Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton, shortly after hearing that the FBI had discovered new Clinton emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop.

BREAKING: FBI Reviewing 650,000 Weiner Emails


On Sunday afternoon it was reported that the FBI has begun reviewing approximately 650,000 emails stored on a laptop computer owned by Anthony Weiner, husband of top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

FBI Director James Comey made potentially campaign-altering news on Friday when he announced the investigation into Clinton’s handling of top secret information had been reopened.

According to the Wall Street Journal’s report, “metadata on the device suggests there may be thousands sent to or from the private server that the Democratic nominee used while she was secretary of state,” an estimate much higher than the “three emails” that were originally reported by some outlets on Friday.

This new inquiry, which began 11 days before the presidential election, “will take weeks at a minimum,” per the Journal. The FBI will be tasked with determining how many of the emails concerned Clinton’s campaign and foundation, how many were about State Department work, how many have already been turned over to the FBI on other devices, and finally, whether or not they contain “either classified information or important new evidence in the Clinton email probe.”

Abedin has claimed that she does not know how her emails, some of which may be classified, ended up on her husband’s laptop computer.


Anthony Weiner is the former Democratic congressman from New York. It has been reported that the laptop in question was discovered as part of the FBI’s investigation into his sexting scandal with a 15 year old girl.

This development is the latest in a series of Weiner-related sexting incidents that have been ongoing since 2011, when the former congressman accidentally tweeted a lewd picture of himself, before claiming that his account had been “hacked.”

In response to the renewed interest in her email scandal, Clinton herself has deflected questions from the press and attempted to shift the blame- not towards Russia, in this case, but towards FBI director James Comey.

Months ago, the Clinton campaign was calling those who criticized the FBI’s handling of the email issue “conspiracists,” while praising Comey’s neutrality.


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