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Over the past several years, those of us on the right have watched in semi-stupefied horror as the traditions and morals that serve as the bedrock of our culture have been eroded under an incessant bombardment of cultural Marxism. Those values that built this nation (not to mention much of western civilization) are under open attack by an army of social justice warriors whose main obsessions are political correctness and the obliteration of anything resembling traditional America: Conventional gender roles, the family unit, modesty and humility, strength – both physical and mental, veneration of our elders, self-respect, gravitas, hard work, etc.

Perhaps the most in-your-face example of the erosion of our traditions and values is the collective liberal tantrum toward the election of Donald Trump.

Prior to the election there were numerous celebrities/liberal shills who announced in no uncertain terms that they would move to Canada if Trump were to win. Many lay people who possess no star power or soap box beyond social media have made similar, risible threats. This amounts to little more than taking your ball and going home, only in this case “home” is our neighbor to the north, and no one really seemed that concerned over whether or not Canada was interested in welcoming them in the first place. And of course none, or at least very few, of these professional loud mouths made good on their threats, much to the chagrin of we who would have happily helped them pack their bags.

Another instance of the liberal hissy fit is their vociferous condemnation of the electoral college in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s disastrous/glorious, career-ending night on November the 8th. She won the popular vote, they adamantly assert. Why should we not honor the will of the people as expressed by a straight count of the votes? Why undermine the votes of those in California or New York City by giving disproportionate weight to states with smaller populations? Once again, their disdain for our traditions, values, and system of governance are obvious to the naked eye.

The electoral college is what stands between the constancy of our republic (we are not a democracy) and one party rule empowered by the votes of a handful of major metropolitan areas that typically sway to the left. While Los Angeles and New York City have enjoyed (?) one party rule for decades, the electoral college prevents them from foisting their ideology on the rest of us. The abolition of the electoral college is said by the left to be in the best interest of democracy but instead it would be an affront to democracy by forcing the will of a few liberal strongholds – no matter how densely populated – on states that could otherwise not be able to defend against larger voting populations. In our version of democracy, every state matters and has importance. The minority is protected from the tyranny of majoritarianism, and aren’t liberals supposed to be champions of minorities?

They can’t even get their own playbook right.

Maybe the most galling instance of the liberal meltdown is the behavior of both students and staff on college campuses the country over.

Fox News reports that University of Michigan Law School scheduled an event for this Friday called “Post-Election Self-Care With Food and Play” with “stress-busting self-care activities” including coloring, blowing bubbles, sculpting with Play-Doh and “positive card making.”

I can understand being upset at a hard loss. I was a Ron Paul supporter, I watched Obama win twice, I watched the New England Patriots lose two Super Bowls to the Giants, I get it… but this is beyond the pale. These are not kindergarten students, these are adults embarking on a collegiate career with the purpose of preparing them for life in the “real world.” I have news for these people: The real world is a mean place. This world isn’t fair and you don’t always get what you want. I understand leftists want to prevent the normalization of bullying and cruelty but the fact is, bullying and cruelty are normal. Instead of condemning uncomfortable facts of life, perhaps the left should instead denounce the normalization of adults blowing bubbles, coloring, and sculpting with Play-Doh when they find themselves confronted by the inevitable harshness of an inherently severe planet.

There are no teachers to hide behind out here in the real world and there is very little sympathy to be found. There are ***hole bosses who don’t care about you, cooks who will spit in your soup, and surly bouncers who will kick you to the curb for causing a scene when the bartender doesn’t know how to mix a Cardamom Moscow Mule. Yes, we need to fight bullying and cruelty but you can’t fight those things by running away to a safe space to play with toddler toys. You fight them by getting strong and standing your ground, you face the meanness head on and you allow it to toughen you up. And you can be tough with dignity, but these students aren’t being taught to comport themselves with even a modicum of decorum; they’re being taught to regress in the face of disappointment, to revert to their years of childhood; they’re being taught the exact opposite of what to expect and how to act out here in the real world.

And so there you have it. The battle lines have been drawn.

On one side are the cultural Marxists, the fanatics fixated on crafting a generation of clueless, entitled victims, the vast majority of whom will be dependent on the state. Their reaction to a loss is to scrap the systems and institutions that didn’t provide them with a trophy they believed they deserved despite having done nothing to earn it. They threaten to leave when the going gets tough but then go back on their word when following through would be even tougher than staying.

On the other side are those of us who want to preserve the foundational values that built and maintained this nation for some two centuries before the so-called “progressives” sunk their claws into it. We understand the importance of a solid work ethic, the family unit, and learning from defeat rather than demanding do-overs and sweeping changes to national policy to ensure future victories. We work harder after we lose and we revel in the struggle.

The crybaby culture took a hit on November 8th, that’s for sure. Enough voters in enough of the right places rejected the political correctness and safe spaces and slander of the left. They’re in a state of panic and retreat but we would be foolish to believe the battle is over. One of these days they’re going to fight back. We have to be tougher and smarter and not bemoan our losses but learn from them. We have to be everything they are not. If we can do that, we’ll keep winning.

By day, Michael Rodgers is a logistics specialist in the aerospace industry. By night, he is an Associate Editor for the Liberty Conservative. He lives and drinks profusely in Dover, New Hampshire.


  1. “…a trophy they believed they deserved…” Sounds like Ms. Clinton to me.
    Please do not get me wrong; I have no love for Trump and will keep my theories of how this happened out of this thread. I voted third party because the platform and candidate were what I most agreed with. Had my state not been so overtly for Clinton, perhaps I would have gone with a more obvious choice to stop her in spite of his many shortcomings.

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