Dan Rather Refuses To Go Away

Like his beloved Clintons, Dan Rather refuses to go away in shame.

This venerable dean of the mainstream media clearly has no shame or awareness of his liberal bias (he once told then-employee Peggy Noonan that he was a centrist), evidenced by his recent return to his familiar role of bashing Republicans and carrying water for Democrats.

It was this very liberal bias that caused Rather to resign from CBS for feverishly peddling documents revealed to have been false purportedly showing that former President George W. Bush received preferential treatment while in the Texas National Guard during the Vietnam War.

Perhaps Rather was heartened by a recent film about the incident, “Truth,” starring uber-liberal Robert Redford as the anchor, which promoted the idea that the documents were genuine.

The former news anchor has not only appeared on television to bash Trump and Republicans in general and support Democrats, but he has also expressed his bias on social media. In a positively Leninist note, Rather wrote during the campaign that “history is watching” an election that is not “a normal” one “of Republican against Democrat. And I suspect its verdict will be harsh.”

He then followed this train of thought to its inevitable conclusion: journalists should abandon objectivity completely in such a supposedly apocalyptic atmosphere.

One of Rather’s fellow mainstream journalists, an approving CNN news anchor Brian Stelter has provided Rather with a podium where he can attack both Trump and journalists who followed their duty of being objective.

In an appearance of Stelter’s show, “Reliable Sources,” after the election, Rather castigated reporters for not doing “our job as well as we could have and should have.” Trump’s win, he asserted, should compel a “gut check time for the press.”

Rather has continued his broadside against journalists for daring to characterize Trump’s performance as “presidential;” as in the case of Trump bombing Syria for using chemical weapons on non-combatants:

“Dropping bombs, having missile strikes doesn’t make one presidential,” Rather said. “It’s easy to drop bombs, it’s easy to put missiles off. What comes after that, dealing with what comes in the wake of that is much more difficult.”

True to form, the hyper-leftist flagship of the mainstream media, MSNBC, has also given Rather a stage on which to attack Trump.

On MSNBC’s “The Last Word” in June, Rather continued his Leninist rhetoric against Trump (“History will punish Donald Trump”) and used psychological jargon to denounce the president on this particular occasion. By withdrawing from the Paris Accords, Trump was, according to Rather, “psychologically troubled.”

Rather has also used such alarmist rhetoric concerning the investigation into whether Russia helped secure Trump a presidential victory. Although the investigation is still ongoing, Rather–as with the Bush documents–pronounced the charges valid without real proof and bombastically compared said “hacking” to “a cyber Pearl Harbor.”

But not all journalists have been in Rather’s corner. Charles Krauthammer castigated Rather’s Pearl Harbor comparison as a “deranged analogy.” A media analyst with the Media Research Center, Tim Graham, blames Rather’s benefactors like Rachel Maddow for enabling and echoing Rather’s demands “that it’s the media’s job to crusade.”

Ron Capshaw is a Senior Contributor to The Liberty Conservative from Midlothian, Va. His work has appeared in National Review, The Weekly Standard, and the American Spectator.

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