mainstream media attempts to re-brand itself as a fact-checking operation to keep hold of its waning credibility and relevance in the digital age.

Research done by Matt Shapiro of The Federalist demonstrated a liberal slant in Politifact’s supposed fact checking. Running Politifact data through analytics, he found that Democrats were given a 1.8 rating while Republicans were given a 2.6 rating. This indicates that Democrats typically score in the “Mostly True” and “Half True” range while Republicans tend to score in the “Half-True” and “Mostly False” range.

Other irregularities stood out in the research such as the fact that Mitt Romney was given 19 “Pants on Fire” ratings in 2012 alone while he was running for President. Conversely, every Democratic politician combined from 2007-2016 was given the “Pants on Fire” rating only 25 times. Hillary Clinton was judged as the most honest politician to win their party’s nomination for President in the past 10 years according to Politifact’s rating system.

“PolitiFact often rates statements that are largely true but come from a GOP source as “mostly false” by focusing on sentence alterations, simple mis-statements, fact-checking the wrong fact, and even taking a statement, rewording it, and fact-checking the re-worded statement instead of the original quoted statement,” Shapiro said.

Individuals affected by the censorship are not buying Facebook’s rationale, and understand that these is the machinations of Big Brother at work.

“It’s funny how social media has done more to erode the public’s trust in unbiased reporting within the last two years than in perhaps the 50 years before that by sending me nonsense like this,” said Igor Bronz, who was targeted by the censorship in question.

“Trying to peddle an obviously partisan, so-called fact-checker that has been proven false time and time again, easily exposed by a casual Google search,” he said.

While Facebook works feverishly to censor content and protest the mainstream media’s narrative, Judge Roy Moore continues to surge in the polls as it becomes more obvious that allegations against him were a baseless hit job. It is unlikely that this Orwellian push by Facebook and their corporate media cohorts will have much of an effect on the election results next week.


  1. Anyone that doesn’t believe the MSM are fake news by now have to be the dumbest creatures to ever exist…..

  2. Don’t worry I vote in Alabama and our local news couldn’t even find one person that believed it on the streets when it first broke. I only know of Moore voters in my mixed neighborhood and amongst all my friends.

  3. She didn’t admit to forging anything. Faux news had to retract their breaking news story. She made notes under his signature. Even disregarding the allegations Moore is theocrat had been defrocked twice and has no business in the Senate.

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