Birther in the Beltway: Prominent Obama Critic Given White House Press Credentials

In the age of President Donald Trump, alternative media is being legitimized and validated like never before. This titanic shift is reflected in who is receiving White House press credentials. Jerome Corsi, a reporter who cast doubt on the legitimacy of President Obama’s birth certificate, will be covering the White House on behalf of Alex Jones’ Infowars.

“In an epic blow to the mainstream media’s control of the narrative, Infowars has officially received White House Press Credentials that will allow Washington Bureau Chief Jerome Corsi to attend White House press briefings,” the official announcement stated.

Corsi’s first briefing came earlier today with Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney. He brings over a decade of experience as a journalist. He had previously written for WorldNetDaily, but moved over to Infowars earlier this year to lead their new Washington, D.C. bureau.

“I have to have a birth certificate. Of course, Barack Obama doesn’t,” Corsi said jokingly about the vetting process that he endured before being approved as a White House press correspondent.

Now that the White House doors have been opened to conspiracy theorists, Jones may be joining Corsi in the Beltway in the near future as well. In the official announcement, it was claimed that Jones “may even attend some White House press briefings in person” sometime in the future.

Jones’ media platform continuously pushed for Trump throughout his Presidential campaign. Through thick and thin, Jones never turned his back on the President and the favor is being returned. Despite a litany of public legal battles, Trump is rewarding one of his most influential boosters with access that is typically only reserved for representatives of the corporate media.

Infowars is expected to hire up to a dozen permanent reporters to fill up their new Washington D.C. bureau. Jones and Corsi have caused quite a stir as conspiracy-mongering populist outsiders, but now that these figures have risen to prominence, they are set to enter the dreaded swamp they have warned about for so long. It remains to be seen if they change Washington, or Washington changes them.


    • When has a Jerome Corsi story ever turned out to be true? He’s the guy who made a video saying to get out of the stock marked immediately, right before it took off for a very good year.

    • The truth is that the “dinosaur” media only report stories that can be backed up with evidence. That’s why they’re becoming “dinosaurs”: In our growing idiocracy, facts are increasingly irrelevant.

  1. Nobody’s better at fake reporting, am I right? Jerome Corsi is the amazing reporter who revealed to the world Barack Obama was once a cross dressing gay cokehead prostitute who killed another gay cokehead prostitute to cover up young Obama’s super secret gay marriage to a Pakistani rich guy, then the CIA and Jesse Jackson arranged his marriage to Michelle to cover it up some more.

  2. Again, birthism has nothing to do with race. As a “birther” myself, I have spoken out just as loudly against Sen Cruz as I have against Obama. Lest we forget, Obama was not the only 2008 presidential candidate challenged over his natural born Citizen qualifications, nor even the first. These dubious honors belong to John McCain.

    Obama has also stated he was born by descent a foreign national, as well as a Citizen of the United States at birth, this alone should have disqualified him from the presidency. An Art. II, Sec. I, Cl. 5 natural born Citizen is a person born exclusively under U.S. sovereignty, with no foreign allegiances or attachments at birth, again, nothing to do with the color of someone’s skin.

    • David, as you well know, there are two kinds of birthers. Jerome Corsi is the kind that spread doubts about Obama’s birthplace. That attack is either racist, idiotic, or a lie targeting racists and idiots. Given that Corsi has a PhD from Harvard, I tend to put him in the latter category.

      All I will say about the other birther faction that you represent is that you are wrong.

      • There is only one kind of “bither” I know of, those who see an Art. II, § I, Cl. 5 natural born citizen as a person born exclusively under U.S. sovereignty, with no foreign allegiances or attachments at birth.

        • Mr. Obama was born exclusively under US sovereignty. The part about “no foreign allegiances or attachments” doesn’t appear in the clause of the Constitution you cite, which is the only section related to qualifications for the Presidency. YOU may think that Presidential candidates should have to meet such a qualification, but it isn’t in the Constitution and no law or court decision has ever held it to be a requirement for someone to be a natural-born citizen. That is why Dr Conspiracy says you’re wrong: you don’t get to simply make up requirements for natural-born citizenship that haven’t been established by the Constitution, Congress or the courts.

    • Obama was born in the US (Hawaii.) That fact makes him a natural-born US citizen, regardless of the nationality of his parents. You seem to be agreeing that he was a citizen at birth. So what part do you think should have disqualified him from the presidency?

  3. Jerome Corsi is a professional character assassin, whether it was his sleazeball attack on John Kerry or his “Where’s the birth Certificate?” book, or his stupid claims of a an Obot disinformation army run out of the White House.

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