Court Dismisses Antifa Attempt To Place Restraining Order On Liberty Conservative Contributor


A California court dismissed an attempt by Antifa leader Yvette Felarca to place a restraining order on Liberty Conservative contributor Troy Worden on Thursday.

Felarca had attempted to use the restraining order to constrain the free speech of Worden, the chair of the Berkeley College Republicans, on his own college campus. Under the rules of the restraining order, Felarca, who is not a student at UC Berkeley, visited campus, Worden would be required to maintain a considerable distance from her.

“While we have beaten Yvette Felarca in round one, this is not over,” said Mark Meuser, Worden’s attorney. “We have gathered enough evidence to make a compelling case that Antifa, By Any Means Necessary, and the attorneys representing these groups have been conspiring to use the law to harass, intimidate, and use force to shut down free speech that they disagree with.”

Felarca is a national leader of By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), one of the largest Antifa organizations in the United States, and has often personally incited riots and physically attacked conservatives, resulting in multiple arrests. She also advocated for the Trump administration to be violently overthrown and replaced with a socialist government. This restraining order was the fifth such frivolous order filed by BAMN to be dismissed by courts in recent years.

Worden, Meuser, and San Francisco-based attorney Harmeet Dhillon have started a legal defense fund to bring a class-action lawsuit against BAMN for their continual subversive and aggressive activities towards individuals attempting to express their First Amendment rights in the California Bay Area.


  1. Antifa is not an organization that can be sued. Therefore, they should have zero ability to do anything that affects jurisprudence against their opposition.

  2. Humph. . . collecting money for a class action law suit. If they really wanted results they would bring their complaint (cast in the explicit terms of California penal code) to the local grand jury as many times as it takes. ANTIFA is a statutory RICO enterprise in the states whose law I am somewhat familiar with. RICO prosecution is not always a bad thing.

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