Democrats: Double Down!

in Politics

It is certainly a good time to be a Republican; outside of a University campus, of course.

There is a lot to be happy about from a Republican perspective.

A newly elected Republican President, several possible openings in the Supreme Court, control of the Senate, control of the House, 33 Governors, and 68 state legislative chambers, the highest in the Republican Party’s history.

The level of dominance from the local all the way up to the federal level is something akin to the power New Deal Democrats enjoyed during the FDR years and something unseen for Republicans since the Civil War.

So how did we get here? How has the Republican party expanded its reach and power so effectively in such a short period of time?

To be quite frank, the Republican leadership does not deserve much, if any, credit for this progress. You can make a strong argument these gains and victories came in spite of the establishment leadership rather than because of them.

No, the people that conservatives really need to be thanking is the Democratic party leadership.

In the past two decades, the Democratic Party has radically shifted its agenda from a moderate and almost centrist party that catered to the entire American working and middle class, regardless of race or religion, into a party that explicitly favors entrenched coastal elites and plays the dirty game of identity politics and Marxian class warfare.

As a conservative, I could not be more happy about this shift in direction.

By completely abandoning white working class Americans and wholly embracing an evermore radical racialist tone, European style socialism, Banana republic levels of corruption, man-hating 3rd wave feminism,  and taking on an increasingly smug and elitist rhetoric, the Democratic Party has ensured that it will continue its monumental decline into the status of a regional party.

Traditional family values, inclusion,  and pragmatism have no place in this new Democratic party.

I am begging and praying that they not only continue down this path but double down on it as a response to Donald Trump’s election. If they continue to keep their heads in the sand and stay the course, the Democratic Party is finished as a national party.

As it stands now, the Democrats only control five state governments.


It is incredible that, despite their meager influence outside of the Beltway and bleak outlook going into 2018 and beyond, they continue to maintain this aura of invincibility.

Instead of looking at their own failed policies and strategies and broken promises they decide to go on the typical left wing slandering offense and engage in massive George Soros funded violent riots.

When Democrats lose an election they scapegoat, when Republicans lose an election they conduct a 100 page self-audit.

They attack anyone and everyone as nothing more than a bunch of ignorant bigots and ‘right wing loons’ if they did not happen to tow the party line in the mold of a Soviet era apparatchik.

“White women are traitors, white males are racists, small business owners are exploitative, and Christians are crazy,” seems to be the new PR angle of Democratic party surrogates and left wing pundits.

Blue collar white Americans in ‘fly over country,’ once the heart and soul of the Democratic party, have been abandoned by their party, despite voting overwhelmingly for Obama – not once, but twice.

With a straight face, the Democratic party elites smugly lecture the poorest communities in Appalachia, the Deep South, and the Midwest. They tell them that, despite their record unemployment, lack of education, rising poverty, heroin epidemics, and climbing rates of suicide, they are in fact ‘privileged’ by virtue of being white and thus should have to subsidize illegal immigrant welfare programs and kowtow to appease race baiters and out of touch academics.

This is why the Democrats will lose. Their arrogance has finally gotten the better of them.

It does not take a political mastermind to see this situation and exploit it as Donald Trump did.

Compound all this with a stagnant Obama economy and ever-rising global instability and you have a cocktail of Republican political dominance for years to come.

The Democratic party could have avoided this fate had they listened to the few sensible members left, people like former Senator Jim Webb.

Instead, they decided to take their marching orders from a radical ivory tower intelligentsia.

I just hope that the leadership in the Republican Party does not blow this golden opportunity. We have a mandate to pass much needed reform, to fight the corruption, lower taxes, roll back regulations, and secure our borders. If they can’t get it done then they deserve no better a fate than the fading Democratic party.