The Confessions of a Once Raging Liberal


In my first year at the university, a friend of mine referred to me as a raging liberal.  I was very involved in the peace movement and still believe that offensive war is a failure of governments to solve disagreements in a rational way.  While I disagree vigorously with the postmodern association of “liberalism” as being synonymous with relativism, I am a liberal in the classic sense in that I believe in the free exchange of ideas and the ability of reason to determine between the good and the evil, the beautiful and the ugly and the intelligent and the ignorant.  Unlike the relativist who has a hard time making judgments, this ability to discriminate is the true sign of an enlightened individual.

As a confused and misguided college youth, I flirted with the dead end of liberalism and in hindsight, would certainly do some things differently.  Like Reagan who came out of the left, I found it much more dangerous to our Republic than anything on the right.  The reason I left the left behind, was because of its emotional appeals and inability to engage in real debate.  While liberals claim to be non judgmental it was all a hypocritical farce.  “Don’t judge abortion”, but it’s ok to judge George Bush and his war for oil.  “Christianity is bad because of the Crusades”, but don’t bring up the 30 million butchered by communist atheists.  “Gun control will curb gun violence”,  despite the mountain of empirical evidence to the contrary.  I could no longer live with this cognitive dissonance.

Thank God I was steered back to a rational path by a fellow who was recruiting for the College Republicans in our “Free Speech” area of campus.  Even though we disagreed on some issues, he was not deterred and we found areas of mutual agreement.

He pointed out the fact that the Republican Party tended to be pro-family values but too often supported crony capitalism and was anti working man.  On the other hand the Democratic party pushed every imaginable immoral issue but appeared to be pro working class.  He noted that what we need is a party that both supports the working man and supports traditional family values and that would appeal to the vast majority of Americans currently left out in the cold by both parties.

Both the left and the right are based on the evil globalism of Darwinian “worldwide class conflict or survival of the fittest.”  The transnational crony capitalist pits workers in one country against the workers of another in an outsourcing race to the bottom.  All the while manipulating the tax code to give them an unfair advantage over their competition.

The globalist socialist on the other hand is founded upon class conflict between the rich and the poor with the object being the elimination of the rich by “redistributing” and ultimately eliminating private property on an international scale via social welfare schemes.

Fortunately he guided me to a third way based on the nation state Christian principles of “class cooperation” whereby businesses engage in fair and free trade and work with laborers to promote the general welfare of the nation via true capitalist principles.  In the “America First System of Economics”, workers are valued and in turn are highly productive.  Monopolistic greed is not the main motivating factor in business decisions but instead a sense of pride and love for your fellow American propels the nation’s economy to excel in a free market.  Governments’ role is drastically limited and is geared towards investment and growth and not picking winners and losers via the tax code or redistributing wealth.

Having made the change in course towards a third way, I have been involved in the Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul campaigns. I also see great hope in the presidential bid of Senator Rand Paul who also espouses an “America First” approach to the economy and seeks to reform our broken tax system.  The business of America is business, not welfare(corporate or social) and we need to return to these first principles by reforming our tax system and our economy so that there is no such thing as a privileged class and lobbyists have no incentive to milk the system.


Priority #1, Reforming our economy so that the interests of Americans comes first, rather than the welfare state and those transnational corporations which owe their allegiance to no country.


One such reform is the Fair Tax(HR 25) which would replace our  federal income taxes with a national sales tax.  This would eliminate the unfair, convoluted IRS codes and treat every person equally and  allow American businesses to thrive by eliminating the current hidden embedded taxes(over 20%) on all domestically produced goods.   Under the anti-American current system, US exports are made expensive and foreign imports made cheaper .  With the Fair Tax, American made products would be taxed at the same rate as imports thereby creating a more level playing field both at home and abroad.  A tsunami of Jobs would return to American shores as we promote a growth oriented tax policy and purge the corrupting influence of the lobbyist from  rigging our  economy.   When the politically connected get to pick the winners and losers, most of us wind up as losers.  It’s time to return to our American free market economic roots and reject the false choices of Republican Crony A or Democrat Crony B and choose a candidate who puts  America First for a real change.

Mr. Hannosh is an Army Veteran, Former School Board President, History/Biology Teacher, Real Estate Agent, Former Candidate for Congress in California's 8th district, Pat Buchanan, Ron and Rand Paul supporter and activist seeking to put Americans first, not the establishment. Mr. Hannosh is married and has a daughter who he hopes will inherit an America that loves peace, liberty and freedom.

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