CNN’s Desperate Damage Control Effort Backfires Spectacularly

CNN and the right have long been at odds. While MSNBC has always been considered more overtly liberal, CNN has carried the nickname “Clinton News Network” for some time. It carries that nickname for good reason. The battle became personal when Donald Trump entered the political arena and went to war with the network. Ever since, CNN and the President have been swiping at each other.

Mainstream media networks, publications, anchors and journalists all like to claim that they’re under attack. When President Trump labels them as fake news, he’s apparently wanting to shut down the free press. This isn’t the case. The mainstream media has been consistently wrong, but arrogantly believes their own poor standards do not affect their waning reputation.

After an entire year of botched issues and overt bias, CNN did it again. This time, the news agency botched the date in a story about the Trump campaign receiving encrypted documents from Wikileaks. The original story implied coordination between the Trump campaign and Wikileaks, as it claims the information was received a week before the leaks. As it turns out, the Trump campaign received information a day after it was publicly released.

No coordination.

But CNN fired out a correction, refused to discipline the reporters, and attempted to downplay the entire issue. The problem here is that this isn’t a one time mistake for the network that made the Trump family look bad. It has happened repeatedly over the last year. This is a well-established pattern of events.

Now CNN’s Reliable Sources attempted to spin the issue. Appearing on the show was The Atlantic Senior Editor David Frum. Frum, a Bush-era neocon and ‘Never Trump’ Republican, attempted to claim that mistakes happen because journalism is a process, and it’s for this reason that people should trust the media.

Mistakes give credibility? Talk about Orwellian double-speak!

To be clear, we’re all human and humans make mistakes. As Frum points out, journalism is a process and the process is designed to ensure these sorts of mistakes don’t happen. Somehow at CNN, these mistakes happen often. Journalists miss it, so do their editors. And these convenient mistakes always seem to happen when covering Republicans.

If these types of errors were made by a publication like Infowars or Breitbart, CNN would’ve smeared them thoroughly for it. They’d have had a field day. As CNN makes these mistakes often, they arrogantly believes they are still on top of the world. The instances are numerous, but CNN is stuck in 1990. They cannot come to grips with the fact that they are becoming obsolete.

The Liberty Conservative has reported on a number of these issues. One instance was when CNN lied about Frank Sinatra’s daughter’s supposed displeasure with use of her father’s music. Another instance included when CNN labeled Wikileaks founder Julian Assange a pedophile without any evidence. A third instance included when CNN lied about reporting on Buzzfeed’s fake dossier linking Trump to the Russians. A fourth instance includes when CNN lied about the Russian government shutting down a Moscow school for American and British children, amid worsening diplomatic relations.

The Daily Caller also ran its own list of seven instances of fake news from last year.

It’s clear that CNN has a problem with reporting the facts. It’s also becoming clear that CNN does not understand what it means to be credible. The network consistently makes errors that hurt the same group of people, all individuals either bearing the last name Trump or some how connected to them. Is it any surprise that CNN is called fake news?

David Frum and CNN may think that the same mistakes gives you credibility, but the opposite is actually true. Not everyone is living in the bizarro world of the Never Trumpers.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.

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