Deranged Congressional Black Caucus Member Makes Terrorist Threats Against President Trump


A lot is made of the escalation of partisanship and tension in Washington D.C. Violence is rising with mass shootings, riots, out-of-control protests gone wrong, and threats among even politicians. As politicians exit Washington D.C. into retirement to get away from the madness, they’re sounding the alarm on these unprecedented times.

The problem with this criticism is it is often entirely one sided.

The blame for the rise in tension and violence has been solely placed at the feet as President Donald Trump over the course of the last year. Whenever political violence broke out or riots were triggered at even his own rallies, it was his fault. Now granted, he did his fair share of escalating the rhetoric. But everyone shares the blame at this point.

For Congresswoman Maxine Waters, she’s quite fortunate she is a registered Democrat.

At a recent even in New York City, she stated she would go right up to the White House herself and “take out” the President. The remarks were not clarified, but many people draw the same conclusion as to what was implied.

But no Secret Service investigation?

The rhetoric is bizarre because it occurs in the aftermath of her colleague Steve Scalise being shot at a softball event. The shooter was no stranger to left-wing politics and upon further review of his social media footprint, he was found to have strong views in opposition to the President.

Further examination would very much imply the shooter was radicalized by extremist rhetoric on the left. All the talk about the President being a dangerous and out-of-control tyrant who will take America straight to hell led to someone taking matters into their own hands.

Even before the softball shooting involving Rep. Scalise, similar threats made towards former President Barack Obama during his two terms were regularly followed up on by the Secret Service. Now in the aftermath of a prominent federal politician being shot over a political disagreement, there will be no follow-up?

It is most fortunate for Congresswoman Waters that she is a registered Democrat.

It’s as equally disturbing as it is bizarre. Where is the Democratic outrage? Imagine if a Republican congressman had threatened to go up to the White House and “take out” Obama during his time in office. The mainstream media would be blowing the story out of the water as Democratic legislators across the nation’s capital would react with outrage. There would be resignation calls and orchestrated efforts to force out the Republican.

But for Rep. Waters, nothing seemingly has happened. She can make a threat towards the President of the United States and get away with it. She can imply violence towards the nation’s chief executive and not even be investigated. While the Secret Service can’t follow up on every threat, the Congresswoman’s words can have very serious effects on the real world. Her rhetoric can radicalize deranged leftist terrorists out there.

Take Rep. Scalise’s shooter for example. James Hodgkinson had been radicalized by extremist rhetoric of the left. The result was him feeding lead to a Congressman. The blood is on the hands of the irresponsible cowardly leftists. Does Rep. Waters want to see more of this bloodshed?

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.


  1. Ever notice this woman’s mouth is the biggest feature on her face? Goes without saying probably bigger than what’s inside her head as well.

  2. Funny how conservatives insult and belittle black people when ever they make points about the world. Yeah call her deranged to make her seem less than human. It sickens me that trump supporters are quick to threaten lynching against black people the minute they speak up against you. If you have to insult and belittle a someone you have little arguement to say.

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