Chamber of Commerce Calls Thomas Massie “Piece Of Sh-t” For Voting Against Harvey Aid

It is an open secret that the Chamber of Commerce, a ‘pro-growth’ organization commonly associated with the right wing of American politics, has a seething contempt for principled conservatives and libertarians, but it is rare for them to come right out and say it. Yesterday, the veil was finally removed as the Northern Kentucky Chamber called Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) “a piece of sh-t” on their public Twitter account.

Massie was one of three legislators who voted against the Congressional relief package for Hurricane Harvey. This has caused him to take flak from observers who felt his vote was heartless and uncompassionate, and the Northern Kentucky Chamber is apparently among them. They posted their insult in response to an article regarding Massie’s vote.

After receiving embarrassing headlines for their incredibly unprofessional move, Scooter Media–a public relations firm contracted out by the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce–took the blame for the tweet.

“The personal comment in no way reflects the views of the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce or that of Scooter Media broadly,” Shannan Boyer, president of Scooter Media, said in a release.

It is impossible to tell whether Scooter Media is being genuine or if this is just a PR gambit to help the Chamber save face. Nevertheless, considering the bitter and combative history between the Chamber and the conservative wing of the Republican Party going back many years, the sentiments expressed in the tweet are very genuine.

Massie, as usual, played it cool as a cucumber posting a sassy response implying that the Chamber’s slur referred to the legislation itself.

“Well, I’m not crazy about the bill either, but I don’t know if I would call it that,” Massie tweeted.

The Chamber of Commerce is an organization that is infamous for lobbying on behalf of crony capitalism throughout the country. They have stood against repealing Obamacare and pushed to keep globalist trade deals in place. They will continue working to undermine not only the conservative wing of the GOP, but also Trump’s ‘America First’ wing of the party with their corporatist dealings.


  1. More misrepresentation, this time on the part of the Chamber of Commerce. Thank you Representative Massie for having the courage to do the right thing.

  2. Anything but ! U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the reason the voters cannot get immigration reform they want slave labor. If you notice Mitch McConnell addresses the Chamber frequently.

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