Caitlyn Jenner and the missed opportunity for conservatives with the LGBT movement

Caitlyn Jenner has been a controversial figure politically, more so for the right. Since the transition from Bruce, she has repeatedly faced criticism for being who she wants to be and living her life how she wishes. Republicans, especially evangelical conservatives, tend to be extremely judgmental of lifestyles they disagree with. The refusal to at least accept the freedom of the LGBT movement results in the Democrats landing their support.

Republicans had their opportunity to show that the Democratic Party is not entitled to the LGBT vote. When Caitlyn Jenner came out of the closet as a conservative Republican, the left lost it’s mind. It was absolutely unthinkable that someone who is transsexual could ever identify as anything other than a Democrat.

But it happened.


While LGBT Republicans aren’t anything new, but this doesn’t change the perception that the LGBT is a dominantly Democratic movement and thus, the Party feels entitled to their vote. This is largely the fault of Republicans refusing to acknowledge the freedom of the LGBT movement to live their own lives how they wish.

The problem with Republicans and the LGBT crowd is the overt hypocrisy of the holier than thou mindset of the evangelical Republicans. Instead of disagreeing with what their religion states is sin, the evangelical Republicans will attack the individual. Whether the intent is to be spiteful or just call attention to the act deemed sinful, it feeds the perception of hate and that is enough to lose any potential support the LGBT crowd could have for Republicans.

This contradicts the message of freedom and liberty Republicans often attempt to communicate. If an individual is free, why are they subject to another person’s judgment? Worse, why should they be subject to another religion’s moral code via the force of law?

The social conservatives and evangelical Republicans openly endorse theocracy above freedom.


Caitlyn Jenner came out in support of Senator Ted Cruz for the Republican nomination. She has also come out fervently against Hillary Clinton, which angered the left.

The tolerant left? Hardly. The Democratic Party is a close-minded echo chamber that wants followers marching in lockstep, not a big tent tolerant of many views and perspectives.

In the end, Caitlyn Jenner made a decision regarding how to live her life. How is that decision subject to the approval of others? In a free society, should one have to seek the validation of their peers through a government-enforced moral code?

The Republican Party and the conservative movement in general is presented with a unique opportunity to attract LGBT voters. Libertarians, who have been steadily growing their presence in the Republican Party, take the correct position of allowing individuals to live their lives. Even when disagreeing with the acts themselves, libertarians defend freedom. This is a true conservative perspective as well.

Unfortunately, conservatism in America has been hijacked by a judgment-heavy, army of holier than thou moral warriors. Because of this, the Republican Party continues to be seen as the intolerant party when the Democratic Party is showing themselves to be as equally intolerant when faced with Caitlyn Jenner’s conservatism.

Why let the Democrats deceptively hang onto their dishonest narrative? Republicans should embrace Jenner. Not agree if you personally disagree with life choices, but embrace the freedom to live life happily. This is what freedom truly means and this is America.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.

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