DACA And The Dream Act, Part 4


The progressive socialists, the media, and even some RINOs are marching in lockstep, and using illegal sob stories in an attempt to force the citizens of this country to accept the untold illegal aliens in our country at present. The approximate 800,000 DACA immigrants are called “Dreamers” in an attempt to revive the “DREAM ACT” that Congress refuted years ago.

The elite socialists and corporatists who are proponents of making the illegal immigrants legal are safely ensconced in their gated communities with no real clear idea of the state of the economy or the middle class that has been living paycheck to paycheck under the Obama administration. They do not see the worst economy since the Great Depression as a problem, or the unraveling of our culture and the fabric of our society as something to be particularly concerned about.

The progressive socialists pushing for DACA “amnesty” face a foe that may have them confused. Many of the 800,000 DACA illegal immigrants disagree with movement being made. They are fearful that the agreement may contain stronger border enforcement. The illegal immigrant activists are pushing for open borders while the progressive socialist Democrats do not want to be seen as the party of open borders. This would damage the party even further with middle class working voters in the Midwest and may even turn some more blue states red.

The proponents of unfettered illegal immigration premise the argument on the fact that these millions of illegal immigrants should not be kept in the shadows and forced to commit crimes such as stealing another persons Social Security number to survive. The idea behind this is to tug on the heartstrings of the low information voters and attempt to blame the citizens of this country for the position these illegals find themselves in.

Another argument is that these illegal immigrants will do jobs that Americans will not do. This influx of illegal immigrants has so perverted the pay scale of many jobs that an American citizen cannot afford to do the jobs because the pay is so low that they can’t support their families. The leftists never seem to take what is best for our country into account. They never consider that less that 48 percent of the American working population has a full-time job or that 90 million have given up looking for a job, or that the median income for a household has dropped 9 percent, effectively decimating the middle class.

Democrats constantly and fervently shout about “income inequality.” The median income drop coupled with quantitative easing by the Fed and its impact on the stock and bond markets during the Obama administration has exacerbated this inequality. The societal norms of a vibrant and diverse culture have been pushed aside leading to class and identity crises of an unprecedented nature. Adding a “comprehensive” immigration reform to the mix of challenges we fact today will only increase the problems that we already have. Our country cannot absorb either socially or financially the influx of up to 40 million immigrants whocontrary to the statements being given the American public by disingenuous Democratsare impoverished and would likely be on the government dole.

Those activists who are part of the 800,000 presently on DACA are now pushing for the “Dream Act” to provide fast-track amnesty for over 3 million more illegal immigrants.  The “Dream Act” that they envision  includes wanting no compromise on further immigration, no wall, and no deportation of illegal immigrants. Just a few weeks ago, these illegal immigrants, who have no voice in the policies of this country actually took over a Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) press conference demanding amnesty for all million illegal immigrants and calling her a liar for attempting to speak to them. As the left crumbles under the weight of its own hypocrisy, the movement cannibalizes itself.

These pro-illegal immigrant activists reguarly demean anyone who believes in the principles that have always governed our country. A call to limit the number of immigrants into this country based on a merit-based system is not a radical proposal. No longer can we accept those who come here and bring their families to live on the largesse of the American taxpayer. No chain migration can be permitted, and no benefits can be afforded to anyone who immigrates here for the first five years of their stay. A merit-based immigration system, used in conjunction with mandatory E Verify, would lead to self deportation and, of course, we cannot forget the border wall.


But the RINOs in Congress won’t make common sense reform easy. They are leading a charge on “realistic” immigration reform. Establishment Senators like Roy Blunt (R-MO) and Jerry Moran (R-KS) have introduced a  piece of legislation called the “STARTUP ACT” that is tightly tied to the technology sector. The bill would do nothing more than increase profits for high tech corporations while reducing salaries for American technology experts. It would, in essence, bring in another 125,000 additional foreigners to steal the jobs of American college graduates with technology, medical and science degrees.

Illegal immigration must be stopped. It is not good for the American people and will only further damage the well being of the people who are here legally.

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