Dems Concede Infrastructure Support For DACA Amnesty

This past Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day,” Democratic Representative Debbie Dingell of Michigan mentioned she was prepared to work with President Donald Trump on  infrastructure if he works with Democrats on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Representative Dingell stated, “You know, I’ve been very clear from the beginning that I will work with Donald Trump on anything that helps the working men and women of my district. So yes, I will work with him on infrastructure if he’ll work with us.”

Dingell continued, “First of all we got DACA, He agrees with us on DACA.”

Lastly Representative Dingell added, “This is not a political war of words. We are dealing with real people’s lives with every one of these issues we are talking about.”


  1. The DemonRats are desperate for voters, that is why they want DACA Amnesty. The DemonRats need to support infrastructure that the American citizens are demanding, and accept Chain Deportation of all DACA. The American taxpayers are tired of being abused, and forced to pay for all these parasites.

    • Jim Loennig – Is that all you have, is to call me a Racist. You are a pathetic fool. Do the math, the American taxpayers cannot not continue to pay for all these illegal immigrants, migrants and refugees. These people come here to get free housing, food, medical care, education, etc. They contribute nothing and this country is $20 trillion dollars in debt. American citizens cannot get the help they deserve from the US government, cause these parasites are sucking America dry. Let the DACA’s take their free educations, which were paid by American taxpayers (cause their country of origin would not pay for their education), and return to their country of origin, to follow their Dreams in their native homes! America was a prosperous, and less crime ridden country, prior to the invasion of all these parasites, which was caused by porous borders and a lack of enforcement of our current immigration laws. Chain Deportation is a good place to start!

  2. So, if Trump isn’t willing to give away the country to mass illegal immigration, the Dems are saying “screw Americans and the infrastructure of this country”. They continually put the needs of non-Americans over the needs of Americans. This is why I stopped being a Democrat.

  3. Why is the Democratic Party so insistent on flooding America with non-whites? America was 90% white in 1960 and is 60% today, and dropping fast. Is America still America if her people change? Was the Hart-Celler Act an act of hate?

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