CNN cancels doctor show after host raises speculations regarding Hillary Clinton’s health

It’s often said that the mainstream media is liberal. Conservatives have long described the major networks as the “liberal media”, alleging that there is an overt bias against the right. Libertarians more generally describe the mainstream media as unreliable and shallow, devoid of any serious approach to real issues. Regardless, the mainstream media does have a perception problem among those on the right.

But is this perception problem real? Does the mainstream media really favor the left and work to boost the Democratic Party establishment? CNN may have verified this.

For decades, it has been regarded as valid to question the health and mental well-being of candidates running for public office. If we’re going to elect a politician to a high-stress office, Americans need to be reassured that they’re fit to hold it. Ronald Reagan’s age was called into question, as was former Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s when he ran for President. Senator John McCain’s health was called into question, as well.

But when it has come to Hillary Clinton’s health, the left has backed away and even criticized those on the right for daring to ask. Dr. Drew Pinsky might have become a victim of the left’s staunch protection of the Hillary Clinton health issue.imgres

Dr. Pinsky has had a show for six years on HLN called “Dr. Drew.” Recently, he appeared on a radio show and the topic of Hillary Clinton’s health came up. In the interview, he stated that he and another doctor had reviewed the medical records of the former Secretary of State. The conclusions he reached aren’t necessarily favorable to the Democratic Presidential Nominee.

Dr. Drew said that he and the other doctor were “gravely concerned” not only about Hillary’s health but also regarding the healthcare treatments she was receiving. After further discussing this issue, he said that both he and the other doctor would be ashamed to show up in a doctor’s lounge if she were their patient.

These are strong things to say not only about Hillary Clinton, but about those taking care of her health, as well. Is Clinton’s health in bad shape? Are those treating her not doing so properly?

These are questions we’re not allowed to ask — and we need only look to Dr. Drew, who lost his job for asking.

Health questions have never been off limits before. Whether it be the age of Ronald Reagan or former Congressman Ron Paul, or the possible psychological damage to Senator John McCain because of his wartime service, questions have always been asked by both pundits and the media. Now when Hillary Clinton’s health is questioned, everyone from Salon to CNN works to ensure the questions are silenced.

In the end, it makes you wonder what Salon is trying to hide and who is pulling the strings for CNN. Is there something in Hillary Clinton’s health records that America should know about? If there is nothing to hide, these questions shouldn’t offend anyone; however, a lot of people are going to great lengths to make sure something remains hidden in relation to her health records. Americans are left to wonder as to why.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.

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