Boy Scouts Go Nuts, They’re Now Allowing Girls


Boy Scouts of America finally fell to the social justice warriors Monday night when it announced that it would welcome transgender ‘boys’ to the program.

Unlike the social justice-savvy Girl Scouts, the Boy Scouts have been long afflicted by the champions of so-called social justice. Their insistence on religious and traditional values has been challenged over and over. Despite winning every lawsuit in court, the BSA eventually capitulated to their demands.

For years, the BSA held that openly homosexual individuals wouldn’t be allowed to join.

In 2013, after tremendous controversy and criticism from both the Right and the Left, the BSA finally announced that it would accept openly homosexual boys into Boy Scouts of America while retaining the ban on gay adults. Finally, in 2015, the BSA decided to allow gay adult leaders.

Of course, Boy Scouts has always supported religious belief as an organization, and has run into problems in the past for its position on religious beliefs. BSA’s policy allows boys and leaders of all faiths to join, but bars atheists. It also requires that Scouts be ‘reverent to god’.

The BSA’s most shocking and recent foray into social justice territory came Monday night when the organization announced that it would accept girls who think they are boys. From now on, parents will be able to write in whatever gender they want on their kid’s membership applications regardless of the child’s actual gender.

The decision is asinine simply because it is a reaction to the politically-correct culture rather than to science or fact.

According to a 2016 report from the American College of Pediatricians, only between 5% to 20% of children who believe they are members of the opposite sex during childhood grow up to be transgender. In other words, 90% transgender kids grow out of it by adulthood.

By normalizing and accepting what is a mental disorder as classified by the World Health Organization, BSA is doing the young ‘boys’ no favors. Further confusing them instead of getting these youngsters the help they need to live a normal life is not compassionate. In fact, it’s the least compassionate thing we can do.

It’s an undeniable fact that there are two genders: male and female. Individuals can’t switch from one gender to another. Despite the overwhelming scientific consensus against transgenderism, the BSA has decided to save face by allowing girls into a boys program to appease the social justice warriors.

The Boy Scouts of America is doing these young kids more harm than good by mainstreaming rather than correcting their misapprehensions about gender.

Acceptance of transgenderism is not a solution. The transgender suicide rate is well over 40%, but the way to solve that isn’t to play into the delusions of transgender folks. This is illustrated by the fact that the suicide rate doesn’t change after surgery. We need to work to find medical solutions to treat transgenderism and get folks back on the right track to living a normal and healthy life. That’s the truly compassionate thing to do.


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