DACA And The Dream Act, Part 3


In the final outcome, we must temper the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients with the rule of law. It was Obama who unconstitutionally allowed them to stay, an illegal action that President Trump is trying to bring back to the rule of law that this country is based upon. The children involved in DACA, through no fault of their own, have been placed in an unsustainable position. If President Donald Trump had not stepped in, the courts would have found DACA to be unconstitutional, and it would have been stopped immediately. President Trump has given the Congress six months to find a solution. Why blame Trump for the unconstitutional actions of the Obama Administration?

It is true to a certain extent that we are a nation of immigrants, as Democrats are frequent to remind us. Not mentioned is the fact that we are a nation of legal immigrants. There were challenges to the assimilation of many different groups from the Italians to the Irish, and the subject on black immigration is one that could fill volumes. But it needs to be said that these immigrants came here legally, worked to assimilate themselves, and did the best they could to improve their station in life, as well as those of future generations. We are a nation of immigrants, and also a nation of laws. Those laws are in place for the good of the country and not for politicians to bend to modern social engineering. We are a sovereign nation and we have the right to determine who comes to our country.

DACA must be stopped where it is today. There should not be anyone added to the list. When DACA was first passed, it actually rewarded lawbreakers and increased the migration of children into our country by astronomical numbers. It also undermined the U.S. Labor markets and hurt millions of American citizens while benefiting the corporate profits of the mega rich. The progressive socialists continuously claim that these illegal immigrants are also upstanding hard working individuals who pay taxes and are a addition to any neighborhood. The honest truth is that  many are, but they are bad for the economy because they rob jobs from lawful Americans and that is a point firmly rooted in facts.

Studies have shown that deporting DACA recipients would possibly decrease the GDP short term, but also showed that per capita GDP and incomes would be markedly higher for American citizens. Jason Richwine, an independent policy analyst, has shown the DACA recipients are not the high-skill group of workers that the Democrats have claimed by showing the lower-than-average education many of them have. Numerous studies, including one by the National Academies of Science, found that legal immigrants and low-skilled minorities are the hardest hit of specific labor forces where illegal immigrants are prevalent.

The eligibility for DACA is subject to another serious challenge: fraud. Officials at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) have stated the following:

Under DACA nearly 800,000 illegal aliens were given temporary protected status and work permits to remain in the United States. During that time, background screening was very lax. Matt O’Brien alleged that fraud was 40 to 50 percent and perhaps even higher.

When fraud was found, the chief counsel of USCIS dismissed the recommendation to deny the application close to 98 percent of the time.

This is nothing new, it has been many years since the government has actually enforced our immigration laws.. The Democrats want more voters and have decided that giving illegal immigrants all the benefits they desire at the expense of the American taxpayers will keep them in line with the agenda the progressive socialists have for our country. They have given illegal immigrants a wide range of benefits from welfare to food stamps to in state tuition at our universities, and so on. The Obama administration, according to the Fifth Circuit, declined to enforce the laws already in place.

Unfortunately, it isn’t just the progressive socialists that have hammered President Trump for attempting to find a middle ground on DACA. Sally Bradshaw, a Jeb Bush advisor, excoriated President Trump on the far-left trash outlet, Buzzfeed calling Trump anti-woman, anti-Hispanic, anti-black, and only out for himself. Other desperate Never Trumpers have been vocal about DACA, and have shown absolutely no concern for the American people with their words and actions. Even Paul Ryan, one of the original Never Trumpers who is considered a moderate establishment Republican, has admitted DACA is something that Congress must address.

The biggest challenge with DACA is that it undermines the rule of law. These are the checks and balances that are meant to control the authority of the separate branches of government. This is the foundation that our democratic republic rests upon. The Obama administration illegally usurped the authority of Congress and harmed America by doing so. Obama used his executive authority to illegally put this program in his place. Doing his best to accelerate illegal immigration for votes, Obama was also fiendishly instrumental for the damage done to Voter ID systems throughout the states. This has allowed the Democrats to bolster their constituency, and increase the power that they hold.

Amnesty is a lure to all those who wish to force their way into the American culture. The 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act allowed 2.7 illegal immigrants to obtain legal status and facilitated one of the largest waves of illegal immigration in our history. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, a patriot who cared deeply about his country, deported three million illegal immigrants which led to the virtual extinction of illegal immigrants crossing our borders for over 30 years. The Associated Press omitted these facts from their reports while calling illegal immigrants “undocumented citizens” in order to brainwash their readers into feeling sympathetic toward these lawbreakers.

There are steps that can be done to alleviate the many problems with DACA:

  1. E Verify must be mandatory. Any business found hiring illegals that does not use E-verify should be highly fined and jailed.
  2. There can be no chain migration.
  3. No government benefits for at least the first five yeard. Immigrants musyt be able to show that they can sustain themselves before being allowed into the country.
  4. All immigration must be based on the ability to show how they would be an asset for the country.
  5. Visa overstay would be punishable by fines and deportation.
  6. The RAISE Act is a good starting point for the renovation of the country’s immigration policy, including border enforcement.

There is certainly more that can be done as well. DACA, and the children caught up in it, will be allowed to stay, as it should be. But under no circumstances should he estimated 11 million illegals who are in this country and have been seen flipping off the American people, waving Mexican flags, and demeaning the American people who have given them so much are ineligible for any amnesty policy. They snidely tell us, “you can’t deport us all.” But I tell them to look at Eisenhower and boldly tell them, “YES WE CAN!”


  1. Add a proviso removing the possibility of “Anchor Babies” – Only children born to citizens (I’m prepared to discuss permanent legal aliens).

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