Celebs bash Trump at Grammys, ruin entertainment

At the annual Grammy Awards ceremony Sunday night, things got political before the event even started. Singer Joy Villa entered the venue wearing a red and blue dress with ‘Make America Great Again’ emblazoned on the front and ‘Trump’ on the back. Every leftist in attendance simultaneously decided that entertainment and politics really shouldn’t mix.

Soon after, the Left decided that using entertainment to ‘speak out’ was a good idea again as Grammy host and actor James Corden opened the show by telling the audience, “We can survive by sticking together.” Beyoncé followed up the Trump bashing by saying, “Our voices are needed more than ever.” Singer Katy Perry showed up wearing a ‘resist’ armband.

Finally, aging rapper Busta Rhymes attempted to become relevant again by calling President Donald Trump ‘President Agent Orange’ and denouncing his ‘Muslim ban’. During a joint performance with the remaining members of A Tribe Called Quest, Rhymes and his fellow performers held up their fists in a Black Panther-style salute. He told the audience Trump wanted to get rid of Mexicans and Muslims as he welcomed several dancers wearing Hijabs onto the stage. He closed by yelling, “Resist!” as he finished the song.

This was all to tremendous applause. Of course, the Hollywood Left believes in speaking out through entertainment.

Every time a leftist goes on a political rant, they are heralded as courageous and brave. But, in fact, there’s nothing brave about screaming left-wing talking points in front of thousands of the most left-wing people in America: Hollywood. Celebrities doing this has led to entertainment being ruined for us all.

Last Sunday’s big game was a testament to how sports and entertainment should be: apolitical. Aside from several quasi-political commercials, the spectacle was surprisingly devoid of any political relevance.

Many expected halftime singer Lady Gaga to send a political message, but surprisingly she held it together. And most people were pleased; After all, entertainment should be where we turn when we don’t want to see politics. Instead, politics has become our entertainment and entertainment has gone political.

In addition to destroying an otherwise mediocre media event, the Left is using politics to promote failing entertainers.

Last month, elderly actress Meryl Streep used the Golden Globes award ceremony as an excuse to launch into a tirade of anti-Trump conjecture, landing her at the top of the news cycle for weeks.

Busta Rhymes, a name most haven’t heard for years, decided to monopolize the Grammys in order to get attention. There is serious doubt that Rhymes could name the countries which Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ effects, however, he still ‘spoke out’ against Trump in a desperate attempt to get press coverage.

There is no doubt he will be covered. The media is more than willing to fawn over the latest outspoken Hollywood leftist.

This routine of monopolizing entertainment for political points is bound to backfire for the Left. The divisive nature of anti-Trump rants is unlikely to sway the blue-collar voters in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania who switched from voting for Obama in 2012 to Trump in 2016.

The Left can continue to lose its mind over every little action Trump takes, or it can choose its battles and bide time until the next election cycle. Only one of these options will threaten Republicans in 2020.

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