CIA Used Diplomatic Flights As Cover To Arm Terrorists in Middle East

The U.S. government, aided by Saudi Arabia, has been staging phony diplomatic flights in order to smuggle weapons to terror groups. A Bulgarian reporter uncovered that at least 350 flights were used for these purposes, resulting in $1 billion worth of illicit weapons being funneled into the hands of terrorists.

Azerbaijan’s state-run Silk Way Airlines were used to transport these weapons with the knowledge of government officials. Labeled diplomatic so the flights would not be searched, the culprits were moving weapons largely purchased from Eastern Europe. The CIA has been assisting Syrian terrorists in this manner as they attempt to overthrow President Bashir al-Assad, and it was working very well until leaks were uncovered exposing the entire scam.

“The state aircrafts of Azerbaijan carried on-board tens of tons of heavy weapons and ammunition headed to terrorists under the cover of diplomatic flights… In 2016, 2017 there were 23 diplomatic flights carrying weapons from Bulgaria, Serbia and Azerbaijan to Jeddah and Riyadh,” the report says.

But it wasn’t just Syrian terrorists who were benefiting from this clandestine arms trade. The CIA loved the program so much that they used it to aid terror groups in Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan as well. This troubling news also puts Trump’s foreign policy in jeopardy, as he ordered the CIA to stop supporting Syrian terrorists earlier this year. This program may continue at this very moment without the President’s knowledge.

“While the revelations in Syria are likely old news, since the CIA’s failed arms program was already scrapped, it’s not clear that this isn’t still an ongoing means of arms smuggling for the US or its allies elsewhere,” foreign policy analyst Jason Ditz wrote at

Although the American public may be largely unaware of this program, they will not be able to ignore its blowback. The killings that have resulted from the sale of these weapons will not go unavenged, and this means that ordinary Americans or military personnel may suffer because of the illegal and immoral decisions of the CIA and the deep state apparatus it serves.


  1. FBI, CIA and NSA, the deep state, the swamp, partisan leftists.
    The FBI is in the middle of trying to oust our duly elected President on false Russia “hacking” and collusion. No evidence to date.
    These agencies have been involved in illegal spying on American citizens.
    These agencies need to be dismantled and a new intelligence force constructed from the ground up.

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