Congressman Rohrabacher, One of Donald Trump’s Most Loyal Supporters, should become the Next Secretary of State

Over the last week, there has been considerable debate over who Donald Trump will nominate as his Secretary of State. Several names have been floated around. The floated names include powerhouses of Republican politics like Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani. The list also includes former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, David Petraeus.

I highly doubt that Donald Trump will select Mitt Romney because Donald Trump likes to surround himself with people who are loyal to him. Mitt Romney proved throughout the 2016 presidential campaign that he was not loyal to Donald Trump and, in fact, Romney did many things that were harmful to Trump’s election efforts. Instead, I believe Romney is the trial balloon that is being floated before Trump selects someone who is loyal to him.

I also highly doubt that Trump will select David Petraeus. David Petraeus already demonstrated a complete failure in protocol while serving under the Obama administration. There is a saying that goes “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”. Donald Trump is a very wise man and he does not want to have a man in a prominent cabinet position who disgraced himself just a few years ago. David Petraeus may be a repentant man, but the place to prove himself is not in the limelight in a prominent cabinet position.

As such, that seems to leave Rudy Giuliani as the most likely candidate for Secretary of State. Giuliani was one of the early backers of the Trump presidency. The problem with Giuliani is that he is perceived by most of Trump’s supporters as too liberal. The selection of Rudy Giuliani will be perceived by his base as a betrayal of their support. While the base might forgive Donald Trump for nominating Rudy Giuliani to Secretary of Homeland Security, I believe there will be a huge outcry if Giuliani is nominated to Secretary of State.

Lucky for Donald Trump, there has been one other name that has been floated around that seems to be getting a lot less media coverage, California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. I personally have met Congressman Rohrabacher one time. I met him on May 3, 2016, just minutes after Ted Cruz had announced that he was dropping out of the race for the White House.

Congressman Rohrabacher was hosting a party of Ted Cruz supporters in Orange County, California. After Ted Cruz’s speech, there was to be a meeting to further the team’s efforts to help Ted Cruz win the state of California. However, a huge curveball was thrown that night when Ted Cruz dropped out.

I watched as Congressman Rohrabacher spoke to these Ted Cruz supporters and offered his sincere heartfelt thanks for the work that they had done for Ted Cruz. I am sure that congressman Rohrabacher was just as disappointed as all the Cruz supporters were, but he was a leader, and he stood at the front of the room and encouraged these supporters to get behind the Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

Within minutes of the Texas Senator’s announcement that he was dropping out of the presidential race, one of his loyal supporters immediately and without hesitation declared his support for Donald Trump. A few minutes later, Congressman Rohrabacher had a microphone stuck in his face as the local television reporter was asking him further questions about his support of Donald Trump.

Congressman Rohrabacher’s support was not limited to a few seconds immediately after Trump became the presumptive nominee for the Republican party. In October, when many Republican leaders were starting to become squishy as a result of the “discovery” of the “hot mic” statement, Rohrabacher stood firm. Rohrabacher called Speaker Ryan “cowardly” and called Republicans who backed away “gutless”.

The liberal media was working hard to divide the Republican party because they knew that if the Republican party was divided, there was no way that Trump could win. Congressman Rohrabacher was the brave leader standing in the way, bravely taking fire from the liberal media as he rallied the troops preventing them from retreating from the liberal media’s bombardment of Donald Trump.

This kind of loyalty is needed by the president in the number one cabinet position. Donald Trump was under fire and Congressman Rohrabacher came to his aid. This is true loyalty and true courage. He not only supported Donald Trump in the good times but he fought with him during the difficult times. This is the type of loyalty that Donald Trump should reward.

While Congressman Rohrabacher is a loyal supporter through both thick and thin, he is also immensely qualified for the position. It does not take much effort to see that Congressman Rohrabacher is greatly concerned with the United State’s position in the world. Rohrabacher is an expert on the Middle East, his policies and Trump’s foreign policies are very similar, and his legislative accomplishment is full of foreign policy successes. Congressman Rohrabacher has traveled the world representing the United States as a member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. Now it is time for Donald Trump to reward a man who had his back and elevate him to become the next Secretary of State.


  1. Republicans had control of Congress for the last 4 years nothing was done . Now Democrat trump in the White House something different going to happen

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