Birther in the Beltway: Prominent Obama Critic Given White House Press Credentials

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In the age of President Donald Trump, alternative media is being legitimized and validated like never before. This titanic shift is reflected in who is receiving White House press credentials. Jerome Corsi, a reporter who cast doubt on the legitimacy of President Obama’s birth certificate, will be covering the White House on behalf of Alex Jones’ Infowars.

“In an epic blow to the mainstream media’s control of the narrative, Infowars has officially received White House Press Credentials that will allow Washington Bureau Chief Jerome Corsi to attend White House press briefings,” the official announcement stated.

Corsi’s first briefing came earlier today with Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney. He brings over a decade of experience as a journalist. He had previously written for WorldNetDaily, but moved over to Infowars earlier this year to lead their new Washington, D.C. bureau.

“I have to have a birth certificate. Of course, Barack Obama doesn’t,” Corsi said jokingly about the vetting process that he endured before being approved as a White House press correspondent.

Now that the White House doors have been opened to conspiracy theorists, Jones may be joining Corsi in the Beltway in the near future as well. In the official announcement, it was claimed that Jones “may even attend some White House press briefings in person” sometime in the future.

Jones’ media platform continuously pushed for Trump throughout his Presidential campaign. Through thick and thin, Jones never turned his back on the President and the favor is being returned. Despite a litany of public legal battles, Trump is rewarding one of his most influential boosters with access that is typically only reserved for representatives of the corporate media.

Infowars is expected to hire up to a dozen permanent reporters to fill up their new Washington D.C. bureau. Jones and Corsi have caused quite a stir as conspiracy-mongering populist outsiders, but now that these figures have risen to prominence, they are set to enter the dreaded swamp they have warned about for so long. It remains to be seen if they change Washington, or Washington changes them.

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