Democrats are Winning even though Trump’s Appointments are being Confirmed

Senate Democrats have shut down the Trump administration. Even though Republicans hold a majority on the Senate floor, Democrats have been able to stop Trump’s political appointments. As President, Trump is entitled to make over 1,200 political appointments that must be approved by the Senate. Thanks to former Senator Harry Reid, it only takes 51 votes to break a filibuster. However, under the Byrd Amendment, after the filibuster is broken, 30 hours must elapse before the final vote can occur.

On Monday, February 6, the Senate started the current marathon session. By Saturday, the Senate will have only been able to clear four of Donald Trump’s cabinet picks, Betsy DeVos, Jeff Sessions, Tom Price, and Steven Mnuchin. This means it will take until the end of the month before Trump’s cabinet is finally in place. At this rate, it will take 1,500 days to approve all of Trump’s political nominees. For your information, the first term of the Trump administrative is only 1,461 days. These 1,200 political appointees do not include the 118 current judicial vacancies that also require Senate approval.

Underneath these 1,200 political appointees, are thousands of non-Senate approved Political appointments. These appointments work under the political appointees. As such, they usually are not hired until the Senate has approved their bosses.

This last week, we have seen the drastic effect of the Senate’s filibuster. As a result of Jeff Sessions not being the Attorney General, we watched government bureaucrats arguing before the 9th Circuit. Government bureaucrats were arguing the constitutionality of Trump’s temporary stay on international travel into this country from seven war-torn countries. I was appalled at how unprepared the attorney was who was arguing on behalf of the United States of America. This attorney did not refuse to argue the case as Sally Yates did. However, by not being prepared, he did just as much damage.

Trump needs men and women who are loyal to him filling the top spots in all of his agencies. These individuals are able to control the bureaucrats. They will ensure that the proper attention is given to Making America Great Again

On February 28, 2017, Donald Trump will give the State of the Union address. At this time, he will also give to the nation his proposed budget. However, I have serious doubts whether Mick Mulvaney will even have received his vote by the Senate by that date. Mick Mulvaney is nominated Director of Management and Budget. The failure of the Senate to approve of Mulvaney means that Trump has to rely too heavily upon entrenched bureaucrats. Trump deserves a team that is loyal to his agenda.

Do you really think that bureaucrats will look diligently to eliminate regulations? Do you really think that government attorneys are going to zealously defend the Trump administration in court? Trump needs loyal leaders launching his revolutionary ideas to trim government and Make America Great Again.

I applaud Mitch McConnell for running the Senate non-stop to approve Trump’s Cabinet. McConnell deserves our thanks for what he is doing right now. However, if Democrats continue to filibuster, there is something that McConnell should consider doing.

McConnell has a procedural gimmick that he can use to help the Trump administration. Since Democrats are refusing to timely consent to Trump’s nominees, McConnell can recess the Senate for about a week. During the recess, Trump can give all his of political appointees commissions that would be valid until December 2018.

Senate Democrats are going to do all that they can to slow down Trump’s unraveling of the disastrous Obama administration. It would be better if Trump was fighting with his team rather than fighting to get his team in place.

The Senate Democrats are able to excite their base because they are fighting to slow down Trump. Fighting for political appointees do not excite the conservative base. Conservatives are more concerned with repealing the unAffordable Care Act, reducing the regulatory environment, and timing the size of the Federal Bureaucracy. Once the fight is right, the base will rally.


  1. It’s time for a real change in Washington. All those who have been in the Senate or House of Representatives more than 15 years needs to go. If we are going to clean up America and make it great again we need to vote these guys out of office.

  2. They are not winners..They are losers, remember 11/8th election day, remember 12/19, elector votes, remember 1/20/17 Trump/Pence inauguration. Get on the train or get out of the way.

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