Cruz: “I Am One Of The Most Libertarian Members Of The Senate”

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U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) called for keeping of the government out of the bedrooms of consenting adults in an interview with CNN on Wednesday. 

Following recent controversy surrounding an explicit video being ‘liked’ by Cruz’s official Twitter account, CNN’s Dana Bash asked the Senator whether he thought that it was ironic, given that he had defended a ban on the sale of sex toys in Texas as the state’s Solicitor General.

Cruz responded by downplaying it, accusing the mainstream media of running stories that are “totally false”. He went on to explain that he was merely doing his job as Solicitor General by defending the laws of the state of Texas, even though he personally regarded the law as a “stupid law”.

“I am one of the most libertarian members of the Senate,” Cruz continued. “I think it’s idiotic.”

Asked by Bash to confirm his stance on the law, Cruz replied: “I am saying that consenting adults should be able to do whatever they want in their bedrooms.”

“The media and the left seem obsessed with sex – let people do what they want!” Cruz exclaimed.

Although Ted Cruz generally focused on targeting Tea Party and Evangelical voters during his unsuccessful 2016 presidential run, he also sought to include libertarians within his conservative coalition, receiving the endorsement of leading libertarian U.S. Rep. Justin Amash, and participating in a 40 minute interview with the Liberty Conservative. He has in the past sought to emphasize his common ground with libertarians on fiscal policy, indefinite detention, and regime change, and has also expressed a knowledge of libertarian literature, including works by Ludwig von Mises, Milton Friedman, and Murray Rothbard.

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