A Cash Crop to Rebuild America: The Cannabis Revolution Means Better Public Health and Limitless Prosperity


Whether you like it or not, the cannabis revolution is underway throughout America. Four states have already legalized marijuana for recreational purposes, and four more states are slated to join them after the results of last month’s election. On Nov. 8, the big winner wasn’t Donald Trump – it was the cannabis plant. It reigned triumphant in Florida, North Dakota, Arkansas, California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada in varying degrees.

Of course, the prohibitionists are out in full force with a propaganda blitz of their own against the progress being made. Some warn of “killer weed” while other desperate individuals say that marijuana “changes the brain” causing mass murderers to snap and commit acts of terror. Many of these disingenuous folks are lobbyists for pharmaceutical corporations or law enforcement groups. They lie to the public because they don’t want their gravy train drying up.

Nevertheless, the winds of change are at hand whether the prohibitionists like it or not. The marijuana industry is opening up an era of prosperity that can be truly distributed among the people. Unlike the prohibition gravy train, this isn’t limited to thugs, propagandists, parasites and bureaucrats. Because of the widespread availability of the cannabis seed and the low cost to harvest the crop, it gives ordinary Americans a sustainable and ethical engine for lasting economic growth.

More so than the recreational or medicinal benefits of the plant, the biggest boon from the cannabis revolution is the new prosperity that it is unleashing upon the American people. It is a wide-open market where anyone can succeed. Becoming the next marijuana millionaire is only potentially one click away! Seed companies offer bargain prices allowing virtually anyone to grow massively potent, award-winning strains that are in high demand everywhere from the comfort of their own home.


You may have heard that marijuana is far stronger nowadays than it was in generations’ past, and this is undeniably true but no serious cause for alarm. Stronger strains do not mean that the marijuana is more dangerous. If anything, it makes the substance less dangerous. Because individuals need to consume less of the plant to get high, their lungs are spared of the excess smoke, which is really the only major health problem that can result from prolonged cannabis use. Of course, cannabis can be vaporized or easily ingested in a variety of smoke-free ways as well to avoid potential health risks.

The best thing about the cannabis revolution is that it is all reward, and very little risk. Really, the most dangerous risks regarding the plant come from the heavy hands of law enforcement. Sure, the plant can be misused. Nobody should use cannabis and operate heavy machinery, for example. Nobody should get high and drive, in spite of the amazing effects the plant has on reducing road rage. However, when compared to pharmaceutical pills and the epidemic of overuse across the country, marijuana is quite literally a life-saver.

Marijuana will save our economy too if we let it happen. The free market is a wonderful, miraculous thing. There is such immense demand for these potent and plentiful strains of marijuana that nobody can stop the industry. Does this mean that you should get in the game yourself? That’s up to you to decide, but opportunity is knocking. If you do take this golden ticket, another person will certainly cease this opportunity and make the most of it.

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  1. I live in NC and would LOVE to see cannabis legal here. I grew up in a very small farming community that relied heavily on tobacco as a cash crop. In the past 25 years, though, tobacco has largely fallen out of favor, though, and rightly so given the incredibly bad health impacts. But that has left the small community I grew up in with a serious lack of income for a lot of the farmers as other crops just don’t do as well in our type of soil.
    It would also give patients access to a natural medicine that has been shown time and again to have some real and impactful health benefits, a subject that hits close to home as well as I suffer from pretty bad rheumatoid arthritis.

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