“Blaxicans” and Other Reinvented Americans: An Unlikely Guide To Preserving America’s Culture

Richard Rodriguez’s essay, “Blaxicans” and Other Reinvented Americans, delivers an interesting take on the state of culture in America. Rodriguez, the son of Mexican parents, asserts that racial terms such as “white” and “black” are irrelevant now due to race-mixing in America. But perhaps the most interesting part of the essay is when Rodriguez suggests that “instead of adopting the Canadian model of multiculturalism, America might begin to imagine the Mexican alternative–that of a mestizaje society.” In this statement, Rodriguez implies that Mexico’s treatment of separate races is better than the multiculturalist ideas of Canada. It is evident that the “mestizaje society” Rodriguez speaks of may be the solution to an increasingly divided world.

In Mexico’s “mestizaje society,” one can find all kinds of people. There, you can find Mexicans who look just like typical Caucasians and others who still look like our preconceived notions of a brown man. But despite the fact that Mexicans vary in appearances, they are all still Mexican. Fortunately, this is not just something that is found in Mexico. In another part of Rodriguez’s essay, he points out that in Latin America, “One sees white Hispanics, one sees black Hispanics, one sees brown Hispanics” and even “Asian Hispanics.” The kind of unity that is characteristic of Mexico and other Latin American countries needs to be brought to America to save our fledgling culture.

Throughout “mestizaje society,” all are united by a common language, a common cause, and a common nation. I refuse to believe that none of this can happen in the United States. In this nation, it should be expected of all of us that we speak English in public forums. It should definitely be expected that we all fulfill our civic duties and actively work to hold our politicians accountable, regardless of what your political ideology may be. We should all be united in spite of our differing ethnicities as well. In that regard, I believe that we are already making lots of progress despite what the crooked news media may tell you. We already see black Americans, white Americans, brown Americans, and Asian Americans in our country today, and they live together in harmony for the most part.

I not only believe that America should follow Mexico’s model of a “mestizaje society” because of its benefits, but because multiculturalism just does not work. One can simply look to Europe to see its failures. Even the reviled globalist German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently confirmed that “Multiculturalism leads to parallel societies and therefore remains a life lie.” In addition, nearly all of the recent terrorist attacks in Europe, which include Barcelona, Paris, Brussels, Nice, Berlin, Westminster, Manchester, and London, are a result of “parallel societies” that coexist with mainstream western culture. In order to stop radical Islam and uphold our sacred Judeo-Christian values, Europe and the United States need to bring their people together under common values that can be cherished by all.

In general, America must adopt the Mexican alternative, a “mestizaje society.” It is all too unfortunate that America remains a country that is obsessed with race. Even Rodriguez notes that “America has so readily adopted the Canadian notion of multiculturalism.” If America wants to truly improve race relations in America, alt-righters need to stop romanticizing white nationalism, and people on the Left need to stop supporting Black Lives Matter. These are cancerous ideologies that will only serve to needlessly divide. Western people need to unite under nationalism, like what is done in Mexico, and become less concerned about race.

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