Black Lives Matter, but the unborn need not apply


As violence continues to escalate in society, there is a rising debate about which groups are affected more. Do police officers become targeted more than other groups? There was the shooting in Dallas, Texas and now the very recent one in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Then there is the theory that blacks are being unfairly targeted by violence and thus, racism is growing worse. Black Lives Matter activists have become progressively more unruly and disruptive in their tactics.


A study conducted by a Harvard professor, who is also black, showed otherwise. Professor Roland G. Fryer Jr.’s study examined thousands of incidents at a number of major police departments and the result was surprising. The finding was that there is no racial bias in targets of police shootings, which Professor Fryer himself described as the most surprising result of his career.

This shows that the Black Lives Matter movement preys on the raw emotion of concerned human beings and exploits them to unleash havoc and disorder on society. This isn’t entirely surprising given recent events involving affiliated activists blocking freeways and holding up intersections, operating under the belief that disruption conveys a political point.

While exposed to be frauds in the justice department, there’s another point that exposes them as fake: abortion.

The Guttmacher Institute, an organization dedicated to reproductive health and rights, found that abortions are more likely among blacks than whites. Specifically, black women are four times more likely to abort their child than white ones and twice as likely as latinas.

Where is the outrage?


Black Lives Matter has yet to make an effort to block the doors at Planned Parenthood clinics, lock arms across the entrance to the facility parking lots, and call out abortion doctors for their actions. Why?

There are a number of implications here.

First, the lives of the unborn don’t matter, regardless of color. Even to Black Lives Matter, unborn lives do not matter.

Second, Black Lives Matter is not seriously interested in improving society and bringing justice to those wrongfully murdered or harmed.

Consider that the organization and like-minded activists regularly protest society when someone is shot, claiming a racial bias. While it is tragic when any human being is murdered, statistics have already disproven the notion that African-Americans are targeted more by murder. The cases where a minority is killed are just magnified by the media, social networking, and emotional tension. Because of the increased focus, it creates the illusion of racism.

Also, consider the lack of action against Planned Parenthood and abortion doctors who could be executing African-American babies. Do the lives of the unborn matter? The implication here is that not all black lives matter and that when an African-American does get killed, fringe leftwing activists who prefer violence over law and order will exploit it for their own gain.

It’s actions like these that result in an increase in death. In society, we need less tension and more understanding, so we can respectfully approach the table and work out our differences for a better society. Organizations like Black Lives Matter don’t care about African-American lives and are only out for their own violent gain. This does not benefit society at all.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.

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